Flood the Phones for PPE

#FloodThePhones to #FundTheFrontlines

Our partner, 1199 SEIU, needs our help for their second #FloodThePhones action day in less than a month.  Why are we doing this again?  Because essential health care and service workers STILL do not have the Personal Protective Equipment that they need to do their jobs safely.  

Here are the calls our friends on the front lines need you to make today:

Rep. Brindisi (315) 732-0713
Sen. Gillibrand: (315) 448-0470
Sen. Schumer: (315) 423-5471


1) We need PPE, testing, treatment, crisis pay, and increased healthcare funding to states and providers.  Can I count on you to Fund the Frontlines and make these items a priority in the next emergency relief package?

2) Do not back down on the HEROES bill!  Do not cave to Mitch McConnell and the GOP.   Stand strong for our states and local governments, for our health and education providers, for our nation’s workers and their families!

Then call all three Members of Congress every single day with message #2.  We need our MoCs to stop giving in to the GOP on the scale of support that is really needed to prevent families from sliding into the deep end of financial ruin and to prevent further illness and death.  We need them to stop selling the well-being of frontline workers to Republicans for billions in tax credits for the super wealthy billionaires.

If you are able to stay home safe today, if you have a mask.
If you have food, a few hundred bucks in case of emergency,
If you have a job or retirement income.
If you have a roof over your head and a phone, then pick it up and call on behalf of those who don’t.
We do it for them.  Because we’re all in this together.  #FundTheFrontlines

Wednesday, May 20th Day of Action in NY State

CALL TO ACTION FOR Wednesday, May 20th!
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been advocating for our legislators to #GetBackToWork, because in times of crisis above all Democracy Is Essential. We’ve organized with our allies, attended People’s Recovery Town Halls to highlight the most pressing issues New Yorkers face, and pushed our legislators in meetings. But still they have not set a firm date to return to session, a session scheduled to end on June 2.

With major social service holes left in the wake of the state budget and a desperate need for continued legislation to address the recovery needs of our communities, it’s unacceptable that the legislature, despite their professed “commitment,” has yet to return to…well, legislating.  Now more than ever, we need our legislators to get back to work, and pass laws that will:

  • Alleviate the devastation to New Yorkers’ health and economic well being that COVID-19 continues to inflict
  • Make the ultra-wealthy shoulder their fair share of the necessary revenue through an ultra-millionaires tax
  • Empower themselves to protect the budget going forward against Cuomo’s unilateral control. 

Call 1. Find Your Assembly Members In-District Office Number Here
Call 2. Find Your State Senator’s In-District Office Number Here

Here’s the script for Wednesday:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I am calling to urge [my rep] to fight for a fully active legislative body, working remotely, doing the people’s work. It’s been over a month since the state legislature last voted on bills, and we need them back NOW to pass laws that will:

-alleviate the pain of COVID-19,
-get the ultra-wealthy to pay their share, and
-empower legislators to protect New York’s budget

Our communities continue to struggle in ways that legislation could significantly alleviate. I recognize that the COVID19 crisis has created challenging circumstances but too much is at stake. Please figure out how to do the work remotely like everyone else has.  Legislate. Thank you.”

Thanks for making these critical calls.  Your activism matters!

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