Action this Week – Feb. 7, 2020

Join us Sunday for IMV’s February Meeting

We meet 2-4 pm on Sunday, Feb. 9th (1 Cherrywood Circle, just off Route 5 in Clinton.)  Bring a friend!  Wear your IMV “Democracy is not a Spectator Sport” button!

We’re going to dive into the how we win this month, with a special training session on petitions. Remember that everyone should be carrying petitions for Anthony Brindisi (or driving someone with petitions, or walking with them).  It’s not hard; if we all pitch in, we can get the work done even with a little snow, and it’s the perfect chance to talk to voters early so that we aren’t just showing up once every two or four years right before Election Day.  Petition season starts Feb. 25th and goes through the end of March, so plan now for which days you will be able to go door to door.

We’ll also be talking about how we can counteract discouraging news and renew our activist energy.  When you come to a meeting you connect with fellow activists and we build the progressive community for change that we need.  Plus, meet the student who won our logo contest–isn’t it awesome?  See you Sunday!

Fridays for Activism

You don’t have to wait until Sunday to get active and connect with IMVers. Every Friday you can join the Climate Crisis Workgroup at 3 pm at Genesee Street and Memorial Parkway in Utica (park near Bagel grove and walk over) as part of the weekly public awareness messaging about the climate crisis.  Fridays for the Future rally is not really even about partisan politics.  It’s about spreading the word that we can and must do something now if we want to turn the tide on climate policy.  

If you can’t make it to the Climate rally, please  join IMVers at Rep. Brindisi’s office for Friday Lobby Hour at 4-5 pm  On the first Friday every month we meet there (indoors!) to share our concerns with his staff and to connect with each other. Between Iowa’s failure, the SOTU address, and the acquittal, it has been a very tough week.  Don’t suffer alone!  Join your progressive friends and allies, and support each other!

Here’s a great article for inspiration. The message is: Let’s be fanatically optimistic and DO THE WORK!

That could almost be IMV’s motto if we didn’t already have this one: 

Democracy is not a spectator sport.


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