Earth Day, Rent Relief, and Letters – April 24, 2020

Last Chance for Earth Day Actions

Today is the third and final day of the 72 hours of Earth Day Actions planned by our IMV Climate Crisis Work Group. Thanks for all the ways you've responded so far.  Keep up the effort today:

1) Complete your Day 3 Action: VOTE CLIMATE
The third day of Earth Day Action is all about Voter Registration.  Contact everyone you know virtually and make sure they are registered!  State Board of Elections link with information on who is eligible to vote and a voter registration form that can be downloaded.

2) Apply a "Be a Climate Activist” frame to your profile picture:

3) Make an Earth Day/Climate Action Sign: Place a sign on your lawn to celebrate Earth Day (Happy 50th Birthday) and/or a Climate Action sign.(Bonus is you get some fresh air while you do it!)

4) Take the Earth Day Challenge: 30 at home actions to celebrate on the calendar.  

5) Sign this petition for a Just Green New York Now.

Finally, if you loved the video your fellow activists made, please share it with friends by email on Facebook.

Our Climate Crisis Workgroup is the largest and most active of our IMV issue groups.  Thanks to all of them for making this virtual Earth Day celebration so full of actions and energy.  Way to go, Climate Activists!

Join IMV's Political Pop In Sunday, April 26, 3pm

Continue to check in with other IMV members at our weekly Pop-in. We are trying to get everyone used to Zoom video conferencing, and also connect with our allies.

Last week we heard from 1199SEIU, which represents local health care workers.  In honor of their front line service, please bring a small sign on the topic of health care to the meeting this Sunday to express your support for Health Care for All and for our health care workers.

Take Action for Rent Relief in Utica

Utica Common Council and IMV members Delvin Moody and Celeste Friend succeeded in pushing their rent relief resolution through the Common Council with a unanimous vote, thanks from grassroots pressure from Citizen Action and many of you!

However, we're not done yet.  The real decider on how to spend those COVID-19 federal dollars is the mayor.

Please call or email Mayor Palmieri and ask him to follow through on the recommendation of the Common Council.  Ask him to provide rent relief to those hit hard by the economic fallout from the pandemic, by distributing these federal funds through a local agency with experience distributing ESG monies. 

Do it right now, before you forget.  Without this funding for rent relief, we will see a wave of homelessness in Utica in 90 days, and that means stress for families, disruption of children's schooling, and an explosion of residential instability that threatens the public health.    

Celebrating our Letter to the Editor Writers!

Once again we had some IMV members and friends writing letters to the Editor of our local papers.  Mary SennLarry KnopSonia Martinez, and Freddie Hamilton were all published in the Utica OD.

Let YOUR voice be heard!  Please write a letter on an issue that you care about. Or help Anthony Brindisi beat Claudia Tenney by writing a letter that tells your neighbors why he is such a good representative for NY22. Just write a letter!

The word limit for a LtE of the Utica OD and the Rome Sentinel is 200, so make sure you stay under.  The Utica OD publishes only one LtE per month from any writer, but the Sentinel has no such official policy.  If you need help editing your letter, IMV is happy to assist.  Email us at

Letter Demands Equitable COVID Response

Along with grassroots groups across the state, IMV signed on to this letter encouraging our representatives in Congress and the state legislature to enact legislation that puts health, democracy, and economic justice first.

Please refer to the document when you make calls to our Members of Congress, and when you contact your State Senator and Assembly member. Currently, there is a push to get our State Senate back to work to attend to critical legislation.  Call your State Senator's Albany office and tell him or her to get #BackToWork because #DemocracyIsEssential. 

Should Indivisible Endorse Biden vs Trump?

Now that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee, it's time for his campaign to catch up with Trump's on organizing, media, funding, and momentum.  For many Indivisibles Biden was not the top choice or even near the top choice, but now, it's time to choose sides between the not Trump and the Trump option.  Indivisibles are voting on whether to endorse Biden.

In order to vote, you need to receive a personal voting link.  Voting is held on Saturday, so you need to sign up here today if you want to be able to have your say.  

Indivisible Census: Be Counted

Please fill out the Indivisible Census!  This research project will help us determine the impact of three years of local Indivisible activism.  We think we have changed America, but you know what they say...if there's no data, it didn't happen!

YWCA Stand Against Racism

The YWCA Mohawk Valley is holding a virtual #StandAgainstRacism April 23-26 that kicked off with a nationwide Tele-town hall yesterday featuring Valerie Jarrett, Janelle Monae, Cecile Richards, and many other national  organization leaders, most of the women of color.

The goals of this year's Stand align with IMV goals to make sure that marginalized populations are counted in the census (#YWomenCount) and that women and especially women of color vote (#YWomenVote).

Check out a video from YWCA Mohawk Valley Racial Justice Committee Co-Chair Melissa Prest, and read the Guest View she and co-chair Matt Grove wrote for the Utica OD this past week. Do your family and friends know that you are taking a stand against racism through your political activism?

Demand a Safe Election & People's Bailout

We must continue to press our Members of Congress on two critical Coronavirus Responses:

1) Fund a safe and secure election in 2020.  So far Congress has allocated $400 million. It's not enough.  We need to see them fully fund Sen. Warren's $4B package for safe and secure elections in the midst of the pandemic.

2) Fund a People's Bailout  #PeopleOverProfits Land on this page and you can one click to call or email your MoCs, or make a video to share with friends and on social media.

Please take advantage of the resources available at when you make your calls and send your emails to Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand and Rep. Brindisi.

Double Your Donation to IMV

The needs are great in our community.  Thank you for all the extra ways you are supporting food banks, making masks, and sustaining local businesses and non-profits.

If you are in position to help Indivisible Mohawk Valley, please contributany amount now through May. Indivisible is matching up to a total of $500.  Our regular expenses include our Zoom account and room rental for meetings, postcards and stamps, and materials and supplies for our rallies and other events.  Thank you!

Keep Training with Brindisi for Congress

One of the most important things that IMV ever accomplished was our role in ousting #OneTermTenney and helping to elect Anthony Brindisi to Congress in 2018.  We did it by calling, knocking, writing, hosting, driving, and many more actions as campaign volunteers.

Right now we are training in the skills we need to provide grassroots support for the Brindisi campaign for 2020.  The first week of training covered Letters to the Editor. This week many of you have trained on phone banking. It's not too late to join the last phonebanking training!   Just register now for tomorrow's session at 10 am.

Next week there are three sessions focused on texting.  This is an increasingly important method of reaching voters, especially while we are social distancing.  Sign up here to learn how to send texts for Congressman Brindisi from your home.  It's easy and within 30 minutes you'll be sending texts as a campaign volunteer.

Democracy is not a spectator sport even during Coronavirus times.  Zoom, call, text, post, tweet, and email

Our political activism matters even more now when people are suffering, often in ways that reflect the racial, economic and social injustices built into our public policy.  Let's stay strong, work together, and make the change the we want to see.

*******Social Solidarity Through Physical Distancing*******

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