Can We Win #NY22?

Don't Worry, Just Work

Anxious? Scared? Here's what Stacey Abrams says: "I'm not optimistic; I'm not pessimistic. I'm determined."  Our job is not to let the emotions and the last few days of this election overwhelm us.  It's to channel them  instead into motivation to do the work, even when we are running on fumes.  What is the work?

Call, email and phone every person you personally know and remind them to vote.  Phonebank. Textbank. Drive voters to the polls. Some of you are even working the polls.  Do all of the above until 9 pm Tuesday.  As the athletes say, "Leave it all on the field." 

We can do this, YES WE CAN.  Here's how to join Team Brindisi. (Or sign up to help other candidates we need to win).  Even a single two- or three-hour shift between now and election day makes a difference.

Here is the phone bank registration link:

And here is the text bank registration link:

There will be training for first-time phone- or text-bankers at the beginning of each shift.

Sign Up Now to Protect the Results

Please sign up NOW for our local Protect the Results rally.  There will be hundreds, even thousands of these rallies across the country, and they may last for a day or two, a week, or longer.  We don't know what will happen but we need to be ready.  And we will be.  Our nation's longest electoral tradition is the timely concession of the loser to the winner and the peaceful, non-violent transition of power.  We must uphold that tradition.

Our event is planned for 4 pm -5 pm Wednesday, Nov. 4th.  (Please note the time change as the commitment across the country now is to make sure these events end before dark for safety reasons.)  We will line up along Commercial Drive at Consumer Square in New Hartford wearing masks and keep socially distant. Signs should say Count Every Vote or be about democracy. We will have extras.

Again, please sign up now for the contingent Protect the Results rally.  That way you'll get an email in a timely way and know what is happening in real time.

Let's Be Together on Election Night

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 9 pm-11:45 pm,  please stop into our  #NY22 Every Vote Counts Election Night Virtual Party, We don't know what election night will be like, but we don't want to be alone when it happens. After your last phone banking shift and after the polls close, come on over to the #NY22 Every Vote Counts Party on Zoom. Be with fellow activists from across the district on election night. Pop in to say hi or stay for a while; it will be good to see you!

Breathe, then PUSH

You voted. now let's make sure everyone else votes. Then let's make sure every vote is counted.  Here's to a victory for Anthony Brindisi in NY22 and to a blue wave across the country that sweeps away the Trump and his enablers!

Show me what democracy looks like?  YOU are what democracy looks like. 

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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