Celebrate VP Harris with #BLM!

#BLM Rallies Celebrate VP Harris

Join local Black Lives Matter events to celebrate the election of a Black woman Vice President!   IMV and the Kirkland Town Democrats continue to hold a weekly rally at the Clinton village green. Today, Nov. 13 and next week, Nov. 20, the rally will continue from 4-5 pm.  On Dec. 4th and Dec. 11th the event will be held 3-4 pm because of the early sunset. Dec. 11 is the last #BLM rally for 2020, but the even may come back at some point in 2021.

IMV also shares an invitation from the Hamilton Area Anti-Racism Coalition to join their weekly rally. This group's Saturday BLM event has continued to grow for months. The event occurs at 11 am-noon in the park near the main intersection in Hamilton, NY.  Check out their post and their page.

IMV Zoom Meeting Nov. 22: Save the Date

We were seeing each other every day on zoom for phone and text banks, and now it is time to be together and process the election,  celebrate the victories, and connect as a group that has it's original purpose in defeating Trump.  Please mark your calendar for a Zoom meeting 3-4 pm on Sunday, Nov 22.  More details and Zoom link to come!

Fingers Crossed for Anthony!

The absentee ballot counting has finally begun.  We're on the edge of our seats, and in spite of a more than 28,000 vote deficit from in person voting, we have not given up. Brindisi voters voted heavily by absentee ballot, and so it is quite possible that those ballots, once counted, will close that gap.  All that is needed is +1 vote over the next opponent.  We expect some legal wrangling, but most likely, an outcome sometime next week.  And then we will really, really celebrate the 2020 election!

Indivisible's "Showing 2020 the Door" Action Plan

What will Indivisible do now that Trump is defeated?  it won't be exactly what we thought because we didn't increase seats in the House or firmly take control of the Senate.  Still, there is still a lot we can do and there are ways to do it.

Check out Indivisible's Showing 2020 the Door plan here. In addition to fighting for two more seats in Georgia, Indivisible is focused on 5 things during the “lame duck” period between the election and Inauguration:

1. Taking the two senate run-offs in Georgia on January 5th
2. Fending off any final Trump catastrophes
3. Bolstering House progressive voting bloc power headed into next year
4. Ensuring Biden makes good early personnel choices
5. Winning on the coming COVID response legislative fight

Check out the details here, but please start of this new era right by making this call today to our Senators to weigh in with the Biden transition team on their approach to personnel (no corporatists and corporate lobbyists!)

Breathe...just breathe.

Have you read this piece from Ron Klopfanstein about the relief and triumph of the presidential election results?  It includes quotes from Sarah Reeske, Teisha Miller, Branwen Drew, and others who have participated in our IMV electoral activism and resistance rallies.

Breathe, rest, and reconnect with your loved ones.  Pop into CAFE Friday this morning or a BLM rally if you can (details in the calendar below).   We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, Nov. 22nd!  
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