Digital is the New Battleground

Are You Ready to Fight on a Digital Battleground?

Digital is new battleground this year Either Tenney and her team are going to become experts in it and win, OR WE ARE.  It’s up to us.  And to be frank, some of us seem to be sitting it out and using our relative privilege (economically, racially, or otherwise) to say, “I don’t really do technology.” Or “social media is not my thing.”    

That needs to change. Or we going to see Claudia Tenney once again in the Rose Garden hanging on Donald Trump’s arm and bragging about how many people she stole health care away from that day, and that will just be the beginning of what they will do together.  That’s an ugly part of our history, and a dystopian future we can avoid through training and old-fashioned work.  

What do you need to do?  Sign up for the Brindisi Campaign’s Digital Battleground Training NOW.  You can register for this Sunday at 3:00 pm  or for Wednesday, July 1 at 6 pm. 

The training takes just an hour, and all you need to attend is a working computer, your questions, and a mind that is open to the digital world. We will learn about social media, texting, and relational organizing –the tools we need to win in November.  

This is not a one and done.  These are the tools for political activism this year and for years to come, and we need to learn to use them.   See you at the training!  

Anthony Brindisi Voting for George Floyd Policing Bill

We were thrilled to hear yesterday that Rep. Brindisi was voting yes on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which passed the House Judiciary Committee earlier in the month.  We all know how Claudia Tenney would have voted on that bill.   Instead, we have a Member of Congress (MoC) we can be proud of!  Bills like this are why it matters that we have a MoC who will vote with the Democratic majority and the Congressional Black Caucus, and move forward progressive reform legislation.  

What’s next?  Today we expect the House to vote on a first-time in a generation bill to make Washington DC a state This is one of the most important racial justice and democracy bills of our time.  Why?  Because DC has a plurality of People of Color (most of them Black).  If it becomes the 51st state in 2021, it will be the only state with a majority of people of color.  Moreover, the current DC rep in the House, who represents the same number of people as every other MoC (about 700,000) has no vote! 

That’s not democracy, and it keeps hundreds of thousands of Black and brown Americans defacto disenfranchised.  Plus, if DC is a state, we’ll have two more Senators, and they will be Democrats.  Supporting DC statehood is one way we “unrig” the system the Republicans have kept in place to retain power.  

Call Anthony’s office (202) 225-3665, right now and tell him that you want him to vote yes on HR 51 today.  And tell him thanks for his George Floyd Justice in Policing vote.  

Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to Sarah Reeske, who made sure that the NY22 Indivisible groups of Knit the District (Including IMV) got our letter published in the Utica OD, but signing it with her name to fulfill their requirement that the letter be submitted by an individual.  The same day that letter appeared, William Hall also had a letter  contrasting the “malignant narcissism” of the Trump White House with the compassionate service of regular American citizens who sew masks and care for others.  

Finally, IMV recommends that everyone read the excellent commentary by Freddie Hamilton in the Utica OD last weekend.  She reminds us all that “power concedes nothing without a demand.”  It is political activism and voting that is needed to create an economically and racially just Utica.  

IMV July Meeting!

Please mark your calendars now for our July meeting, July 14 at 6:30 pm on Zoom.  We have our interfaith partners joining us to talk about their work for social justice and peace and how we can continue to work together as we have on on immigration and racial justice events in the past.  

We will hear from our IMV members who are attending Indivisible’s national rural voices summit about how we organize and win in our rural communities.  There are some amazing stories and strategies from across the country in areas that everyone thought were hopelessly red gained where Indivisibles made an impact and built strength and power.  Please see the calendar below if you are not yet registered but want to attend the summit tomorrow.  

We’ll also be talking about what we need to do in the next three and a half months to get ready for the 2020 election, the most consequential election of our lives.  THIS is our chance to set the stage for forward movement on racial justice, climate crisis prevention, health care, democratic participation and norms, and a just and equitable economic system. Or we may never make it back from the brink of authoritarian-billionaire control.  

It all depends on people coming together, Black, white, and brown, around our values of care, community, equity and inclusion, to challenge the status quo and win.  If not us, then who?  if not now, then when?

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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