Rally to Save the Post Office

Rally to Save the Post Office

 This Saturday, from 11 am-12:30 pm IMV will hold a peaceful rally to draw attention to Trump mega donor Louis DeJoy’s actions to slow down mail delivery, undermine confidence in the November election, and harm postal union workers. The #SaveThePostOffice Saturday event will be held at the New Hartford post office on Campion Road.  

The rally will be one of over 500 rallies across the country calling for the removal of Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General, for the restoration of the cuts already made to critical  funding and infrastructure, and for providing any needed overtime funds necessary to handle vote by mail ballots in the November election. While DeJoy has said that he will not make further cuts to postal services, he has not agreed to undo the damage of recent cuts which have slowed down mail and reduced the number of blue mail boxes. Postal workers are dedicated to delivering mail in a timely fashion but need the resources to do so, and citizens deserve a Postmaster General who works for them, not for Donald Trump.

“We’re extremely concerned about the effect of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s downsizing of the US Postal Service,” Deborah Wilson-Allam says. “The increasing threat of COVID-19 makes it even more critical that vulnerable Americans can receive their mail in a timely way. Americans need to be able to receive medications and exercise their right to vote by
mailing in absentee ballots.”  The Rome Sentinel has already published an article about the planned event.

“We cannot let the Post Office be privatized, or politicized, or slowed down,” Jacquelynn Leisos of Utica says.  "This is a time of a pandemic. There are a lot of veterans and seniors who get their medications by mail.”

Unless you have mobility issues, please park at the New Hartford Shopping Center and walk over to the Post Office parking lot. People with mobility issues can park near the back of the Post Office parking lot. Wear a mask, and stay at least 6 feet away from other people and groups. We'll line up along the sidewalks on either side of Campion Road.  Bring a sign!  Here are some ideas:
4 Million Prescriptions Delivered Daily
46 Million Rural Homes Delivered to Daily
Don't Mess With My Mail
Protect Postal Workers
Louis Dejoy Must Resign

Keep Up the Brindisi Phonebanking

You can phonebank to re-elect Rep. Anthony Brindisi almost every day of the week, and do it with some friends.  Here's the page to sign up.  We've put some of the local virtual events in the calendar below.  We volunteer for Congressman Brindisi's campaign because he listens to his constituents, acts on behalf of his district and constituents (not corporate PACs) and he shares our values.  A good example is the press conference he held recently to defend the postal service and our elections.

Anthony is in one of the toughest House races in the country. There are maybe a half dozen MoCs who are in actual danger of losing and he is one of them, in spite of the good job he has done passing bills into law and strengthening democracy. He voted to impeach!   Two years ago there were at least 50 seats that were competitive, but with just a few this time, the GOP has even more money to shovel over to Tenney for her crude, shady attack ads.

The way to fight #OneTermTenney is to make calls to people who live in your community and find out what they are thinking, and even perhaps share with them why you are going to vote for Anthony.  Sign up now to call!

Governor Cuomo Signs Election Reform Bills

 Gov. Cuomo signed three bills today to make it easier for New Yorkers to vote by mail in a pandemic.

  • Voters can request an absentee ballot due to risk of illness, including COVID.
  • Voters can request an absentee ballot starting today (instead of waiting until 30 days before Election Day)
  • Ballots can be postmarked on Election Day Nov. 3.

We continue to encourage everyone who can do so to vote in person during Early Voting, when traffic at most early voting locations will be low.  However, just in case COVID conditions or your health changes, it is a good idea to request an absentee valid right now.  Here is the form to use. 

Please also continue to encourage young, healthy people to volunteer as poll workers.  There is some pay for the work and training is required.  Here's the information. Just call your County Board of Elections to get started.

On a Convention High?  Make a Plan so You Don't Crash.

 It was an amazing four days of speakers, celebration, and inspiration.  We all probably got to see and hear our favorite political leaders, see our top political issues and values featured, and filled up our buckets with inspiration about activism and voting, about what might be possible in the years ahead if we can defeat Trump, flip the Senate and hold the House.

Next week will be tougher.  The air time will be devoted to the MAGA cult and its leaders.  Just like everyone should have a plan for voting, we should all have a plan for those days and nights next week.

We recommend getting together with friends virtually with a glass of beer or wine or some food. But instead of a watch party, have a phonebanking party.  Sign up to call for the Brindisi for Congress campaign.  Or if you need a change of pace and want to call or textbank for Biden-Harris or a flippable Senate seat, you can do that too, on the Indivisible page.

If you are still at your wit's end on Friday next week after the GOP dominates the news for days on end, then be sure to join IMV's CAFE Friday and write some postcard and letters to voters.  For now, enjoy the high of a successful Dem convention, and show up for the #SaveThePostOffice Saturday event in New Hartford, or wherever you find yourself tomorrow.

Be sure you also mark your calendar for IMV's September meeting on Sept. 15th!

Visit our updated website indivisiblemv.org and let us know how you like it!
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