Action this Week – Jan. 17, 2020

Utica Women’s March at Noon Saturday!

Tomorrow at noon Utica will join the #WomenRising Marches being held across the country for the fourth year. Our march this year is focused on the theme of economic justice.

For far too long, women’s bodies and women’s labor have been exploited for the benefit of the few while our paychecks, our health, our environment, and our communities are made to suffer. We demand that our elected officials enact a just budget by investing in childcare, funding our schools, ensuring affordable housing and health care for all, and funding climate protections for our future.  

Bring all your favorite Women’s March signs, AND bring pots and pans to bang. We’re going to make some noise to symbolize our refusal to be silent any longer in the face of economic injustice!

Join us at 12:00 noon at the YWCA Mohawk Valley  (7 Rutger Park). We’ll march up Rutger Street to City Hall and rally at 1 Kennedy Plaza.  

2020 is OUR year and we’re going to use our voices and votes to hold our representatives at every level of government accountable! 

Puerto Rico Fundraiser Planning Meeting Today

Sonia Martinez (Mohawk Valley Latino Association) is hosting a planning meeting with all those interested in helping to plan a local MVLA Puerto Rico Fundraising event.  The goal is to plan and hold the event on a very short timeline in order to respond quickly to the tremendous need in PR following recent earthquakes.  The meeting will be TODAY at 4:30 pm at the MVLA office, 309 Genesee Street, 2nd Floor, DeSales Center, Park Avenue entrance. No RSVP needed; just show up to meeting if you can help with planning!

Climate Justice Lobby Day in Albany, Jan. 27th  

Get On The Bus for a NY Renews Day of Albany Action on Monday, January 27: “No Empty Promises: Fund Climate Justice Now”

We are heading back to Albany, for the first time since the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act was passed, to demand climate justice funding in this years budget. The day starts with a community education program, followed by lobby visits to our elected officials, then a rally on the Million Dollar staircase. The CLCPA  is the law and now we need to make sure that it’s funded, beginning with this year’s budget!

We are working with Sunrise, Hamilton College and Citizen Action to try to get a 22 person chartered bus provided by NY Renews to take us to and from Albany. We need 12 more people and we need to know the final numbers for a bus by the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 17.  That’s Today!  Please email Maggie right away ( if you can join us! If we don’t get enough riders for the bus we are arranging carpooling. We will return, by bus or car, at approximately 5:00-5:30 which will give us time to get to the monthly Climate Crisis Working Group meeting (6:30 pm at the Kirkland town Library). 

If you have never taken action in Albany, please think about coming. It will be a fun and effective day!

Herkimer County Dems Waffles Brunch & Meeting, Jan. 25th

Members and friends are encouraged to attend the Herkimer County Democrats Annual Waffles Brunch & January Meeting on Saturday, Jan. 25th at 11 am at the Little Falls Library, Main Street at Waverly Place.  Representatives from both Anthony Brindisi’s and Tedra Cobb’s campaigns will be there. Engaging in local politics and strengthening our local party structures is how we make change, build engagement and power, and elect better and more progressive candidates!Our 2020 Strategy Meeting Last Sunday and What’s Ahead 

Thanks to the many people who attended our meeting last Sunday. Like Indivisible groups across the state and the country, we had a big crowd for our 2020 kickoff strategy meeting!  We especially appreciate everyone who filled out their annual 30 Ways Form and the canvassing matrix.  If you missed the meeting, you can download those here, fill our, take a snapshot, and send them to us at Petitioning for Rep. Brindisi and state representatives starts Feb. 25th, and so we’ll cover the details of petitioning at our Feb. 9th meeting.  For now, just know that you’re going to need a good pair of winter boots!

The past couple of weeks have been challenging for many of us who worry about the guy in the White House–his recklessness and unpredictability, which is fine for a reality talk show host, but is worrisome for a Commander in Chief.  Many of us were disappointed that Rep. Brindisi was one of only 8 Democrats in the House who did not  for the War Powers Resolution, giving the impression that he approved of Trump’s reckless actions, failed justifications (in what even Republicans described as the worst intelligence security briefing they had ever seen), and his disregard for Congressional oversight.  

Our role is not to agree with everything Anthony does or doesn’t do.  We do know that at the end of the day, he listens to us and he models respectful civil behavior whether he’s in Washington or NY22.  He votes with the Dems in the House at a higher rate than anyone from a district that went for Trump by 15 points could ever really be expected to do.  (If you didn’t see it, check out this really good interview and overview written by Ron Klopfanstein). 

So while Anthony may not be as progressive as we are or always vote the way we wish he would, we can say with confidence that there is no better person who could possibly be elected to represent NY22 in Congress than Anthony Brindisi.  

We will not stop standing up for our progressive values and we also are not going to let NY22 slip back into the Trump-Tenney red column.  So we will continue to let Rep. Brindisi know what matters to us, AND we’ll #KnockAllTheDoors to make sure he wins in November.  

See you at the Women’s March tomorrow at noon:  Dress warm and let’s make some noise!

Democracy is not a spectator sport.  

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