Action this Week – July 26, 2019

Take Our 2019 August Member Survey

How are you feeling at this point in your political activism?  It’s an emotional time for us all. In DC, we see such obvious answers to problems and clear actions to take, but it feels like nobody is doing them. The scandals and crises are making our heads spin. We are trying to not fall for Russian disinformation. Staying on top of the issues and legislation feels like a full time job. It is not easy being an activist. And then 2020 is right around the corner–arghhh!

IMV’s Steering Committee has created a very brief survey to check up on how you all are feeling among the chaos. Click HERE to take the survey.   We want to hear from you.  It will take just a couple of minutes, no more.  We really appreciate your participation and thoughtfulness.  Your responses will be kept in confidence. Your contact information is respected and will not be shared.

We will post the survey for a couple of weeks, and then will report back on key findings at our August meeting and in this email.  Again, HERE is your link to IMV’s August 2019 survey.

Weekly Vigil for the Migrants Detained, Separated

Several local members of Pax Christi, an organization committed to peace and justice, have scheduled a weekly vigil for the families separated at the border.  Gather in front of DeSales Center at 309 Genesee Street in Utica on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 pm.  Please bring your posters.

Regardless of whether the politicians, media outlets, or the general public have “moved on” to the latest new topic, we have not forgotten that our country is still imprisoning people whoa re legally seeking asylum.  Our country is still locking up human beings in inhuman conditions.  Our country is still separating children from their parents, damaging them permanently and sometimes not even keeping track of where the children are sent.  We will keep meeting weekly to so that the spotlight remains on this horror of detention camps until we see change.

Your Action Today After Mueller Hearing

MoveOn.orgIndivisible, Stand Up America, and many other groups are asking us to call our Representative today, or visit his office and ask him to take action in response to Robert Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday.  No matter what your view is on impeachment, let Anthony Brindisi know how you feel. What do you think should be his next step?  Should he sign on to the House resolution calling for the start of impeachment proceedings?  Should he wait?  Should he focus on some other issue that is at the top of your mind?

From the first days of our political action together in 2017, a key component of our work as individuals engaged in democracy is that we should regularly contact out Members of Congress so that they know how we want them to stand up for us and stand up against Trump.

Today is the day to make the call to Rep. Brindisi and let him know what you think.

Can You Hold a Debate Watch Party? 

There will be another pair of Democratic debates televised on July 30 and 31.  Indivisible urges our members and groups to organize Debate Watch Parties.  Can you host one?  Once you have your plans, please register your get together on the Indivisible Events Map.

We Still Need More Notaries Public

Anthony Brindisi won NY22 because a broad coalition on people including Republicans and unaffiliated voters supported and voted for him. One of the most critical factors was that he had the Independence Party line on the ballot, where many of these voters made their ballot mark.  He almost didn’t, because we didn’t have enough members who were notaries and could get signatures on the petition for the line. In the end,  just a few people saved the day by going out for countless hours over those last days and weeks to secure the number of signatures need from Independence Party members.

For 2020, we need to be more prepared.  Are you willing to become a valuable Brindisi volunteer by taking the Notary Public exam?  Here is the basic information about what it involves. Here is some further information on the exam and dates offered for all locations: 

You may sit for the exam without first taking a class, but most people say the class is helpful preparation.  MVCC has a class coming on the Utica campus Saturday, July 27th from 9:30 am-1:30 pm.  Call 315-792-5300 today to sign up.

What’s Ahead for IMV?

First, it looks like we will have our September IMV meeting on Sunday Sept. 8th, so please save that afternoon on your calendar!

Second, Indivisible plans a National Day of Action on Friday, September 13th, with lead-up earlier that week of Sept. 9th with a goal of advocating to our Member of Congress, Anthony Brindisi, to defund hate.  The goal of this nationwide action is to get Congress to defund the agencies (ICE! CBP!) currently spending huge resources (including funds stolen from other agencies like FEMA.

If you want to learn more and start thinking about what we will do in terms of rallying and influencing local public opinion, check out Indivisible’s Immigration toolkitThere you can review the message we need to send to Rep. Brindisi during the long August recess, and how we will prepare for the end of September budget deadline.  We need to make sure Rep. Brindisi understands our values around human rights and immigration.

While we’ve heard the rallying cries to close the camps, or to keep families together and free, the reality is until we’ve removed Trump from office, the most strategic and effective way to fight back is to demand that Congress cut funding to DHS. We must defund Trump’s ability to enact his hateful agenda by defunding the enforcement budgets of ICE and CBP, and shifting that money into humanitarian programs that will actually help address the problem.

And finally, please make sure that you have blocked off lots of evenings and weekends on your fall calendar to help our local candidates reach voters door to door.   Related to voting, we have learned that Utica, New Hartford, and Westmoreland are the three locations selected for early voting sites in Oneida County.  What about Rome?  We are already starting to mobilize to push that voting locations are actually placed in the biggest population centers where they are most accessible to the most people.  Next week you’ll hear from our IMV Voter Rights and Election Reform Group on next steps for IMV members to advocate on accessibility of early voting sites.

Remember to Complete Our IMV Survey

Here’s the link once again.  We want to hear from you about Anthony Brindisi and how our strategy to keep him accountable and electable is working for you. As soon as we find out where he will be and when when he is home for the August recess, we will let you know.

Finally, see you at the August IMV meeting on Wednesday, August 14th at 6:30 pm Cherrywood.  We need to stay connected, and keep doing the work based on our values and our commitment to citizen activism.  Because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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