Climate Crisis Call to Action

Climate Crisis Call to Action

What is the one issue on which a reversal of policy can't completely undo the damage of Trump's executive actions and Republican legislative inaction?  Climate.  But while we can't fix the damage that has been done, we can act collectively to slow the climate crisis through our efforts at the local, state, regional, national, and international level.  That's just what IMV's Climate Crisis Working Group is doing.

All are welcome at the group's November meeting on Monday, Nov. 30th at 6:30 pm on Zoom and become part of the solution.  At the national level there is a glimmer of new hope as President-elect Biden has named former Secretary of State John Kerry as his special envoy on climate, signaling a high priority for climate crisis prevention on the national and international agenda.

At the state level, IMV continues to work with a broad coalition on state level policy and legislative agenda items.  It was especially exciting to see our IMV working group highlighted in a statewide press release by Divest NY, after IMV signed on to its coalition and a letter to Comptroller Tom DiNapoli calling on him to divest state funds from fossil fuels.  Check out who got top billing in the state-wide press release: long time climate activist Mona Perotti, speaking on behalf of IMV's climate crisis workgroup.  

If you want to join co-chairs Mona, Maggie Reilly, and Kathy Collett and dozens of other IMV members who are actively working on climate solutions particularly at the local and state level, just show up on Zoom on Monday using the link on this event page.  There are many ways to plug in on the aspects of environment and climate that interest you most.

Last Chance to Write on the Brindisi Kudoboard

Thanks to everyone who attended our December IMV meeting last Sunday! We talked about the ways we have all grown as activists over the past four years, and even more recently, as we have had to transition our activism to the virtual world.  We have discovered that we can still do everything from direct voter contact to group meetings to issue advocacy even when we can't meet in person.

We also took a few minutes to make sure that everyone had time to add their voices to our Kudoboard to show gratitude and appreciation for Anthony and Team Brindisi. Please take just a few moments to contribute with a story, message, gif or favorite picture!   Here is where you go. It just takes a minute to enter your praise for the Brindisi team!

Indivisible: The People Lead

New York State Indivisible groups are heading into a busy year of pressure on our MoCs, especially Sen. Schumer.  Whether he is leading the Senate majority or the minority, he will play a critical role in relation to the Biden White House and agenda.  As we know from our Indivisible Guide, the people he always has to listen to are...his constituents, and that is us.

Here is a head's up on what Indivisible National has planned for January 13th, when Indivisible's across the country mobilize for action to press our Members of Congress to take bold progressive action ahead of the Biden inauguration.  Yep, it's a toolkit for action, and one that  we are not tackling alone.  Instead, our groups from across the state will work together on a coordinated plan to make the most of our people power in the most important weeks of any Congress and any administration--the first ones.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for a big Indivisible NY State Convening Dec. 12-14, planned by our very own statewide organizer, Sarah Reeske.  We'll cover not only how we can engage at the national level, but also what we can do to influence budget justice and other progressive agenda items in Albany.  Registration materials will be out next week!

NY22: Waiting and Hoping Anthony Wins

It's been a long wait already, and we're not done yet.  You've been following the news and know that Oswego County Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte has everything on pause and given both campaigns until 5 pm Monday to file their motions.  At the moment in the newest county ballot totals, Anthony has finally pulled ahead, but by the slimmest margin of about a dozen votes.  

If nothing yet has shown voters that every vote counts, or activists and campaign volunteers that every postcard, every knock, every text, and every phone call matters, than this close election certainly does.  This is the real challenge of living in a flipable congressional district.  In any given election, it can flip the other way.  We continue to hope that once every ballot is counted, Congressman Brindisi will hold his seat, as he has just indicated on Twitter he will do.

"An heroic effort..."

From time to time we have published essays from MV members and allies in the newsletters, and today we have another such message.  Bill Thickstun has been involved in local Democratic politics since long before IMV came on the scene.  Past chair of the Kirkland Town Democratic Committee and the Oneida County Democratic Committee, and current Chair of Towns, Bill has long worked toward a goal of winning elections and building Democratic power and engagement in purple and red upstate New York.

Here's his message to everyone who who has been working so hard to keep NY22 blue and elect more Democrats locally:

"For most of my lifetime, we've been engaged in a war over whether America will have liberty and justice for all, or liberty and justice for the few at the expense of the many. Usually it hasn't been a shooting war, but a war fought with marches and rallies and town halls, committee and coffee meetings, checks and credit cards, telephone calls, texts, and door knocks. Above all, it's been fought at the ballot box.

It's a war with no clear regional boundary. The division runs through every state, every county, every community, even through many families. For the past decade the New York 22nd Congressional district has been on the front lines of this war. Few of us signed up to be here, but many of us here have risen to the challenge. Two years ago we battled to a narrow win in this narrowly divided region. This year, despite having the other side's chief demagogue on the ballot, and despite having to fight with one arm--our strongest arm, our door-knocking arm--tied behind our back, we fought them to a draw.

If we do come up short, there's a silver lining. New York is destined to lose at least one upstate congressional district before 2022. While the legislature added a bipartisan commission on the front end of the redistricting process after last time, they reserved the right to overrule it. Claudia Tenney alienated so many colleagues from both parties during her time in Albany that I think our district is very unlikely to survive if she holds it.

Whatever happens this week, everyone who fought on our side can be proud of what we've accomplished. From Anthony Brindisi and his outstanding staff to all the volunteers who called, texted, wrote letters, and found new ways to fight under extraordinary conditions, it's been an heroic effort. I want to thank you all."          --Bill Thickstun, Clinton

Grateful for your Political Activism

Democracy is not a spectator sport.  Instead, we have gotten in shape and trained together.  We have put on our game day uniforms and shown up.  That includes those in our number who have marched and rallied, participated in political education sessions and joined Democratic and WFP committees, attended town halls and council meetings, lobbied and advocated, written and called, knocked and petitioned.If you haven't yet read Eitan Hersh's 2020 book about pushing past "political hobbyism" and into the kind of political and community activism that actually makes an impact, then spend an hour listening to this conversation about his research and experience It will sound quite familiar to anyone who has been involved in IMV activities and it will give you even more motivation to keep up this work in 2021, and perhaps even to recruit more of your friends.

IMV's Steering Committee hopes that regardless of how you marked this strange Covid-19 Thanksgiving holiday, you know that we are grateful for your activism, your solidarity, and the community we have built together.  

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.
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