Action this Week – Oct. 26, 2019

Early Voting Starts Tomorrow!  What You Need to Know

Vote as early as you can!  

Many of our local candidates and their IMV supporters in Oneida County will join together to vote when the polls open on Saturday morning at 10 am at the Utica Train Station.  All are welcome, because earlier is better!   Let us know you are joining this “Polls Open NOW!” party here.   

Early Voting in ALL Three Counties

Here is a good link to review not just early voting location days and times for Oneida County but also for Herkimer and Madison County.  To help someone look up other early voting locations and times outside those three counties, use this link.

If you or someone you know needs a ride

IMV recommends that people call RCI, which will provide rides to early voting locations on a schedule.  Here is the information and number to call.

Get Out the Vote for Local Candidates

Celeste Friend for Utica Common Council Ward 4

Celeste Friend’s campaign will start GOTV on Friday October 25, the day before early voting begins and continue until Monday November 4. Anyone wishing to join should come to 37 Emerson Ave Utica any time between 11am and 6 pm to get literature and walking list on any of those days. Contact Andy 315-796-3960. If you want to be part of the last group canvassing efforts, then check out these two key dates (meet at 37 Emerson Ave. in Utica).

Sunday, October 27th, 2 pm – Come Early for Donuts and Cider
Tuesday, October 29th, 5 pm – Dinner by Maggie Reilly to follow at 7:30pm

Progressive Rome Candidates

Our Rome candidates continue to request your time and energy knocking doors.  Please note dates and times in the calendar below for Cam Tien (re-elect to Rome Common Council) Ward 1), Mike Brown (re-elect to Oneida County Board of Leg 12th district), and Shelly Gardner (Rome Common Council Ward 2).  Leigh Loughran is also running for Oneida County Board of Leg from the Rome area (7th district).  These candidates are amazing in the time and energy they have devoted to growing the progressive movement in the Rome area, strengthening their communities, engaging people door to door, and registering voters.  Yay to Rome!

Samantha DeRiso for Oneida County Legislature, District 11

Finally, Samantha DeRiso, running for Oneida County Legislature, District 11, would love to have some door knockers on Saturday, Oct. 26th as well.  Meet at the parking lot of the UFCW Local One (5911 Airport Rd. in Oriskany) at 11:30 am   A number of volunteers from Hamilton College will be joining in.  Samantha’s campaign manager is Hamilton College student Libby Militello (who worked on the Brindisi campaign).  There will be a quick training for those who have yet to canvass with the DeRiso team.   If you’re interested in knocking on doors but the Saturday time doesn’t work for you, please let email to set up a more convenient time.

Those are not the only candidates IMVers are supporting.  We’ve seen many others at our events including David Halpin   for Rome Mayor, Hanka Grabovica for Utica Common Council at Large, Delvin Moody for Utica Common Council Ward 1, and Kari Procopio, running for New Hartford Town Council Fourth Ward.  Good luck to all of them!

Sign Up Now for the Impeach & Remove Rally in Utica

It is time to build public support for impeachment, not just for the House vote, but also in the Senate. That means Impeachment Eve rallies to Impeach & Remove.  If you have friends in other parts of New York and in any other state, make sure they know to sign up now for their local rally.

Ours will be at 5:30 pm (the preferred national time) on the night before the vote to impeach is held in the house.  We will meet at Oneida Square Roundabout in Utica. Please sign up on the national map website so that you receive the email and text as soon as we receive the notification that the rally is a GO.

Support is building, even though it is clear that the die hard Trump supporters inside and outside of Congress will never move. Remember that when Nixon was walking away from the White House after resigning in disgrace, about 45% of Americans still supported him.  We don’t need everyone, but we need enough.  Here’s a piece from David Leonhardt of the New York Times about how important it is that we build a strong “outside game” that can influence the “inside game” in Congress toward holding Trump accountable for is actions. That outside game is about taking the streets so that the whole country can see that public pressure is growing.

Remember the research that says that when 3.5% of a population is actively engaged in sustained public resistance, it is possible to effect major political change, including toppling a corrupt ruler? We don’t know yet if we can get 11 million Americans in the streets demanding impeachment, but we should try.  Let’s start in Utica on Impeachment Eve.  Then let’s sustain the momentum.

