The People Lead – This Wednesday

The People Lead: All Your Actions for Wednesday

Wednesday, Jan. 13th is Indivisible's National Day of Action for democracy called "The People Lead."  We will thank Sen. Schumer for his support of our goals:  HR1, HR4, and DC statehood and highlight the critical need for court reform and an end to the filibuster in order to have a democracy that works for and by the people. There are multiple ways to participate. Please do as many of the actions as you can.   

In Person
12:00-12:30 pm  Socially distant press conference and rally.  In the parking lot on Commercial Drive near the sidewalk in front of the At Home store, New Hartford (4645 Commercial Drive). Details including sign ideas here. 

12:30-1:30 pm Car Parade.  With windows decorated with special paint, participants will drive a pre-planned route from New Hartford through Utica and Rome calling attention to our democracy message.

On the Phone 
9 am -5 pm NEW: Statewide Call Relay. 
Sign up here for a 5 minute slot to call Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand. Phone calls work. Our senators need to know that we are behind them when they push for bold democracy reform.

On Zoom
8:00 pm.  Statewide Indivisible NY call with Sen. Schumer.  The meeting will end by 9:00 pm. Register here. Our goal is to get 300 NYS Indivisibles on this call to show our power.  Once you sign up you can also send in a question for Sen. Schumer to answer on the call.

Here is the plan for New York state Indivisibles, so you have call links all in one place as well as resources to amplify on social media and in your local newspaper with a letter to the editor. Let's lead on democracy.

Register Now for Local Election Candidate & Volunteer Training

We want to have more candidates challenging more Republicans for county seats, city seats, and town board seats this November. To do that we need candidates, and to get candidates, we need to offer them the assurance that they will have strong volunteer support for their campaigns.

Sign up now for our candidate training workshops.  Two Saturdays, Jan 30 and Feb. 6, 12-4 pm.   Please invite anyone you know who is even considering running for a local office, and sign up yourself if you want to be more effective as a lead volunteer supporting local candidates.  This is the training that was discussed by Zach Zeliff and Sen. Rachel May and at out IMV meeting yesterday

Last Chance to Fill Out the 2021 IMV Survey

Thank you to everyone who has filled out our new IMV survey.  We are still looking for more responses.  How has IMV made a difference for you during the past few years?  What do you want to work on in 2021?  Please fill out the survey now. It only takes a few minutes.

New Resources from Indivisible

 At our meeting on Sunday, Jill Farnham-Us talked about the  new Indivisible Guide for the post-Trump era.  We encourage everyone to read it as this will be our playbook now that Indivisibles have helped to defeat Trump, win control of the Senate, and keep the House blue.  We're not on the defensive any more, but our offensive margin is narrow and time is short to accomplish our goals. That's why we want everyone to be familiar with 2021 Indivisible Democracy Guide.

If you are ready for the next step, then sign up for a half day Indivisible national strategy session on Jan. 31.  You can do that here.

Our Meeting Yesterday Energized Us for 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended our monthly meeting yesterday.  (Here's a slide deck in case you missed it.) We covered a lot of ground in a two hour zoom, and then many members stayed on for another 40 minutes to debrief the ways that white supremacy was wrapped up in the violent insurrection we watched unfold in the Capitol on Wednesday.We heard inspiring messages about our impactful grassroots political activism from Anthony Brindisi, Sen. Rachel May, and Zach Zeliff, her chief of staff, who has been a progressive activist in Syracuse for many years.  They talked about the importance of getting involved in local electoral politics and working on policy at the local and state levels.  That's how we build our knowledge and skills and make change, and its how we build a bench so that can take on the corrupt, anti-democratic, and Trump-dominated GOP in the years to come.

There were a few asks from that meeting.  Here they are:

1) If you are willing to assist Deborah Wilson-Allam with the website, please email with the subject: website.
2) If you are interesting in joining the project pilot team for the NYS Budget Justice campaign Invest In Our New York, please email with the subject: budget justice.
3) If you took notes for a breakout group on electoral politics or policy tactics, please email your group's ideas to with the subject: breakouts.

Here are our meeting take-aways:  

Your activism makes a difference. 
We're going to organize more effectively to win elections locally and at the state and federal level in 2021 and beyond. We're in it for the long term.
Let's keep holding our elected officials accountable.
Let's build political power grounded in democratic values and growing toward racial, economic, social, and climate justice.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.
Fired up, ready to go!

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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