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We made it to the other side of November 3rd, a day when we all rage-voted against the undemocratic forces in American politics, and declared our voices for decency, humanity, and anti-racism. It’s soul crushing on how many people in NY22 and the country didn’t vote with those intentions. Fear not, and keep the faith because voters, especially Black and brown voters, in key battleground states, showed up for Biden and Harris. Votes are being counted no matter how much trash 45 tweets, so ignore the noise, and be confident that we will win the presidency.

We are all super uncomfortable with the current in-person vote tally gap between #OneTermTenney and Anthony Brindisi, but this was planned for and expected. Just like what we saw on election night, Trump/Tenney people waited until election day to vote. Democrats and unaffiliated voters took advantage of early voting and voting from the safety of their home via absentee ballot.

Remember that Team Brindisi, which includes amazing, talented staff plus volunteers, invested a lot of resources into tracking down his supporters who were going to vote absentee to make sure their ballots counted. Ballots have to be postmarked by 11/3 and received by 11/10; more are on the way no doubt. There are nearly 50,000 absentee ballots that were returned in NY22, and we’re expecting the majority to be in support of Anthony. 

Now is a good time to write down your thoughts. We’re asking that you and fellow IMV members fill out this google form with your feelings, ideas, questions and comments about anything related to this election and what should be done going forward to build more long term power. We’ll figure out a time for a large debrief call as a group soon.

Time to rest up as we wait for votes to be counted.  We’ll need our energy as we continue the fight locally, across the state, and for our country to make it better for everyone. Thank you for making history, and now it’s time to make the future.

The Wall Between Us... Reach Across.

While we look forward to hearing from all of you (via the google form above), here is the first message we received, from Jill Farnham-Us, a member of the IMV Steering Committee:  

"This week over 150 million United States citizens finished voting. This is a remarkable number. It means that 62+% of us made our voices heard. On Tuesday I was a poll worker, standing at the voting machine to make sure every ballot was cast. I was in deep red southern Herkimer county where the Republicans voted 597 to 93 in favor of President Trump. Near dinner time a family came to vote, and I heard a young boy ask his father as the ballot went into the machine, “Did Brindisi get our vote, Dad?” My mask hid my smile. Anthony got 141 votes in our machine that day. Our calls and texts reached the people.

When I feel discouraged I realize that I am part of a greater community. While I know that I cannot change everything in the country by myself, I know that I need to change everything in myself that remains blind to injustice, that still judges without understanding, that is afraid and wants to strike out instead of listen. I do not believe we are from two different worlds. I believe there is a wall between us. Because we only see what we believe, the people on one side see danger, loss of freedom, strangers and radical change. From my perspective the view is justice, acceptance, hope and radical change.

On June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan made his famous “Tear down the wall” speech about the Berlin Wall which had divided Germany since the Russians built it in 1961. The wall came down in November 1989. For 28 years, there was fear, danger and death on both sides of that wall in divided Germany. When the wall was destroyed families rushed in both directions to be reunited. This is the wall that we are living with. It doesn’t separate nations, it is separating families, friends and communities.

We, IMV, are reaching across that divide.   Every time we shine a light on a situation that needs to change, we open the door for that change to happen. There are so many doors that need to be opened. There is so much fear around.  We must continue to bring the light into our hearts, and into the world. Keep on showing up, in person and in spirit. Change must happen. We are the change."    -Jill

We're gonna breathe, but never, ever "go back to brunch"

There's a joke out there now that the people who got politically active after Trump was elected, would just make sure that he left office one way or another and then "go back to brunch."

Regardless of how the 2020 election comes out, we know that we can never walk away from our political activism now.  There is too much work to do. Some of it is at the national level, pushing with Indivisible and its coalitions for political transformation and policy change.  Some is at the state level, changing laws and budget priorities in Albany.  Some of it is local.  Our county legislatures and many of our town boards and city councils are still dominated by Republican party voices, and too many of our local representatives don't listen to us because we haven't built enough power (yet!) to make them.

Some people in our own communities think the next big election is in 2024, but we know it is right around the corner, in 2021. There's more than enough work to do in the months and years ahead in the Mohawk Valley--the kind of work where you eat a very good breakfast, not brunch.

Democracy matters to us.  It's not a spectator sport.  Really, it is not a sport at all.  It is life and death for all of us, especially in a pandemic.  Fox news, racism, and MAGAdolatry have stolen too many of our family members, friends, and neighbors. We have to change the story, build power, and win on our values and on the issues.  We have to, and we will.

Remember, let us know how you are doing in the google form here.   And don't forget to send a message to Anthony and his team via the last box in the form.
We'll all be together soon in an IMV Zoom meeting--date TBD.

Stay well, stay together, and stay strong!

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