Lift Your Spirits – Post Election Zoom Meeting

IMV Post-Election Zoom Meeting

Join us for our post-election November meeting.  We meet on Zoom  this Sunday, Nov. 22, 3-4 pm.  We'll be reviewing the status of races, celebrating where we can, and most of all thanking everyone for their hard work.

We would normally have a party, but due to the pandemic, we can't celebrate in person together.
Come be part of the conversation and our political activism community.
Zoom link is here.

Share Your Appreciation with KudoBoard

IMV is doing a Kudoboard to show gratitude and appreciation for Anthony and Team Brindisi. Please take just a few moments to contribute with a story, message, gif or favorite picture! It's super simple, but let me know if you have any questions. Here is where you go. It just takes a minute to enter your praise for the Brindisi team!

Plug Into the Climate Crisis Group

IMV's largest issue group continues to work in collaboration with many groups locally and at the state and national level on a wide variety of strategies.  Please join the November meeting of the Climate Crisis Workgroup on Monday, Nov. 30 at 6:30 pm.  See you there!

Pushing Senator Schumer to Lead

IMV signed on to a letter to Sen Schumer with many progressive groups across NY State shortly after the Biden victory was declared.  The message was clear: Urge President-elect Biden not to nominate corporate executive and lobbyists to positions in his administration, and shut the revolving door between corporations and American government.  Here is the letter.  Let's keep the pressure on that because in order to advance climate work, health care, and many other issues, we need people above corporations when it comes to policy making and governance.

Lift Your Spirits

It has been a long few weeks, and we still don't have a final result in NY22. Anthony Brindisi has continued to close the in-person voting gap with absentee ballots, but there's no way to know as of this writing whether it will be enough.  We've had a long four years, and yet we know there is still a lot of work to do in our NY 22 counties, towns, and cities to elect more Democrats and progressives who will support the values we share.

One of our members recommended this video from the Resistance Revival Chorus, and we agree, it lifted our spirits to hear and sing along with this song.  Enjoy!

We'll see you at the meeting on Sunday  to connect over Zoom and celebrate the election and talk about how we can stay connected over the next month or two.

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

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