Action this Week – Nov. 1, 2019

Will You Help with GOTV?

Because of New York’s democracy reforms of 2019, you’ve (probably) already voted early–Congratulations!  Now, what else can you do to impact the results of this election?  

A. Nothing, I already voted.
B. Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Since you believe that democracy is not a spectator sport, then your correct answer is….

We’re sharing some GOTV volunteer shifts for candidates we support below. If you can’t knock on doors, contact their campaigns anyway.  They may need callers for phone banks, drivers for canvassers or voters, or snack-suppliers. Let’s win these seats!

Celeste Friend (Utica Common Council 3rd Ward)
37 Emerson Ave, Utica.
Friday: 12pm, 2pm 4pm
Saturday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
Sunday: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
Monday: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

Cam Tien (Rome Common Council 1st Ward)
820 Floyd Ave.
Sunday: 2:30-4:30pm

Samantha DeRiso, (Oneida County Board of Legislators, District 11)
UFCW Local One in Oriskany (5911 Airport Road, Oriskany, NY 13424).
Sign up for your GOTV shifts here:

The election watch party will be held at Club Monarch (16 Erie St, Yorkville, NY 13495). We will likely have staff arrive there around 8 to set up and any volunteers/other staff will come after polls close at 9 pm.

If you are involved in the campaign of another local candidate, that’s great!  Keep up the good work!  Check in with co-workers, family, neighbors, baristas, cashiers, and postal carriers. Make sure they get a personal reminder from you about voting in the next five days.

Here is a good link to review not just early voting location days and times for Oneida County but also for Herkimer and Madison County.  To help someone look up other early voting locations and times outside those three counties, use this link.  

IMV recommends that people call RCI, which will provide rides to early voting locations on a schedule.  Here is the information and number to call. GOTV!

Thank Rep. Brindisi for his Vote on Impeachment Process

The first Friday of every month, we gather at Rep. Brindisi’s Utica office at 4:00 pm for a meet-up and fill out constituent concern forms to give to his staff.  Today, our theme is “Thank You for Voting Yes” on a resolution outlining open and transparent impeachment proceedings as the investigation moves into its public phase.  Join us 4-5 pm at 430 Court Street, Suite 102 in Utica TODAY.  Bring a thank you note and your concerns about any issue including impeachment. If you can’t make it, be sure to call his office.

IMVers made many extra calls to Rep. Brindisi’s offices in the past week to encourage him to vote yes on the procedures outlined in the resolution he voted for yesterday.  Our calls worked!  We gave him the reason he needed to support his vote. In case you didn’t see his statement to that effect, here it is:

“Today’s vote setting up rules for an impeachment investigation will allow fair and open hearings and will finally let Americans judge this for themselves. Doing so will allow both parties to call witnesses, the White House to rightfully be involved, and others to publicly respond to testimony heard in the wide open. The constituents I represent want to judge themselves, and I support them.”  -Rep. Anthony Brindisi

This was the first opportunity Anthony had to vote on anything related to this impeachment inquiry, and he voted with the Democratic majority to support moving it forward in a fair, public, and transparent process. Yay, Anthony!  

If you have any doubt that this vote was risky for Anthony, even though it was judicious and right, we recommend that you read yesterday’s piece from Prof. Luke Perry of Utica College, who studies NY22 electoral politics.  Yesterday’s vote and the coming vote on impeachment articles could pose significant electoral challenge for Anthony in 2020.  Let’s thank him, and make sure that we continue to lift up his good work in Congress and his commitment to listening to his constituents in public town halls.

We know how Claudia Tenney would have voted on the resolution today, and we know that had we not flipped the House in 2018, the President’s corrupt and illegal activities would not even ave come to light. We’re doing good work, and so is Anthony.  See you at his office this afternoon!

Sign Up Now for the Impeach & Remove Rally in Utica

It is time to build public support for impeachment, not just for the House vote, but also in the Senate. That means Impeachment Eve Nobody is Above the Law Rallies to Impeach and Remove.  If you have friends in other parts of New York and in any other state, make sure they know to sign up now for their local rally.

Ours will be at 5:30 pm (the preferred national time) on the night before the vote to impeach is held in the house.  We will meet at Oneida Square Roundabout in Utica. Please sign up on the national map website so that you receive the email and text as soon as we receive the notification that the rally is a GO.  We expect this vote to occur in late November or early December, but it could certainly occur after Jan. 1 as well.

Event partners for this national mobilization (200 events and counting) include MoveOn, March for Truth, Indivisible, Sierra Club, Women’s March, and more than 30 other major organizations.  Sign up now, and share the link with your friends.   Because Nobody Is Above The Law.

Register Now for Indivisible’s National Activist Call on Nov. 7th

Have you ever participated in an Indivisible national activist call? Every activist is welcome on the call. There is so much to learn about issues, strategy, tactics, and how we are building a movement.  Here’s where you sign up for the call scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 7th at 8 pm.  Look, the 2019 election will be behind, and it will be time to look ahead. Plus, you’ll find out the latest impeachment update from the experts.

SAVE THE DATE: Climate Strike Action

A big climate strike event is in the works for Friday, December 6th, in Utica, sponsored by the Hamilton College students Sunrise Movement, CA CNY, Utica College Outing Club, and IMV. More details to come!

Post-Election Potluck Brunch Nov. 16th

Please join your IMV Colleagues and Friends, new and old for our post-election brunch celebration.  In November we take a break from working on big new projects at our meeting, and we celebrate the stories of our activism and our volunteer work on local elections. Saturday, Nov. 16th, 11 am-1 pm, IMV November Meeting Post-election Brunch, 1 Cherrywood Circle, Clinton, NY 13323 (just off state route 5), Similar to our post election Epic Brunch in 2018, we will celebrate IMV with stories and pictures. The Civil Rights Tour group will give a slideshow presentation and talk about some of the experiences they had and the amazing people they met. Please plan to bring something you like to eat or drink to share.

And remember to sign up for our Utica Impeachment Eve Rally.  Because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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