Action this Week – March 6, 2020

Join IMV on Sunday for Budget Justice & More

Please join us 2-4 pm Sunday, March 8th for our monthly IMV meeting. Our friend Ricky Silver from Empire State Indivisible is going to talk with us about the statewide coalition to push for budget justice in Albany.  A budget is always a moral document reflecting power and priorities, and we want ours to become more economically just for those individuals and communities who have the least and struggle the most.  How can get we the money needed for social services, small farms, health care, climate protections, and education?

This Sunday is also the first month of our new initiative to learn more about our local allies. We’ll hear from Kari Procopio about the YWCA’s “Eliminate Racism. Empower Women.” legislative agenda.  We have partnered with the YWCA and other groups the past few years for the Utica Women’s March and participated in the YWCAMV’s Stand Against Racism. What are the YWCA’s policy priorities, and how can we get involved in that advocacy work that is so closely allied with ours?

You will not want to miss our March 2020 even if it means taking a couple hours off from collecting signatures on candidate petitions.  Join us at MVCC in Utica (1101 Sherman Drive, in Alumni College Center room 116). 

Call Every Day for the CLCPA: We need $1Billion

We didn’t work so hard last year for the CLCPA to get passed only to languish without funding.  Call now and every day until Friday, March 13th.  Do it for your children, grandchildren and our planet.

The $1 Billion it will take to fund the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act can either be a line item in the budget or part of the “Restore Mother Nature” Bond Act. It is a possibility it will be part of the Bond Act.   If our elected Representatives and the Governor don’t hear from us, they will NOT fund the CLCPA. We can’t wait another year…

We need a wave of calls every day until Friday, March 13th to Governor Cuomo, Andrea Stewart Cousins, and Carl Heastie  reminding them that it is crucial that $1B for the CLCPA is in this year’s state budget either as a line item or as part of the “Restore Mother Nature” Bond Act.  This is the end of the Senate and Assembly budget period and then it moves to negotiations with the Governor.

Your Sample Phone Script:

“This is _______, calling to let you know how important I believe it is that $1 billion for the CLCPA be included in this year’s budget either as a line item or in the “Restore Mother Nature” Bond Act.  We need the newly formed Climate Council and its advisory groups to focus on meeting the goals of the most ambitious climate bill in the nation, CLCPA.  Thank you in advance for addressing this most critical issue. There is no Planet B!”

Governor Cuomo 518 474-8390
*Assembly Leader Heastie 518 455-3791
*Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins 518 455-2715

*Usually Indivisibles only call our OWN electeds, but because the NY budget is worked out with three leaders in a room, these are the key people to call.  Still, call your own Assemblymember and Senator as well, and tell them your demand.  Remember, leaving a message is as good as talking to someone directly.

Today’s Meet Ups: Fridays for Future and Rep. Brindisi Lobby Hour

Don’t forget to join the Friday for Future Crew at the intersection of Genesee Street and Memorial Parkway at 3 pm today to call attention to the urgency of the climate crisis.  When people drive by and see us there, they are reminded that this issue is important, and that activism, rather than hopelessness is a possibility.  Then join IMVers at Rep. Brindisi’s office on Court Street at 4 pm and fill out a constituent concern form to let his staff know what you are thinking. We meet up there the first Friday of every month.

Get On the Bus: Lobby in Albany for School Funding

Utica schools are owed $44 million.  Rome schools are owed $13 million.  It’s time for New York State lawmakers to keep their promise and fully fund our schools.

Join Citizen Action when they head to Albany on the School Funding Bus on Thursday, March 26 to demand the money our schools are owed!  #FundNYSchools.  Sign up here.  The trip is 9am -5pm and leaves from Price Chopper at the North Utica Shopping Plaza, 50 Auert Ave. in Utica.  If you care about

Keep Petitioning

We know your shoes are muddy.  You’ve probably not climbed your last snow bank to get to a door.  the wind is brutal.  Petitioning in the month of March in upstate New York is not especially easy, but there are very few more important actions for progressive democracy activists to take.

Petitioning is the first direct voter contact made by volunteers in this election. Not only are we modeling that democracy is not a spectator sport, but we are showing people at the doors that we are making activism bite size, local, and fun. Remember there are multiple ways to support petitioning including being a driver or ride-along-buddy. Make sure we know how you want to help!

March 11th Budget Justice Forum with Sen. Rachel May

Two years ago IMV was hard at work trying to defeat IDC Dave Valesky in a primary so that we could get a progressive Senator in the 53rd District, which covers the Town of Kirkland in Oneida County, Madison County, and parts of Syracuse.  We succeeded, and have been reaping the benefits ever since.

Now, Sen. May is going to be the featured speaker at a Budget Forum in the village of Hamilton on Wednesday, March 11th at 7 pm.  If you want to understand more about the state budget, Rachel May has the inside perspective on how the sausage is being made.  IMV is co-sponsoring this event with our Knit the District partners, Madison-Chenango Call to Action, and Cazenovia Call to Action.

Please join us at the Hamilton Central School building, and bring your demands for school funding, CLCPA, NY Health Act, and more as well your questions about how we can have a more progressive, morally just state budget.  And let her know that you want the billionaires to pay their share!

Brindisi Phonebank Kickoff!

Join IMV and other Brindisi campaign volunteers for our Phonebank Kickoff on Friday, March 13th  from 5:30-8 pm.    It is officially petition season!  This is a critical point in the campaign as we need all hands on deck to make sure we meet the thresholds necessary to get Congressman Brindisi on the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families party lines in November.  To that end, we are calling members of the Independence Party who supported us last cycle to recruit more people who can circulate petitions.  Dinner provided!Ready, set, GO!  We are off to the races, friends.  It’s okay to nervous and a little scared about the possibility that we will not win big in 2020 the way we did in 2018.  a little bit of nerves can create powerful motivation to the work that needs to be done.  None of us wants to see another 2016, even though we know now that such a thing is possible.  Don’t be distracted by social media, internet wars, or TV spectating.  There is too much work to do, and our democracy depends on our activism.  For 2020?   Keep calm, and canvass.

See you Sunday, 2 pm at MVCC in Utica.  We are going to do this, and we’re going to do it together.

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