Are You Ready for 2021 Political Activism?

2021 Here We Come

Join us for our first general membership meeting of 2021!  IMV’s January meeting is always exciting because we collectively set new goals, strategies, and tactics for the upcoming year. Be a part of building power, influencing public policy, and making change in the community.

We will meet on Zoom Sunday, Jan. 10th from 3-5 pm, and have a tight agenda with purposeful breakouts. We will also hear from some really good speakers. You won’t want to miss it.

At the beginning of every year, IMV collectively sets new goals, strategies, and tactics. Membership input is crucial to identifying what IMV focuses on in 2021, so please fill out this survey (in advance of our January 10th meeting would be ideal!).  Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Help Plan "The People Lead" Day of Action

IMV will participate in Indivisible's national day of action--The People Lead events--on January 13th in coalition with other Indivisible groups in NYS.  If you would like to be part of the planning process for:

  • short and safe in-person rally
  • car caravan
  • letter to the editor writing party

then please attend the planning event, Sunday, Jan. 3, 3-4 pm.  Here’s the direct Zoom link.

CAFE Fridays Starting New Year's Day

Kick off the New Year right with CAFE Friday on Jan. 1st at 10-11:30 am.  Let's talk about what we are doing to help in Georgia, and what's ahead for legislation in Washington, D.C. and Albany.  Learn about our next big postcard campaign (IMV has committed to 1500 postcards!), and catch up on the latest in local politics and the NY 22 race.  CAFE Friday Zoom link HERE.   PW: 607973    If you need help with Zoom, email Jennifer at

NY22 Race & State Legislative Update

As of today, Tenney is up by 29 votes, but that's not a lot given that there are hundreds of contested ballots going before Oswego County Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte next week. Some of those have been counted, but the judge will be asked to rule them out.  Others were not counted, and he'll be asked to rule them in.  Once that process ends, whichever candidate falls short on votes will likely call for a recount.

In the meantime, NY22 will be without a representative in Congress for a while, probably at least weeks, possibly for months. During that time NY22 staff will continue to work on our behalf as needed, tracking legislation and responding to constituent demands, as staff of the district rather than a particular member of Congress.

Meanwhile, state legislators in Albany need to tackle a long list of legislative priorities with the new super majority in the Senate and a huge Covid-created budget gap that can be solved only by 1) massive cuts to public health and education or  2) massive increases in our local property taxes or 3) new taxes on the income and wealth of the super wealthy, big business and the financial sector that have been awash in waves of excess profit since the pandemic began.  Anyone else for door number three?  Our representatives will need help and support to come to the right decision, especially since it will mean going toe to toe with Gov. Cuomo and his wealthy donors.

Legislators in Albany also need to act quickly to determine how to get 2021 local candidates on the ballot with the constraints of a pandemic, and enact election reforms so that New York's 2020 election problems are not repeated.  We need to push them to take action fast, and to make both access to voting and public health their top priorities.

Finally, are you fired up for the Georgia runoff?  Are you ready to push Sen. Schumer to lead a strong and united challenge to resurgent Trumpism?  Are you talking to your neighbors and friends about running for local office in 2021 so we can build a strong progressive bench at the city, town, and county level?  Remember to  fill out this IMV  survey before January 10th.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Friends, we knew at the end of 2016 and in January of 2017 that democracy could not be a spectator sport for us.  That hasn't change as we head into our fifth year of fighting Trumpism and its allies at every level of government, as we work toward building a more equitable, inclusive, just, and sustainable future for all of us.  Let's stick together (virtually) and stay strong in 2021.

Here's to a happy new year and a blue NY22!

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