Action this Week – Dec. 6, 2019

Climate Strike Today, Dec. 6th at noon!

Join us at the Intersection of Genesee and Memorial Parkway in Utica.  The snow is deep in every spot where we will be standing although we many be able to shovel out some areas. Wear your biggest, warmest winter boots and gear, and in case it’s windy, have a scarf or something to keep your face protected.

There are crossing lights at both corners to cross Genesee Street and Memorial Parkway. However, the sidewalk isn’t cleared from the Bagel Grove, so we’ll have to walk through the McDonald’s lot to reach the sidewalk on Genesee Street.

Rallying at the Climate Strike in the wintery weather will show our determination and commitment to take action in the face of the climate crisis, and will show young people that we are with them!

Whether or not you can be at the Climate Strike at noon, please also join IMV for our monthly Friday Lobby Hour at Rep. Brindisi’s office 4 – 5 pm. Let Rep. Brindisi’s staff know your concerns on climate, impeachment, and any other issue at the top of your list.

Strategy Summit on Sunday: WE NEED YOU if we’re going to win in 2021!

People forget that the way radically conservative Republicans gained such entrenched power was by winning county and town elections.  That’s where they started controlling the messaging, the policy, the funding, and the laws.  That’s how they built their bench. Then they took control of the state legislatures and governor mansions, and that’s how they redrew the lines for districts and locked in their power.  Then they had a lot of people on their bench, and rules and money in their favor, and they took the Senate, the House (for a while) and the White House along with the federal judiciary. It took them 30 years in total, but it all started with local elections.  

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and create a different political future for our communities. You know how they say, “A goal without a plan is a just a wish”?  We’re bringing together Oneida and Herkimer County Democratic committee members, IMV and other activists, labor leaders, and others, and we’re going to MAKE A PLAN to win.  Please join us!
Sunday, Dec. 8th, 1-4 pm, Win 2021 Election Strategy Summit, at MVCC’s Utica Campus, Alumni College Center 116.  

Fridays for Future Climate Actions Because Soon It Will Be TOO LATE

We’re going to keep the Climate Strike momentum going with weekly actions.  Our theme is Fridays for Future, part of the global youth climate strike movement.  The first rally is Dec. 13th in the same location of the Dec 6th Climate Strike –Genesee & Memorial Parkway in Utica. 

For now our time will be 3-4 pm but when it gets lighter earlier, we’ll move it later until we get to our traditional 4-6 pm time slot.
For more information on Fridays for Future across the globe, see the website.

Last Chance: Notary Public Training & Exam

The Brindisi campaign will need to be able to collect petition signatures from Independence Party members, which means we need Notaries who can do that work.  The last Notary exam of 2019 will be given in Oneida County on Dec. 17th.  There’s still time to prepare!  Here are the upcoming prep sessions; email Allison if you have questions.

Sunday, Dec 8th, 4:30 pm, Notary Public Training Webinar with Allison Romer, Please RSVP to for information on joining the call).

Monday, December 9th, 6:00 pm, Notary Public Training Session with Allison Romer, Washington Mills field office (3899 Oneida St., New Hartford).

Impeach!: We Must Not Stop Calling

1. Call Rep. Brindisi’s office and let him know that you support impeachment because no one is above the law, and because Trump has put our nation’s security at risk, obstructed justice, threatened witnesses, and put his own political agenda ahead of our national interest.  202-225-3665 or 315-732-0713.

Republican PACs are spending millions of dollars per week on ads telling people to call against impeachment,  We don’t have millions of dollars, but please call Rep. Brindisi anyway, and tell him to follow the evidence and do the right thing. 

Each one of us must call every day so that we win the daily tally in his offices.  That way, when he does the right thing and votes to impeach, he can honestly release a statement that says he was getting more calls from his constituents FOR impeachment than against, and so he not only followed the evidence and the Constitution, but he also listened to his constituents. 

2. Share the message below on social media, with your friends, and in letters to the editor.  It’s not complicated: It’s three sentences.

Trump used military aid to pressure Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election.
Then he tried to cover it up.
He must be impeached because nobody is above the law.

This is the point at which Letters to the Editor are going to be extremely important.  When people see in black and white how shocked their fellow Mohawk Valley residents are at the revelations coming out in the public hearings every day, and why you believe the President must be impeached and removed from office, it tells them that public sentiment is growing in our own community. Here’s a good tool to use to get started. You can tweak the letter to personalize it with your own words and thoughts.

3. If you like to do more, Indivisible’s impeachment hub dialer still going.  Click here to sign up for a shift to call people who live in states where their Senators will need to be pressured to do the right thing on impeachment. It’s very easy to sign up and the script is easy to follow!

Impeachment Eve Rally

The rally will be at 5:30 pm (the preferred national time) on the night before the vote to impeach is held in the house.  We will meet at Oneida Square Roundabout in Utica. Please sign up on the national map website so that you receive the email and text as soon as we receive the notification that the rally is a GO.  We now expect this vote to occur sometime before Christmas, probably Dec. 16-20. Keep warm clothes and a sign in your car!

There are now nearly 350 events across the country in 48 states, including ours in Utica.  Sign up now, and share the link with your friends. Because Nobody Is Above The LawShare the Facebook event link as well if you can.

Know a budding graphic designer? Tell them about our $250 logo prize

Tell your talented graphic design friends, family members, students, and co-workers: We’re offering a $250 prize to the winner of our new logo contest.  Here are the specs.  1) Use colors.  2) Convey action and togetherness, 3) Incorporate the full name of IMV into the design. We will use on web, print, t-shirts, letterhead, and banners.  Email your finished design in TIFF Format to

Thank you, thank you!

IMV is on the move with our many actions, and so we appreciate your support and attendance, and also your financial contributions. Since everyone is a volunteer, where does the money go?

  • We bought a sound system for rallies and meetings.  We’ve already used it a few times, shared it with other groups, and been able to provide necessary accessibility for those with hearing loss and impairment, and all of us who just want to hear better what is being said.
  • Supplies for meetings like poster board, markers, and Post It Easel pads; if you’re at the Summit you’ll see that we put them to great use.
  • Renting space for meetings and events that we sponsor to accomplish our goals and spread our message
  • Postcards and stamps to reach potential audiences and encourage election participation

We operate on a shoe string, and our generous members often provide refreshments, stamps, and supplies directly, but we also appreciate the monetary contributions made on our website, through Indivisible matching campaigns, and especially, on Giving Tuesday this past week. If you meant to make a contribution at any level, and didn’t get a change earlier in the week, you can do so right here.

Thank you so much for your contributions of all kinds, and your activism; we’re saving democracy together.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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