Zoom to May Meeting on Sunday

Join Our May 2020 Meeting, Sunday, 2-4 pm

We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday at this Zoom video conference location:  Join  our Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/674954858. For phone dial-in options, you can also see the event invitation (scroll down to Details).

Bring a small sign about democracy and voting, for example:  “Let us vote by mail!”  “Free & Fair Elections”  or “Democracy Matters.”  We’ll get some screen shots of everyone holding their signs.

We will focus this meeting on NY22 voting and voter data so that we can be ready for the 2020 election.  Our fellow Knit the District activist, David Holmes, has been digging deep into the NY 22 voter data for three years now, and has a lot to share about who votes and how we can win this district,

We’ll also hear from Sonia Martinez, who heads our IMV ally, Mohawk Valley Latino Association, and check in with each other on how we’re faring in the midst of COVID-19 realities.  We look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

Political Pop-Ins Continue Through May 31st

This Sunday, May 3rd, we have our regular monthly group meeting, but after that we will continue with our weekly 3-4 pm Sunday pop-ins (see calendar below)  We want everyone to get comfortable with the Zoom technology whether you prefer computer, tablet, or phone, and whether you like video or audio only.  If you need help getting it set up, just email IndvisibleMohawkValley@gmail.com and Jennifer Geiger will set up some one on one time with you for “remote technical assistance.”

Flood the Phones for the Frontlines on Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 5th, our ally, 1199SEIU, will flood the phone lines of Congress demanding that our frontline workers are funded. All of us who support these frontline healthcare workers can add our voices to this number.  Please click on this link to view the flyer for further information.  Or just follow these simple steps:

1.  Call (844) 898-1199 to be connected to your elected official’s office
2.  Share your name, your job, and your city, and state
3.  Say: “We need PPE, testing, treatment, hazard pay,and increased healthcare funding to states and providers.  Can I count on you to Fund the Frontlines and make these items a priority in the next emergency relief package?”

Share this request with at least 3 other people in your life who want to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Fight for a People’s Recovery:  Week of Action

New York remains the epicenter of the fight against the #COVID19 pandemic. This crisis has laid bare the devastating inequality in our state and the failures of austerity policies that have left most of our communities woefully unprepared, while the wealthy and well-connected escape to well-stocked hideaways, where many of them profiteer on the pandemic.

Our new state budget fails to reverse a decade of austerity, choosing cuts to services that are more critical than ever in the face of the crisis, rather than require the wealthiest New Yorkers to chip in a penny more. And the Governor has positioned himself to push through devastating cuts to healthcare, education, and other public services that will only accelerate the negative impacts of the crisis and render the recovery much more challenging.

At the same time, the first three Congressional stimulus packages failed to deliver relief to those who need it most. Billions of dollars in bailouts have gone to corporations with scant oversight or accountability, while working families have seen little to no relief. At the same time, our most vulnerable communities have been left out of the relief packages altogether.

We can not accept another corporate-first stimulus package. We need a People’s Recovery that will regenerate society and tackle institutional inequality head-on. The next stimulus must:

  • Provide healthcare to all and protections to frontline workers
  • Repair dangerous gaps in worker protections and address the exclusion of immigrant families
  • Provide ongoing and universal income assistance paired with true financial relief
  • Address the unfolding public health crises around incarceration and homelessness
  • Fix gaping holes in corporate accountability & state governmental oversight and allocate the money needed to protect our elections and our democracy
Over the next week, community, labor, faith and activist groups across New York state will be holding online teach-ins and enabling direct action on each of these key priorities. Sign up to attend the forums here: https://www.nybudgetjustice.com/townhalls.  

Two have already occurred, but there’s one this afternoon, one Monday, and one Tuesday.  Please attend!

Call Rep. Brindisi Today: Ask him to take the Pledge

Please make a daily call or send a daily email to Rep. Brindisi ask ask him to take The People’s Agenda Pledge. No more “Next time.”  The time is now. Ask Rep. Brindisi to vote only for a package that will

1) Keep people on the payrolls.
2) Provide financial relief
3) Protect public health
4) Defend democracy.

Democrats must ensure the next package provides relief to every person in this country, regardless of tax or immigration status, age or disability.  This outbreak has already resulted in tens of thousands of people dying, and tens of millions losing their jobs. It has thrown our elections, health care system, and economy into chaos.

We can’t afford to wait any longer for Congress to take these necessary steps; it’s time for members, including Anthony Brindisi, to use their vote to demand real relief through a People’s Agenda.

Help Researchers Track the Impact of Indivisible

Please fill out the Indivisible Census!  This research project will help us determine the impact of three years of local Indivisible activism.  We think we have changed America, but you know what they say…if there’s no data, it didn’t happen!

Double Your IMV Donation

The needs are great in our community.  Thank you for all the extra ways you are supporting food banks, making masks, and sustaining local businesses and non-profits.

If you are in position to help Indivisible Mohawk Valley, please contributany amount now through May. Indivisible is matching up to a total of $500, and we’ve already received $300 from you collectively, so we’re well on our way to our goal. Thank you!

We Can’t Let Claudia Tenney Win

One of the most important things that IMV ever accomplished was our role in ousting #OneTermTenney and helping to elect Anthony Brindisi to Congress in 2018.  We did it by calling, knocking, writing, hosting, driving, and many more actions as campaign volunteers.

Right now we are training in the skills we need to provide grassroots support for the Brindisi campaign for 2020.  The first week of training covered Letters to the Editor.  Please keep sending in your letters!  In the past two weeks many of you have trained in phonebanking and texting from home.  . It’s not too late to join the last texting training!   Just register now for tomorrow’s session at 10 am.  

Next week we start phonebanking!  We’ve put the upcoming sessions into the calendar below. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, join your fellow activists in making these critical calls to build the volunteer and supporter base for the Brindisi campaign. Every session ends with a group debrief so it will feel like you’re at an old fashioned campaign HQ phonebank.

This past week was the third anniversary of the #OneTermTenney Deplora-Ball Counter Demonstration in front of Cavallos. Remember that beautiful, warm Friday night April 28, 2017, when 125 of us gathered for a silent protest wearing black with signs around our necks that told the story of all the ways Claudia Tenney was hurting her district and constituents?  She was gleefully enabling the corrupt and racist Trump administration and voting to take away our clean water, our health care, immigrant and human rights, women’s rights, government accountability, safety regulations, voting rights, and more.

We can’t go back to that.  Let’s make sure #NY22 wins in 2020. 

We won’t watch while Trump and his band of thieves, villains, and incompetents continue to destroy our economy, attack experts, civil servants and journalists, hurt immigrants and the poor, strip us of our civil rights, threaten the health of the planet, dismantle our health care, public health, and climate protections, line the pockets of the billionaires and the big corporations, and risk our international standing and relationships.  We won’t watch because

Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport!

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