One Term Tenney is One Too Many (GOTV Edition)

Will You Show Up for Anthony on Monday?

Congressman Brindisi will be debating Claudia Tenney on Monday, and we want to pump up Anthony and unnerve #OneTermTenney at the same time.

We will meet at Mohawk Valley Community College (1101 Sherman Drive) in Utica, and line the sidewalks in front Wilcox Hall, where the debate will happen in the Theater at 7 pm.   Join us at 6:00 pm and bring your #OTT signs, your Brindisi signs, and signs about why you are voting for Anthony. (He wants to save our healthcare; she voted to take it away!)  Wear a mask and socially distance.

Please forward this message to your pro-Brindisi friends.  It is critical that we keep #NY22 Blue. We can't go back to the days when our Member of Congress refused to hold public town halls, voted to give out tax money to the super-wealthy in a huge tax break for the corporations and the billionaires, and partied in the Rose Garden with Trump to celebrate her vote to take health care away from thousands of her constituents.

What if it is raining Monday? We picketed Tenney's office in freezing temperatures and in the snow because she was a terrible representative.  We picketed her office in the hot sun in the summers because she was a terrible representative.  We picketed her many, many times in the rain because she was a terrible representative.  For two years, we picketed, and we can't go back!

Even if it is raining, we will rally outside the debate venue.  When the candidates arrive (probably around 6:30 pm) we will cheer Anthony, and make Tenney very anxious about the blue wave of voters who are going to make sure she never represents #NY22 again!

See you Monday at MVCC, 6 pm!  Dress warmly and bring an umbrella.

Keep Phone and Text Banking

We need all IMVers to sign up for phone and text banking for Anthony Brindisi during Early Voting.  Because we are not able to do any in-person campaigning this year, these calls and texts have taken on outsized importance in terms of our ability to connect with Brindisi voters across the district, help them make a plan to vote, and clarify any questions they have about voting this year.

Even a single two- or three-hour shift between now and election day makes a difference.

Here is the phone bank registration link:

And here is the text bank registration link:

There will be training for first-time phone- or text-bankers at the beginning of each shift.

Protect the Results

What might happen after Nov. 3 when some states have election problems, when results depend on pending absentee ballot counts, when the guy in the White House throws doubt on the results because he the sorest loser ever?

There's a plan for that.  Here's where you sign up for our local Protect the Results rally.  There will be hundreds, even thousands of these rallies across the country, and they may last for a day or two, a week, or longer.  We don't know what will happen but we need to be ready.  And we will be.  Our nation's longest electoral tradition is the timely concession of the loser to the winner and the peaceful, non-violent transition of power.  We must uphold that tradition.

Please sign up here for the contingent Protect the Results rally.  That way you'll get an email and/or text in a timely way and know what is happening in real time. For more information about the national coalition plan or to look up a location outside of the Utica-Rome area, you can also check out

Can you drive voters to the polls?

IMV Rides Coordinator Addy Merrall has done an amazing job of recruiting volunteers for the Rides to the Polls effort.  She is prepared with PPE and safety protocols for drivers, and a solid communication plan.  However, we still need more drivers, because we aren't just giving rides on Election Day, but hope to help voters get to the polls during Early Voting as well.  Please, if you can give rides, even during limited periods during Early Voting or on Election day, we need your help.   Call Addy (315) 542-9680 to volunteer to drive.

Monday We Rally, and then we GOTV!

See you at our #OneTermTenney Re-elect Anthony Brindisi Rally on Monday at MVCC in Utica.  We'll be there cheering for Anthony and making #OTT nervous before the NY22 Debate.  It will be like a reunion for those who picketed her office for two years every Friday, and an insurance policy that we won't have to do that ever again!

For information on voting please check out IMV's All Things Voting page.  Feel free to share our updated webpage widely with your friends.  

Breathe, then push.  Democracy is not a spectator sport.


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