Tough Week? Take Action!

Today’s the Last Day of our NY Week of Action for Democracy!

If you’re not on Twitter, maybe today is the day to start!  We’re tweeting at our reps in Albany to tell them to enact full protections and access to democratic elections.  Here’s the tool you can use to tweet out today

To catch you up: Our legislators FINALLY went back into session after months of refusing to legislate remotely and pass needed bills to protect New Yorkers’ health, elections, and economic well-being.  They still have a lot of work to do, but today we need to get them to agree on a legislative solution to voting by no-excuse absentee ballot in November.

If you have Assemblywoman Buttenschon as your legislator, please do the following if you haven’t already:
–Email her
–Call her
–Make a video message for her

All of these actions can be done through this tool hub by Indivisible for the statewide week of action.  Regardless of who represents you in the Assembly, make sure they know that you want all eligible New Yorkers to be able to vote by mail in November.

Remember, IMVers don’t just watch TV and get hyped up by the news.  We do the ACTIONS.  And that’s what we need you to do to right now.

Letters to the Editor

Last Friday two IMV activists had letters in the Utica OD!  Emmie Pizarro’s letter was a powerful indictment of Tenney’s idiotic comments about children’s health and immunity. Emmie did a fabulous job of submitting to both the Rome Sentinel and the Utica OD. This reaches more people.  Remember, when you write YOUR Letter to the Editor to send it to as many newspapers as you can!  Judy Jerome, a faithful letter writer, was published in the OD as well, with an exemplary letter in support of Rep. Brindisi.

Sign Up Now for the Rural Voices Summit

Next month, Indivisible’s rural caucus is excited to be hosting a virtual Rural Voices Summit, in partnership with and People’s Action. The event will take place on Saturday, June 27 from 11 am – 5:30 pm ET.   Rural Indivisible groups, rural organizers, and other rural activists from around the country will be offering sessions on topics like rural coalition building, rural successes and failures, the power of the rural electorate, relational organizing, and more. RSVP for this exciting opportunity to build community with other rural activists today, and be sure to pass along this information to group members, friends, or family that you think may be interested. Registration is open to anyone interested in learning more about rural organizing and committed to doing the work.

June 2020 IMV Meeting: Framing to WIN in 2020

We need to see every single one of you on the Zoom call on Tuesday, June 9 at 6 pm-7:30 pm.  We have an amazing presentation from Sarah Reeske and the IMV Steering Committee on the Race Class Narrative, which is the core values messaging we plan to use to defeat Tenney and re-elect Rep. Brindisi and other Democrats for every office so that we can get our country and our communities back on track.  We’ll also have a presentation from Chelsea Arcuri, Citizen Action’s new CNY organizer. Finally, we have an update from the Brindisi campaign, so we know what they are doing and how we can help.  Please, mark your calendar, and put the Zoom link in it now, so you don’t miss a minute of the meeting:

However, for now what we need you to do is the pre-work (otherwise know as homework before the meeting)!  Actually you don’t need to do it, but we know a lot of you are kind of politics nerds and you’re going to want to read the good stuff in detail.  Check out this Medium article about George Lakoff and framing For more on the Race Class Narrative, there’s this summary.

If you also listen to podcasts, you may want to listen to this episode of The Wilderness, Season 2, which we first shared with you in January.  It’s a great introduction to the Race-Class Narrative that we are hoping to use in the coming months in our mobilizing and messaging for the 2020 election.

Thank You For Your Contributions!

Our April-May indivisible Match Fundraiser was a huge success!  We raised more than $500 and are receiving the $500 match from Indivisible National!   You can still contribute here.  You can also send a check directly to Indivisible Mohawk Valley c/o Treasurer Deborah Wilson-Allam, 2 Laurelwood Drive, New Hartford, 13413.   Thanks to all our generous donors, we can continue to use our Zoom account, and buy supplies that allow us to organize events and print materials like postcards for voters.

First Public Volunteer Event of the Brindisi Campaign June 3

Wednesday, June 3, 6:00-8:30 pm, we’re all invited to join Congressman Anthony Brindisi for a virtual update and message of gratitude to volunteers who have been training, writing letters, and calling voters to check in. Don’t miss the transition into the next phase of the campaign! It’s time to expand the reach out to call more voters across NY-22!  This event will feature remarks from Congressman Brindisi followed by a check-in call training for new volunteers and a check-in call session for returning volunteers This event will be conducted via Zoom. Call information will be available upon RSVP.  You can RSVP here.  

Tough times? Take Action

If you’ve been reading, watching or listening to the news, you know that it can be overwhelming. As if COVID-19 and a recession were not enough, you’ve probably watching the protests unfolding in the Twin Cities and across the country against police violence towards Black people.

If you’re feeling righteous anger right now, one of the best things you can do is channel that into action and help provide material solidarity to the folks who are most impacted. Click here for more information on how to do that.  Or contribute right here in our own community to CNY Citizen Action which organizes on issues that affect young people of color in our community including criminal justice and policing, education, housing, and wages. Better yet, become a sustaining member.

Finally, before you clock out for the weekend, please contact Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to make sure they vote to pass the HEROES Act.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.  See you all at Rep. Brindisi’s event on June 3 and at our IMV meeting on June 9, and stay healthy and safe! 

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