Action this Week – Jan. 10, 2020

60 No War With Iran Activists Rally for Peace in Utica

In sub freezing temperatures last night, IMV members held candles and peace signs at Oneida Square during a rally co-sponsored by Citizen Action and the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica.  The crowd numbered about 60, while about seven Trump supporters stood across the street and called out insults.  The event was part of a #NoWarWithIran national action with rallies in more than 350 U.S. cities on Jan. 9th. 

Speakers in Utica included Pastor Brian Lothridge of Rome, Pastor Jeffrey Courter of Westernville (also a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Colt Brumm, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and Dylan Shibley and Branwen Drew, who also served in the military.  All talked about the immeasurable costs of war and the importance of going to war only in the most dire of circumstances after all diplomatic options are exhausted.  Several speakers called attention to the needless loss of resources for education, food, health care and housing while trillions of dollars have been spent on Middle Eastern wars in the past eighteen years. 

Attendees sang songs and held peace signs and candles with frozen fingers.  Many had phoned Rep. Brindisi’s office earlier in the day to ask him to vote for the War Powers Resolution in the House, which would limit the President’s power to use the armed services to provoke war with Iran and reasserted the authority of the people’s representatives to declare war. Following the rally, we learned that Rep. Brindisi had voted against the resolution, a significant disappointment to those who showed up and to many other IMV members. 

In spite of that bad news about Rep. Brindisi’s vote, the rally was a success.  It echoed a #PrayForPeace vigil held outside Rome City Hall on Monday night. If you missed the media coverage of that event you can find it here and here and here.  It remains critical that 

IMV Kick Off to 2020 Meeting on Sunday: Bring a Friend!

Our January meeting is one of the most important of the year, and especially so as we head into 2020, and we want to make sure no one misses out–who do you know who wants to be part of defeating Trump, passing progressive legislation, and keeping #NY22 Blue?   We’ll talk strategy, lay out options for action, and have a conversation with Rep. Brindisi’s new campaign manger, Lucy MacIntosh.  We’ll hear from our issue working groups, and share some inspiring stories of our activism in recent months.  See you Sunday; here are the details:  

Indivisible Mohawk Valley’s January 2020 Meeting
Sunday, Jan. 12th
1:30-4:00 pm
1 Cherrywood Circle
Clinton, NY (just off Route 5 past New Hartford)
Bring a friend. 

Utica Common Council Meeting Jan. 15th, 7 pm

The best and most effective way to ensure that elected bodies remain in compliance with Open Meeting Law is for the public to monitor their behavior and publicly call out violations. And the most important way to preserve our rights to address councils in public comment periods is to use that public comment period and refuse to allow elected officials to dissolve that right.  

So, here’s the plan. At the first regular meeting of 2020, we will show up and be heard at the Utica Common Council. 

Wednesday, Jan. 15th.  7:00 pm.  Utica City Hall, 1 Kennedy Plaza, Utica.  We will gather with chants and signs “Open Meetings is the LAW,”  “Don’t Silence Us,” and “We demand Public Comment. Period” outside at 6:45 pm, 
and then proceed inside to observe the meeting, and let them know that we are watching them.  We encourage anyone who wishes to do so to speak out during the public comment period about these issues.  Best thing about this night of activism? It’s safely and comfortably INDOORS!  

IMV Logo Contest:  Deadline Jan. 15th for $250 Prize  

We’re nearing the deadline for our logo contest!  Here are the specs:   1) Use colors.  2) Convey action and togetherness, 3) Incorporate the full name of Indivisible Mohawk Valley into the design. We will use on web, print, t-shirts, letterhead, and banners.  Email your finished design in JPEG, GIF, or TIFF format to Thanks for spreading the word so we can see the best designs to represent our progressive political action group.  

Utica Women’s March Jan. 18

Three years of resistance. Three years of training. Three years of building power.  On Jan. 18, 2020 we will flood the streets right here in Utica and show our neighbors in the Mohawk Valley that women are rising up. Our march in Utica is led by women and girls of color but all people of any gender who support women’s rights and power are invited to participate in the march! 

Mark your calendars and convince all your friends and family to join you on Saturday, March 18th at 12:00 pm.  We meet up at the YWCA Mohawk Valley (7 Rutger Park, on Rutger Street in Utica, and march to Utica City Hall for speakers and a rally in the plaza (1 Kennedy Plaza).  There will be an indoor location in case of extreme weather (blizzard or sub zero temps) but as in the past, the most likely scenario is that everyone just dresses warmly. See you at the fourth annual Utica Women’s March on Jan. 18th!

And remember to join everyone to get ready at the Women’s March Art Build & Prep Party, MUCC, 40 Faxton Street, Utica. Let’s get creative! We’ll be making signs and banners for the Women’s March, and we’ll have materials for kids (and adults!) to make their own noisemakers for the march and rally.Let’s Gear Up 

We’re nearing petition season, starts Feb. 25th and runs through most of March.  Plus the legislative session has already kicked into gear in high in Albany, and we have many more pushes to make on democracy reform, health care, and climate legislation as well as some big lifts on budget justice. There is a role for every single one of you in this–whether you like to drive or bring food, whether you write letter and postcards or like to knock doors and make phone calls.  There are so many ways to get involved!  

We can’t wait to see each and every one of you at our meeting Sunday afternoon.  Come out and get involved because…

Democracy is not a spectator sport.  

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