Action this Week – Nov. 15, 2019

Celebrate Our Year of Activism with Brunch on Saturday, 11 am

Please join your IMV colleagues and friends, new and old, for our post-election brunch celebration.  In November we take a break from working on big new projects at our meeting, and we celebrate the stories of our activism and our volunteer work on local elections. Saturday, Nov. 16th, 11 am-1 pm, IMV November Meeting Post-election Brunch, 1 Cherrywood Circle, Clinton, NY 13323 (just off state route 5).   Please plan to bring something you like to eat or drink to share.  

This year during brunch, the Civil Rights Tour group will give a slideshow presentation and talk about some of the experiences they had and the amazing people they met.  They will again collect for the Equal Justice Initiative –thank you to those who have already contributed.  We’ll also be giving away some copies of the new Indivisible Book.

Some of you will be headed straight from brunch to the Healthcare is a Human Right: Winning w/the Power of Our Stories, in Utica. That event, at 500 Plant Street, is scheduled for 1:00 pm, but we understand that the program will not actually begin until 1:30, so you WILL have time to get there after the brunch.  Here are the details if you are planning to attend the Health Care event.

#DefundHate: Thanks for Calling, and Keep the Calls Coming!

Indivisibles made thousands of calls to Members of Congress on our National Call-in day Wednesday!  THANK YOU for making your calls to Rep. Brindisi and our two US Senators.  Keep calling, as the it still appears that the vote will come down to the wire on Nov. 21st.  In November, they need to continue to hold strong and pass a funding bill that does not include any additional funding for ICE or CBP.

Donald Trump might try to shut down the government in November to rile up his base and distract from his corruption and crimes, but we won’t fall for it. He’ll tell us it’s about the wall, or money for ICE or CBP–but really it’s just him trying to change the narrative away from impeachment. Trump shutting down the government would just be another example of him abusing his power to benefit himself politically, just like the phone call that triggered the impeachment inquiry and his numerous illegal actions to harm immigrants.  No matter his shenanigans or inanity, Congress should do their jobs, and monitor how our tax dollars are spent.  They have the power of the purse!

When you call, make sure you tell our MoCs to stand strong against cruelty, family separation, and cages for humans. 

Don’t Just Watch Impeachment Hearings on TV; Do Something

1. Call Rep. Brindisi’s office and let him know that you support impeachment because no one is above the law, and because Trump has put our nation’s security at risk, obstructed justice, threatened witnesses, and put his own political agenda ahead of our national interest.

2. Share the message below on social media, with your friends, and in letters to the editor.  It’s not complicated: It’s three sentences.

Trump used military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election.
Then he tried to cover it up.
He must be impeached because nobody is above the law.

This is the point at which Letters to the Editor are going to be extremely important.  When people see in black and white how shocked their fellow Mohawk Valley residents are at the revelations coming out in the public hearings every day, and why you believe the President must be impeached and removed from office, it tells them that public sentiment is growing in our own community. Here’s a good tool to use to get started. You can tweak the letter to personalize it with your own words and thoughts.

3. If you like to do more, Indivisible’s impeachment hub dialer is still going.  Click here to sign up for a shift to call people who live in states where their Senators will need to be pressured to do the right thing on impeachment.

Sign Up Now for the Impeach & Remove Rally in Utica

It is time to build public support for impeachment, not just for the House vote, but also in the Senate. That means Impeachment Eve Nobody is Above the Law Rallies to Impeach and Remove.  If you have friends in other parts of New York and in any other state, make sure they know to sign up now for their local rally.

Ours will be at 5:30 pm (the preferred national time) on the night before the vote to impeach is held in the house.  We will meet at Oneida Square Roundabout in Utica. Please sign up on the national map website so that you receive the email and text as soon as we receive the notification that the rally is a GO.  We expect this vote to occur in late November or early December, but it could certainly occur after Jan. 1 as well.

Event partners for this national mobilization (230 events and counting) include MoveOn, March for Truth, Indivisible, Sierra Club, Women’s March, and more than 30 other major organizations.  Sign up now, and share the link with your friends. Because Nobody Is Above The LawShare the Facebook event link as well if you can.

Climate Strike Action Dec. 6th

Here are the details about the student-led Utica Climate Strike on Dec. 6th at noon. The coalition that the students are pulling together for this event is very impressive.  Want to know more about the Climate Strike demands?  Take a look here.  Can we get 500 people for a Climate Strike in Utica and become part of a powerful global movement for change?   Be sure that you sign up!  

IMV Logo Contest!

Tell your talented graphic design friends, family members, students, and co-workers: We’re offering a $250 prize to the winner of our new logo contest.  Here are the specs:  1) Use colors.  2) Convey action and togetherness, 3) Incorporate the full name of IMV into the design. We will use it on web, print, t-shirts, letterhead, and banners.  Email your finished design in TIFF Format to by January 15, 2020.

Remember, you are not a spectator.  You are an activist.

There are still people sitting on the couch.  Some of them are just going to start learning about Trump’s crimes when the House hearings are televised.  Our job is not just to sit and watch, although it will almost certainly be fascinating.  We already know the facts.  We also know that it is going to be hard to hold Trump fully accountable because he has so much hold over Republicans in Congress, elected officials at all levels of government, the media, and the substantial minority of Americans who will remain loyal to him no matter what.

Many Americans  have been tricked into believing his policies benefit them, even though he has tried to take away their health care and civil rights, and turned over much of their already skimpy share of the American pie to his super wealthy corporate donors and billionnaire friends.  If we want to erode the power of Trump and his Republican supporters in Congress then we have a lot of work to do.

We are strategizing about that work now, because we plan to win in 2020 AND in 2021.  You already know what the work will involve, and it won’t be watching TV.  It will be meeting in libraries and community spaces where we will set up phonebanks. It will be going out in pairs door to door to petition and canvass.  It will be holding educational forums and rallies on the issues that matters to us.  It will be writing letters to the editor, and calling and visiting our legislators and holding them accountable.  It’s what we have been doing, and what we are not going to stop doing.  We’re just going to do it smarter, bolder, and more effectively in 2020. Because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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