Call for the HEROES Act

Time to Call Rep. Brindisi on the HEROES Act

Call Anthony today at 315-732-0713 or 202-225-3665 and demand that he vote to pass the HEROES Act as it was introduced, without any motions to recommit (MTR) or amendments to water it down.

House Democrats introduced the HEROES Act as the fourth coronavirus relief package, but we’re worried Republicans will try to strip the bill of its most important protections with a motion to recommit, and they are trying to attract Democrats like Anthony to support their bigoted MTR.

Working families are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake. It’s dangerous to exclude anyone from the bill in a public health crisis–the public health emergency of COVID doesn’t check papers when it sweeps through out communities.

Call Anthony and let him know you support the HEROES Act as it was introduced, and he must vote no on the MTR.  For more information about HEROES and why it’s so important to our states and local communities, click HERE.

The bill improves significantly on the CARES Act, especially on democracy and protections for immigrants, and provides additional financial relief and public health measures. Some of the items included are:

  • $3.6 billion in election funding to expand vote by mail and safe in-person voting locations
  • $25 billion in funding for the United States Postal Service
  • Additional $1,200 payments to individuals, including immigrants and dependents over the age of 16
  • A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
  • Expanded paid/sick/family leave for all workers
  • Free testing and treatment for all, including immigrants regardless of status

The HEROES Act will save countless lives and ensure working families are able to weather this recession, but we’re worried that Republicans might try to amend the bill and take away these necessary protections. In particular, we’re worried they’ll use an obscure mechanism called a motion to recommit to force a bad vote to change the bill. That’s why we need to call Anthony TODAY to demand he pass the HEROES Act as it was introduced, without any motions to recommit or amendments to water it down. Working families are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake.

Our Last Sunday Political Pop-In is May 17th: Pop In 3-4 pm!

 We’ve enjoyed seeing many of you at the weekly pop ins since life went virtual. But we have noticed some of you have still not come onboard Zoom. Please don’t be nervous!   We can help you get set up no matter the technical challenge, and whether you are using a computer, a tablet, or a phone.  If you need help in advance or during the 3 pm pop in, call  Jennifer is happy to help you get set up.

We have a lot to talk about, including restarting postcard work remotely, preparing for the elections, and supporting each other as we volunteer for campaigns.  We only have a chance to win any elections if we do the work. In 2017-2019 that meant face to face.  Now it means learning how to use the technology to our advantage.  We are all going to need to convert our activism to a social safe distance, so let’s prepare now.  See you at 3 pm Sunday!

Letter Writers Still Going Strong

Another week of excellent LtEs from IMV members and friends in support of Anthony Brindisi.  Alan Cole of Clinton, sent in a letter to the Utica OD that he had developed as part of his Brindisi campaign training workshop with Jacob Bezner.  It was a perfect example of personalizing a letter on a specific subject to show how Anthony has been effective on that issue, in this case, as an advocate for farmers and agriculture in NY22.

Sarah Reeske sent her letter to the Rome Sentinel, with particular attention to the Sentinel’s more conservative editor and audience.  She thanked Rep. Brindisi for showing his humanity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, through his leadership: his teletown halls, his constituent services, and his legislative votes–all completely irrespective of party affiliation or politics.

Try your hand at a letter! IMV has experienced letter writers and editors who can take a look at your first draft and give you some help. We need more letters, in the OD, in the Sentinel, and also in any other papers near you, in Herkimer County, Oneida, or in the Clinton-Waterville area.  Please write.  It’s 200 words or less to change a mind or stir a heart!

The Big Send: Letters for Voters

If you want to make a difference from the comfort of home in these times, Indivisible’s Big Send Project is the way to go. Sign up now, and you can start writing letters that will be reach voters for the election in November.

We’re also gearing up to restart our Postcard Party virtually.  We have candidates locally who need our support, and we need to reach out and spread the word in a way that voters will notice–with handwritten postcards. Pop in to the Zoom on Sunday to learn more, or email to let us know that you’re all in for postcard writing!

IMV’s Climate Crisis Work Group Meets May 27

IMV’s Climate Crisis activists have been working on a variety of initiatives since the April Earth Day Week of Action.  This includes meeting with state legislators to help them understand climate crisis asks, and working with partners in the community and across the state.  Find out what’s next!  Join us at our May 27th meeting via zoom.  7:00 pm. Login in formation in the Facebook event and the calendar below.  We look forward to seeing you!

Please Make Two More Calls Today

If you made your call to Rep. Brindisi’s office (see above), then you’ve done your job for the day.  But if you still have activism juice left in you, then we need you to call your state legislators as well.  

It’s been 45 days since the NYS Legislature was in session (they passed the budget April 2), and only 16 days left (June 2) until they are scheduled to adjourn until January. Meanwhile, over 20,000 people have died in New York from COVID-19more than 1.5 million New Yorkers have filed for unemployment, rent is due (again) in 3 weeks, and Governor Cuomo will be releasing major budget cuts in a matter of days.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been advocating for our legislators to #GetBackToWork, because in times of crisis above all Democracy Is Essential. We’ve organized with our allies, attended People’s Recovery Town Halls to highlight the most pressing issues New Yorkers face, and pushed our legislators in meetings. But still they have not set a firm date to return to session.

With major social service holes left in the wake of the state budget and a desperate need for continued legislation to address the recovery needs of our communities, it’s unacceptable that the legislature, despite their professed “commitment,” has yet to return to…well, legislating.  Now more than ever, we need our legislators to get back to work, and pass laws that will:

  • Alleviate the devastation to New Yorkers’ health and economic well being that COVID-19 continues to inflict
  • Make the ultra-wealthy shoulder their fair share of the necessary revenue through an ultra-millionaires tax
  • Empower themselves to protect the budget going forward

Call 1. Find Your Assembly Members In-District Office Number Here

Call 2. Find Your State Senator’s In-District Office Number Here

Here’s the script:
“Hi, my name is _____ and I am calling to urge [my rep] to fight for a fully active legislative body, working remotely, doing the people’s work. It’s been over a month since the state legislature last voted on bills, and we need them back NOW to pass laws that will:
-alleviate the pain of COVID-19,
-get the ultra-wealthy to pay their share, and
-empower legislators to protect New York’s budget
Our communities continue to struggle in ways that legislation could significantly alleviate. I recognize that the COVID19 crisis has created challenging circumstances but too much is at stake. Please return and legislate.  Thank you.”

That’s Three (3) Calls to Make Today: You Can Do It!

We know that you are stressed and exhausted by the pandemic and the social distancing.  You may feel sad, lonely, depleted, hopeless, anxious, worried, and more.  So maybe three calls:

1) Rep. Brindisi
2) Your State Assembly member
3) Your State Senator

in one day feels like a lot.  But please know that your political activism makes a difference, especially in these times when we can’t show up at offices or gather together.  We each make the calls today, but we do so in solidarity with one another and the people who are suffering the most.  

Finally, sign up to attend one of Indivisible’s Trainings on how to advocate during this COVID crisis.  The Trump administration has not been doing enough.  How can we organize effectively to push for what everyday people really need at this time?  There are virtual events schedule for Monday and Tuesday next week.  See them in the calendar below and sign up now.

And be sure to join IMV for our Pop-in call on Sunday afternoon.
We stay together, we stay strong.  We take action together because democracy is not a spectator sport.  

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