Action this Week – Jan. 24, 2020

Did You Make a Climate Crisis Resolution?

Then our IMV Climate Crisis Working Group is where you need to be!  If you were at our IMV meeting in January then you know that our Climate Crisis group has was busy with actions and lobbying in Albany, public demonstrations and rallies, monthly meetings with engaging speakers, and grassroots local events all through 2019, and they’ve already gotten off to a strong start in 2020. The group has been working within a number of statewide and local coalitions, and there are many ways to get connected and contribute your unique skills and interests to climate efforts.

Get started by joining the Working Group for its next meeting, on Monday, January 27th at 6:30 pm in the Kirkland Town Library. The speaker is Katelyn Kreisel of DivestNY, who will discuss personal divestment from fossil fuels.  DivestNY is working on getting the NY State Pension Fund divested from fossil fuels. Kayelyn also works as a financial advisor for Hansen Advisory Services Inc., and investment firm working with socially responsible funds.

Did you know that this spring the world will mark the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day? Our Climate Crisis Working group will also begin planning for an Earth Day event at its meeting on Monday.  Everyone is also encouraged to attend the weekly Future for Friday Rallies every Friday: 3-4 pm at the intersection of Genesee St. and the Memorial Parkway in Utica.  These public events help raise awareness in our community about the climate emergency, and keep the pressure on our representatives.

Tell Schumer and Gillibrand: Keep Talking to the Public on Impeachment, Sign Up for Hub Dialer

Please call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to encourage them to keep giving lots of media interviews emphasizing that the Republican Senators’ refusal to call witnesses and willingness to acquit Trump is abetting Trump in his betrayal and cheating of America.  Schumer is doing a great job, and let’s see more of it. The media, as is so often the case, seems to be asking the wrong question. The question isn’t whether Schumer and Schiff and company are changing the minds of the Republican Senators, it’s whether or not they are swaying the public. Trump is not going to be impeached and removed, but our Senators can use this moment to remind the American public that Trump is corrupt and self-dealing at the expense of our Republic.  That’s the message that we want everyone to remember in November.

If you are motivated to do more on impeachment, then please sign up now for Indivisible’s Impeachment Hub Dialer.  Hub Dialer is a tool that lets volunteers from anywhere call voters and urge them to contact their members of Congress and allows Indivisible to automatically patch them through to the appropriate legislative office the Dialer will be back in action next week, and many volunteers are needed to make sure this senate trial is as fair and impartial as possible.   You call folks in the states with key Senators, and help them make calls to their Senators about impeachment.  It’s easy to sign up for a shift, and you can make a big difference 

Calling Rural IMVers for the Snowflake!

Remember the snowflake model of political organizing?  The snowflake model replaces a single leader in a network with interconnected leaders, each responsible for an aspect of a campaign.  We’d like to see a few people who live in rural areas step up to connect with an exciting part of indivisible’s network, the Rural Caucus. 

All you need to do is get started with a monthly phone call and the next one is Wednesday, Jan. 29, 8 pm.  Click here to sign up.  Once a month, rural Indivisibles and organizers all over the country join together to troubleshoot problems and celebrate successes; receive rural-specific information and trainings to benefit rural advocacy; and learn how National Indivisible is support rural organizing across the country.

NY22 and the Mohawk Valley are rural in many parts, and we know that we need to be learning more about how to reach rural populations if we want to keep pushing red areas toward purple and blue.  Please email if you are willing to check out the Rural Caucus.

Mark Your Calendar for IMV’s February Meeting

Please mark your calendar for our next IMV meeting, Sunday, Feb. 9th 2-4 pm. at Cherrywood in Clinton (just off Route 5).  We are going to continue to work on organizing and training to make an impact on the 2020 congressional and state elections.  Petitioning is a critical step, and starts near the end of February and goes thru March.  We’ll make sure everyone is trained and knows what they are doing (driving, navigating, door knocking).  Let’s keep #NY22 BLUE!

Tomorrow:  Herkimer County Dems Waffles Brunch & Meeting, Jan. 25th

Speaking of organizing in more rural areas, members and friends are encouraged to attend the Herkimer County Democrats Annual Waffles Brunch & January Meeting on Saturday, Jan. 25th at 11 am at the Little Falls Library, Main Street at Waverly Place.  Representatives from both Anthony Brindisi’s and Tedra Cobb’s campaigns will be there. Engaging in local politics and strengthening our local party structures is how we make change, build engagement and power, and elect better and more progressive candidates!

Lifting Up Budget Justice

If you were at the very cold and snowy Utica Women’s March last Saturday, then not only are you pretty darn tough, but you know that our local sister march had a clear message around economic justice.  That’s because we’re in the middle of the annual budget battle in Albany, and the needs of girls and women especially in low income communities of color, are easily forgotten when they billionaires pressure the Governor and the legislature to lower their taxes.  That’s why our Utica March was about child care, affordable housing, and equity in education funding.

Then on Tuesday, Indivisible groups came together for an event in the Capitol building with many other groups to advocate for a just moral budget that increases taxes on the super, super wealthy, so that the state can meet its obligation to low income people in need of decent schools, child care, and housing, and we can invest in climate justice and health care for all.   You’ll be hearing more in the next couple weeks about what we can do to support budget justice. 

Please keep calling your state legislators and letting them know you want a morally just budget, in which 1) more revenue comes from the super wealthy billionaires and 2) we end the artificial spending caps that are hurting low income New Yorkers–from school children in underfunded districts, to parents who can’t access affordable child care.

If you can carpool with a friend or hop on a bus on a weekday, please make an advocacy visit to Albany during this critical season.  This Monday is focused on climate change. On February 4th, Citizen Action has organized a bus to make some noise on Child Care.  There will be more days and issues ahead, so be ready to push the senate and the assembly forward on the bills and the funding we want to see.

Let’s Pass AVR

Thank you to everyone who called yesterday as part of the NYS Indivisible action on Automatic Voter Registration. Let’s keep it up!   Call your New York State Assemblymember to demand a vote on automatic voter registration. The New York State Senate has passed automatic voter registration (AVR) – this is great news! The ball is in the Assembly’s court now, and they’ve said that they want to make technical changes to the bill before they pass it.

Call 855-973-4252 to demand a vote on AVR.  We need to make sure that the Assembly stays on track and does their part to turn 1 million New Yorkers into voters.  Because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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