Advisory Groups


IMV has established three member-driven Advisory Groups which focus on monitoring the positions and votes of our State and Federal elected representatives.  These groups meet regularly with Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22), Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (NYS Assembly 119), and Senator Rachel May (NYS Senate 53).  Advisory group members plan the agendas for these meetings and select a smaller group of 4-8 individuals who meet face to face with the elected official, take notes, and report back in detail to the whole advisory group.  The group then reports a summary to the entire IMV membership about the responses of these representatives to our collective questions, concerns, and requests.

If you are a member of IMV and want to join one of the advisory groups, send a message to with your name, email, and phone number, and indicate which Advisory Group you want to join – Brindisi, Buttenschon, or May.

IMV members are also encouraged to reach out to their elected officials personally to express their views on issues.  Democracy is not a spectator sport!