#PeoplesRecovery Town Halls

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New York remains the epicenter of the fight against the #COVID19 pandemic. This crisis has laid bare the devastating inequality in our state and the failures of austerity policies that have left most of our communities woefully unprepared.

Our new state budget failed to reverse a decade of austerity, choosing cuts to services that are more critical than ever in the face of the crisis, rather than require the wealthiest New Yorkers to chip in a penny more.

At the same time, the first three Congressional stimulus packages failed to deliver relief to those who need it most. Billions of dollars in bailouts have gone to corporations with scant oversight or accountability, while working families have seen little to no relief.

Between March 18th and April 10th, over 22 million Americans lost their jobs. Over the same three weeks, U.S. billionaire wealth increased by $282 Billion– an almost 10% gain.  And our most vulnerable communities have been left out of the relief packages altogether. 

This week our coalition continues the fight for a true #PeoplesRecovery with three important town hall forums. Please RSVP to attend and help get the word out:

Monday, May 4th at 7PM: Addressing The Public Health Crises Of Incarceration & Homelessness. Hosted by VOCAL NY

RSVP HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuc-Curj8oG935iB5MmBDSllYXxgJxcyUo

Tuesday, May 5th at 7PM: Protecting Democracy and Ensure Corporate and State Accountability. Hosted by Let NY Vote and Common Cause/NY

RSVP HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vdOCgqT4uHtSznb7lV9FfaoLpPtISECDK

Wednesday, May 6th at 7PM: Delivering Universal and Ongoing Housing, Income & Financial Relief. Hosted by Housing Justice For All Coalition, NYS Council of Churches, Strong Economy For All

RSVP HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMsd-ioqTwvE9D2KMtE9MWe_c06Gy-Gv9i_

Learn more about the fight for a #PeoplesRecovery here: https://www.nybudgetjustice.com/townhalls

The town halls held by New York’s #PeoplesRecovery coalition last week were excellent, and these are the three remaining in the series.

Our partners and allies have put a tremendous amount of energy into creating these town halls, and it’s critical that we engage, listen to the voices of impacted people and advocates, and learn what we can do to press our elected leaders on a true #PeoplesRecovery.

Please sign up, and show up!

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