A New Year for Democracy

2021: Let's Build Power & Use It

Please bring your ideas and energy to our annual January IMV Planning and Strategy meeting on Sunday, Jan. 10th 3-5 pm.  What will IMV focus on this year?  We will set political electoral goals and talk strategy for building electoral power and skills and practicing them together in the local 2021 elections.  We will also discuss our policy agenda.  What issues are we working on in the coming year, especially with a super majority in the state senate and newly won Democratic power in Washington D.C.?   How are we going to organize that work so we are effective and impactful on the issues that matter most to us?

Here's the event link for Sunday, Jan. 10th, 3-5 pm.  Hint: Be there on time to make sure you get to hear our very important speakers, Rep. Brindisi and Sen. Rachel May.  See you Sunday!

The People Lead Day of Action Wednesday, Jan. 13th

Several IMV members have been planning for weeks for our participation in Indivisible's National Day of Action, The People Lead, set for Wednesday, Jan. 13th.  We want to call attention to the democracy agenda that the Senate and House should prioritize, but do so in a safe manner given the continuing challenge of Covid-19.

Indivisible’s The People Lead day of action is about going bold on democracy reform. We will thank Sen. Schumer for his support of our goals:  HR1, HR4, DC statehood and highlighting the critical need for court reform and ending the filibuster in order to have a democracy that works for and by the people.  So here is the plan:

12:00-12:30 pm In person socially distant press conference and rally.   In the parking lot on Commercial Drive near the sidewalk in front of the At Home store, New Hartford (4645 Commercial Drive).
12:30-1:30 pm, Car parade.  With windows decorated with special paint, participants will drive a pre-planned route from New Hartford through Utica and Rome calling attention to our democracy message.
8:00 pm.  Statewide Indivisible NY call with Sen. Schumer. Join at 8:00 pm. The meeting with end by 9:00 pm.  Register here.

We hope you will join in this effort, whether you can do one, two, or three of the above.  If you hold up a sign in a big socially distant parking lot, here are ideas:

Honk for democracy reform!
Congrats Sen Majority Leader Schumer! Let’s save our democracy!
Mohawk Valley wants voting reforms
2021--Out with the old (filibuster) & in with the new (democracy reform)
Vote yes on HR1 + HR4
Get big money out of politics. Yes HR1
Balance the Courts
First democracy reform; second (issue)
Congress, let the People lead!

Take Action Now to Defend Constitutional Democracy

If you have not yet made your call to Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer in support of holding Trump accountable, do so now. We currently do not have a NY22 representative, so our senators matter all the more.  Here's the action link.  Make your call right now. 

IMV has already signed on as a group to the letter to Sen. Schumer about democracy reform.  You can read that here.  Don't forget to sign up for the very important People Lead day of action call with Sen. Schumer on Wednesday evening.  We need to fill every spot that Sarah Reeske, our statewide organizer, has created for that call.  We are now the constituents for the most powerful person in the Senate--the Leader.  He will hear the voices of all Democrats and progressives in the country through our voices.

Local Candidate and Candidate Support Training Sign Up

2021 elections are just around the corner.  The state legislature will decide shortly on how candidates will get on the ballot during a Covid winter, but it will definitely be happening in February and March.  We want to have more candidates challenging more Republicans for county seats, city seats, and town board seats. To do that we need candidates, and to get candidates, we need to offer them the assurance that they will have strong volunteer support for their campaigns.

Sign up now for our candidate training workshops.  Two Saturdays, Jan 30 and Feb. 6, 12-4 pm.   It's two four hour sessions (virtual) led by the people who brought you Sen. Rachel May, who primaried an IDC member, and won in 2018.  Please invite anyone you know who is even considering running for a local office, and sign up yourself if you want to be more effective as a lead volunteer supporting local candidates.

Sign the #InvestInOurNY Campaign Petition

IMV is a member of the New York state budget justice coalition which just launched our new campaign called #InvestInOurNY.  The campaign launch involved in person rallies and lobby events across the state this past week, and received considerable press coverage.  IMV was quoted in press releases as saying we support the campaign

Please sign on to the petition here, and get involved in the campaign. You'll hear more at our meeting on Sunday.

There's a new 2021 Indivisible Guide!

If you were on the national activist call last night, you know that Indivisible released the new Indivisible Guide!  Before 2019 we were completely on the defensive.  Since the start of the 116th Congress, we had a chance to press the House to message policy.  Now: "We’ve defeated Trump. We’ve defeated his cronies. We won in Georgia and took the Senate. We’ve celebrated. Now, we have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and this new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint."

Go ahead and read up!  We start with The People Lead next week.  We will keep going at the national level as well as the state level with #InvestInOurNY, climate work, and other priorities, and of course, we need to start building more power locally so that we are not without a voice in our counties, cities, and towns. and can start to build a stronger bench and more strength in NY22 and our state legislative districts  We are committed to racial, economic, social, and climate justice, and we can't make that progress unless

Please consider "bringing" a friend to our virtual meeting on Sunday.  We are starting our fifth year of IMV activism, and we want to keep growing.  You may know someone who has finally reached a breaking point with complacency and silence and inaction when they watched our Capitol swarmed by white supremacist insurrectionists.  Now they will feel angry or sad but they won't know what to do next.  They can join us and make change.

Stay safe, be strong.  Live in hope.   We have a vision for a world where all people--white, Black and brown--have enough work, housing, education and income to thrive, everyone gets the care they need, everyone can participate in our democracy, and we create a healthy future for the planet for generations to come.

To make our vision become reality we MUST BUILD POWER.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.
We make political action local, bite-sized, and fun.
Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.
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