Register Now for Indivisible’s National Activist Call on Nov. 7th

Have you ever participated in an Indivisible national activist call? Every activist is welcome on the call. There is so much to learn about issues, strategy, tactics, and how we are building a movement.  Here’s where you sign up for the call scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 7th at 8 pm.  Look, the 2019 election will be behind, and it will be time to look ahead. Plus, you’ll find out the latest impeachment update from the experts.

Call, Then Ask Other People to Call

The impeachment effort needs more public support.  If you are on social media, share this ad that will be run on TV.
If you forgot to make your calls yesterday, it is not too late!  Make that call to Rep Brindisi’s office on a daily basis. Let him know what you expect, share your values, and thank him when he votes the right way for democracy. If you aren’t used to calling and need a phone number and script, here is one from Indivisible: 701-484-0521

You can also sign up for a shift making calls to ensure an open and transparent impeachment trial. After you call our Senators and Rep in the House (our MoCs), you can also sign up to make calls encouraging people who live in key areas to call their MoCs using our hubdialer tool that will automatically dial numbers for you. There are about 15 shifts at different times of day and days of the week left that you can sign up for — RSVP now.

Awesome Meeting Last Sunday!

Thanks to Betsy Briggs, Bonnie Zweifel, and Diane Berry who once again led a a fascinating discussion about progressive framing ala George Lakoff. We had the opportunity to practice framing messages in small groups on a range of issues.  It CAN be done!  Here’s an overview on the differences between conservative and progressive values and frames.  Don’t use conservative frames. Ever.  Even to counter them. It actually reinforces them when people hear them.  Instead use progressive frames. Here’s a very helpful document for doing just that.

Then we had a reassuring presentation from therapist and IMV Climate Crisis Working group member Abbie Taylor.  We must take care of ourselves if we want our activism to be sustainable. We need to be ale to stay mentally and emotionally well for the long haul because we are fighting big long fights, and at least one of those fights is an actual cosmic existential crisis  Abbie talked about how important it is for us to stay centered on our values, because they not only sustain us but can influence others (kindness!). Here is her tip sheet to weather the Trump Crazy (current political climate).  Abbie is willing to offer a support group for activists and anyone trying to cope with the current political climate.  We want to gauge interest, so if you would possibly participate in such a group, please let us know at  

Thank you to all fifty IMVers who turned out as as experimented with a new Utica location at DeSales!   We also heard a brief update from the newly returned Civil Rights Tour group from Chris Brown and Bill McCue.  The group will give a more full account of their experiences at our November gathering.

Please note on your calendar that our November IMV meeting will follow our post-election tradition of sharing a more social time, with a potluck brunch at Cherrywood on Saturday, Nov. 16th at 11 am.  By then we’ll have knocked even more doors in support of our local candidates, and we”ll have some good election results to celebrate  Bring your favorite stories of IMV from the past three years.  What experiences have been the most powerful for you?   What memories stand out?

IMV Climate Crisis Group Meets Monday

IMV’s Climate Crisis Working Group meets on Monday, Oct. 28th at 6:30 pm at the New Hartford town Library (just off Oxford Road).  Don’t get overwhelmed by a massive global problem. Stay calm and get ACTIVE!  At our October meeting we’ll hear from a young member in Extinction Rebellion, plan for Earth Day 2020, and discuss what we can do about Climate Change and the Crisis it poses.  All are welcome!

The Next Eleven Days

It’s a classic case of THINK GLOBALLY (impeachment!  climate crisis! democracy reform! Russia! refugees and asylum seekers!) ACT LOCALLY.  If you watch the news all day you could go crazy.  The solution?  Get out of the house and make an actual impact: Knock Doors.  

Even if you have not yet had a chance to participate in canvassing for 2019 campaigns, it’s not too late to get involved. GOTV is a jam packed eleven days that includes nine days of early voting, a day to get ready for the regular voting, and then one classic polling station day.  Many hands are needed for knocks and other tasks. Contact a campaign using links above, even if none of the published times on the calendar work for you. Raise your hand; offer your assistance.

And remember to sign up for our Utica Impeachment Eve Rally.  Because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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