Action this Week – March 20, 2020

Let’s Get Together Sunday 3-5 pm Zoom Style

As our IMV Steering Committee talked this week together on our regular Tuesday night Zoom video conference, we realized how comforting it felt to connect, even more than usual, given the social distancing and isolation we were experiencing.

Some of our members were still reeling from the loss of a strong progressive woman candidate –Elizabeth Warren–from the Democratic Presidential primary, and then…Wham! COVID-19 hit, with all its ramifications for petition season, elections, state budget priorities, and federal legislation, not to mention work, school, community events, the economy, and public health.

We decided we couldn’t wait to start putting IMV meetings on Zoom.  (Our Monthly Meeting on April 5th will be held over Zoom).  Postcard Parties and Fridays for Future Rallies are on hiatus; we need to find ways to get together right away!

So let’s come together and talk about what’s going on.  Let’s check on each other and make sure everyone is holding up.  We are a political activism COMMUNITY, and we don’t want to lose that, even in the time of Coronavirus. Plus, our two hour “Pop-in” will give everyone a chance to get used to Zoom, even if it is your first time in a virtual meeting.  

Please join us Sunday.  If you have any technical problems, we’ll help you out.  Here’s the link for the meeting, and if you go to the Facebook event you’ll see a helpful tutorial about how to set up and use Zoom.

Here is the link to join on Sunday, between 3 and 5 pm for our IMV Political Pop-In

Resources from Indivisible & Actions You Can Take Now

Indivisible National has compiled resources for how to organize effectively in the age of social distancing, as well as upcoming calls and events they are hosting to help. Here are they in one spot:

  • RSVP to join our emergency COVID-19 Indivisible National Call, tomorrow night at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. This is a confusing, uncertain and challenging time for many. Join the Indivisible team and other activists for a conversation about organizing and activism during coronavirus and social distancing. PLEASE NOTE — We are using Zoom Meetings, which has a cap of 1000 attendees for this event because we have a breakouts section and want participants to be able to talk to one another to foster community in this moment. If the meeting hits capacity we will be recording and will begin to live stream the meeting on Facebook if needed.
  • Review our resource page for organizing during social distancing. This page includes information about organizing while social distancing, a relatively extensive list of video conferencing resources for virtual meetings, a list of actions you can take remotely, as well as reputable mutual aid resources for those who want to support their neighbors and communities during this time. Seriously, check this one out — it’s got a LOT of good information.
  • What to tell your MoCs to do about Coronavirus. We know it’s been hard to keep track of what we can realistically ask our MoCs to do to support people throughout this crisis. Read and bookmark this resource which we’ll continue to update with the latest people-first policy demands around this pandemic.

The Census is Out.. and it’s super quick and easy

Many of you have already filled out your household’s census form. When you receive notification in the U.S. mail, log on as instructed and you’ll find it takes just a few minutes (seriously–about three minutes!) to complete the task.  Remember to encourage all your friends and family to fill it out as well.  Here’s the direct link if you need it.

Join Sarah Reeske’s Twitter 101 Training Tomorrow

Trump, Tenney, and the rest of MAGA world use Twitter to battle truth and trust in institutions and to undermine our democracy every day.  They will ramp up their efforts as we near the 2020 election.  We need an army of a Twitter users to do battle with them in the Twitter-verse.  Want to learn how to get on Twitter and use it for to advance our progressive values and build democracy?  Join Sarah Reeske for Twitter 101 Training tomorrow 11 am -12pm.  Click here to sign up.

Have an Impact While Stuck at Home

1) Write that Letter to the Editor that you have been meaning to write for months or years on whatever topic you want.  Think Rep. Brindisi is doing a good job?  Write a letter.  Concerned about health care or the climate crisis or fair elections  Send a letter to your local newspaper.  Need help getting started or someone to edit?  Email  We are here to support you!

2) Join Sarah Reeske’s Twitter training tomorrow.  Twitter is used more effectively by Trumpsters than progressives, but we can change that together.  Or join some of the other online calls and training that we’ll be featuring in our calendar.  Make this forced isolation a chance to learn and grow so that you can use even more new technology and political skills in 2020 than you did in 2018!

3) Tell your MoCs what you want to see in the next Coronavirus bill. In this moment, we need to prioritize direct assistance to the people who we know are most impacted by this pandemic. That means mandating universal paid sick leave and expanded unemployment benefits. That also means establishing requirements for corporations who take taxpayer-funded bailouts. We can’t just hand over trillions of dollars to corporations — we need to make sure that any taxpayer money they receive goes directly to workers, not to CEOs and shareholders. Call now to demand they support these provisions be included in the next coronavirus relief package.

A Note from Jen DeWeerth, Weekly Newsletter Editor:

It has been unprecedented, unsettling, even terrifying.  We are worried about our loved ones, our communities, our economy, and our future.  We have reason to be. We’re also unable to come together socially and physically the way we normally do in order to support and comfort one another as we usually do in difficult times.

To quote David Leonhardt on one of my favorite podcasts yesterday:  “None of us has ever lived through anything like the past week.”

However, we don’t have to give in to paralysis or fear.  We don’t have to throw up our hands.

Think about what you can do to make a positive difference and then do it.
Make your calls to your representatives.
Advocate for those most likely to be impacted and left behind.
Learn something new so you can be a more effective political activist.
Reach out to people and stay connected even through virtual communities.
Commit to fighting for progressive values and winning elections in 2020.
We’ve worked hard politically before, and we’re not going to stop now when it matters the most.

See you on Sunday. Pop-In. Zoom In.  Wash your hands. Stay well.  

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