1500 Letters to Sign and Send

Member Meeting Sunday, Feb. 7th 3-5 pm

We have a super-packed, exciting agenda for our meeting on Sunday.  Please join us on Zoom.  Here are some of our key agenda items:

  • NY22 election update
  • Invest in Our New York mini teach-in (with ways to get involved)
  • Overviews of three local social justice programs IMV supports
  • Updates on the 2021 elections
  • Race, equity and inclusion: Black History Month

Join us Sunday, 3-5 pm, at this Zoom link. For more information: https://fb.me/e/5chCu0gwx

Help Send 1500 letters to NY voters to #InvestinOurNY

We'll give you an update at our Sunday meeting on how to write letters for this important campaign.  We'll be asking our peers to reach out to their state legislators to enlist them in voting for the six revenue generating bills to eliminate some of the most egregious tax breaks our state gives to the ultra wealthy in New York.

We can't use our IMV Act Blue account for this purpose.  That means we need to raise additional IMV funds to buy stamps and pay for envelopes and printing. If you can contribute stamps please stash them away for inclusion in Resistance Boxes, or make a monetary contribution for this critical campaign, send a check to IMV, 19 Proctor Ave, Clinton, NY 13323.  Thank you for your contributions!

Please Sign Utica Policing Petition

As we know, the Black Leadership Coalition in Utica.is working tirelessly on the issue of policing reform in Utica.   Rev. Sharon Baugh, who has shared her insights and inspiration at our meetings and rallies  on racial justice issues, has asked us to join in signing a petition asking that the Utica Police Reform Advisory Committee decide on the proposed civilian review board by secret ballot.  Without a secret ballot, members of that body who vote in favor of this and other reforms have reasonable fear or a backlash and retribution if they vote their consciences for reform.

If you live in Utica, work in Utica, shop in Utica, or travel through Utica, please sign this petition in favor of making it possible for all members of the Advisory Committee to safely vote their conscience.

It's Housing Week for #InvestinOurNewYork

This week we’re calling on Governor Cuomo to invest in housing, as part of our #InvestinOurNY campaign.  Tenants in New York are struggling and the numbers are shocking:

Together, we owe 2.2 billion in rent.
1.3 million households face eviction.
92,000 New Yorkers are homeless, and are much more likely to die of COVID-19 in shelters.

New Yorkers need Governor Cuomo to step up and help New Yorkers pay their rent and keep people in their homes. Take action now to...

(1) Call Governor Cuomo & your State Reps using our #InvestInOurNY weekly call script: https://p2a.co/EkZVEbW
(2) Use the social media toolkit to show your support for the Invest In Our New York campaign and to let Governor Cuomo know you don’t support the #UnfairHike. Please take the time to share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Participate in the IMV Winter Read

We're going to be discussing Eitan Hersh's Politics is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change in March (date TBD).  Please order a copy from your favorite independent bookseller if possible, or check it out of your local library (or request they order it).  If you are interested in participating, send an email to InvdivisibleMohawkValley@gmail.com with the subject: Book Group.  That will allow us to coordinate a date and time in late March that works for everyone who is reading the book.

Candidate & Campaign Training Starts Tomorrow

The IMV -Uplift Syracuse Candidate & Campaign training workshops begin tomorrow: 

Part 1: Saturday, Feb. 6 12-4 pm
Part 2: Saturday, Feb. 13 12-4 pm

If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so by emailing: upliftsyracuse315@gmail.com.

Check Out Paid Ad in the Sunday Utica OD

If you open the paper Utica Observer-Dispatch this Sunday, February 7th, you're going to see a half page color ad that encourages people who are disaffected by the GOP after its leaders incited an insurrection and refused to be held accountable to take action to change their registration to the Democratic party.  That ad, which cost more than $1600, is sponsored by the Kirkland Town Democrats for the purpose of political advertising disclaimer, but the funds are being raised from individuals through small dollar donations.  If you would like to contribute toward the ad in any amount, please click on this donate button, and make a contribution through Act Blue or mail your donation.

The New Hartford Town Democrats are sponsoring a similar ad in the New Hartford Town Crier in March.  The Kirkland Town Democratic Committee is placing the ad in The Waterville Times as well.  Would you like to place this ad or a similar ad in your local newspaper or publication?  Please email IndivisibleMohawkValley@gmail.com for more information.  February 14 is the deadline for changed registrations to be in effect for the upcoming primary.  Party changes that occur after that are in effect for the general election this fall.

Celebrate #FilibusterFriday; Celebrate... Friday!

If you're on Twitter, please join us in #FilibusterFriday! Here's your comprehensive and easy-to-use toolkit. Don't forget the graphics folder at the bottom!   Not confident yet on Twitter? Join this training facilitated by our Indivisible organizers on the west coast. "These webinars have been created to help activists, group members and leaders learn to effectively engage and use these platforms for information, inoculation, recruitment, and training. "  Register here.

Remember when we had to stand outside in the cold and snow on Fridays to picket for two hours because we had a terrible Trumpy representative (#OneTermTenney)?  We don't know what is going to happen at the end of this long #NY22 ordeal, but at least for today, we can be thankful that we have been represented for two years by Anthony Brindisi and we hope that we will be again soon.  To celebrate progressive power on this wintery Friday, please remember to:

1) Join us this morning for CAFE Friday and discuss the brand new Indivisible Guide.
2) Head to Twitter and check out the hashtags: #NY22, #FilibusterFriday, and #InvestinOurNY
3) Make your Invest in Our New York phone calls today by clicking here:   https://p2a.co/EkZVEbW
4) Show up Sunday for our IMV meeting, and learn how to get involved in our political and social justice efforts.

We know that this is an unexpectedly busy time. It's not even an election season!  However, the first 90 days of the Biden administration are critical, and as New Yorkers, we have a heavy burden when it comes to pressing the Sen. Majority Leader, our Senator, Chuck Schumer, to act as strongly as possibly to get stuff done. 

In addition, we are down to less than 60 days remaining until New York decides the budget for the next year (deadline: April 1), and we know New Yorkers are suffering and need help in a big way, help that the super wealthy New Yorkers who are raking in billions during this pandemic should provide.  That's why we are asking out state legislators and the Governor to #InvestInOurNewYork.

Finally, we are just a few weeks away from petition season for the 2021 county, city, and town elections, which will occur March 2-18.

We have a lot of work to do very quickly.
THANK YOU for taking action.
Democracy is not a spectator sport for you. 

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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