Sign up to Protect the Results!

Are You Signed up to Protect the Results?

You're focused right now on getting through the next twelve days.  It's GOTV time!   We get it.   However, we also need everyone to think about what may happen after Nov. 3 when some states have election problems, when results depend on pending absentee ballot counts, when the guy in the White House throws doubt on the results because he the sorest loser ever.

There's a plan for that.  Here's where you sign up for our local Protect the Results rally.  There will be hundreds, even thousands of these rallies across the country, and they may last for a day or two, a week, or longer.  We don't know what will happen but we need to be ready.  And we will be.  Our nation's longest electoral tradition is the timely concession of the loser to the winner and the peaceful, non-violent transition of power.  We must uphold that tradition.

Please sign up here for the contingent Protect the Results rally.  That way you'll get an email and/or text in a timely way and know what is happening in real time. For more information about the national coalition plan or to look up a location outside of the Utica-Rome area, you can also check out

GOTV Every Day, But Today JUST ONE TASK

Today, Brindisi phone and textbanking are on pause to regroup and prepare for Early Voting and GOTV which start tomorrow.  So today you have one task. Review your calendar and block out all your GOTV volunteer time, then sign up for your shifts for the next week and a half.  Here's the scoop from Team Brindisi:

"To give a brief overview of this year's "unique" GOTV plan: we are running an entirely virtual operation that will be centralized around a Zoom meeting each day. Within that meeting, we will have volunteers assigned to "breakout rooms" that are designated by function — that is, one room for phone banking, one room for texting, one room for tech support, etc. Any first-time caller or texter will have the opportunity to be trained at the beginning of each volunteer shift, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved even if you haven't done anything with the campaign to this point. Because we are not able to do any in-person campaigning this year, these calls and texts have taken on outsized importance in terms of our ability to connect with voters across the district and persuade them to support Anthony, help them make a plan to vote, and clarify any questions they have about voting this year.

All things considered, we've had a strong campaign thus far and feel confident that we are in a position to win and re-elect Anthony. With that being said, all of the work that has been put in so far will have been for naught if we drop the ball on GOTV in these final days. In short, it is all hands on deck time and we need as much support as possible to bring this thing home and ensure that Anthony continues to be our representative. Even a single two- or three-hour shift between now and election day makes a difference for us.

Here is the phone bank registration link:

And here is the text bank registration link:

Again, we will run a training for first-time phone- or text-bankers at the beginning of each shift.

We Will Vote Women's March: We Got Our Message Out!

It was hard to miss our We Will Vote Women's March in the local media.  The march from Oneida Square to Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica on Saturday was covered by Spectrum, WKTV, and the Utica OD. The march was co-sponsored by the YWCA Mohawk Valley, 1199SEIU, Citizen Action, and Mohawk Valley Latino Association, and the media team, marshals, and speakers did all did a terrific job,  More than 420 sister marches were held across the country in addition to the large march in Washington, D.C.  While some of the marches were more focused on the SCOTUS or took a pro-Biden stance, our local march brought together a wide coalition with a simple message:  Everyone who can vote should vote.  Women have power through voting. Women WILL vote.

Letters to the Editor

Judy Jerome's LtE in support of Chad McEvoy was published on Sunday in the Utica OD, as was a letter in support of Rep. Brindisi and Biden-Harris by Ted Tottey.  The Utica OD deadline for LtEs for this election has now passed, so it's too late to submit at this point.  In the Rome Sentinel, Maureen Zupan, our longtime Knit the District friend, wrote in support of Anthony, If you want to get an election letter in the Rome Sentinel, you need to email it today before noon.

Rides to the Polls

IMV Rides Coordinator Addy Merrall has done an amazing job of recruiting volunteers for the Rides to the Polls effort.  She is prepared with PPE and safety protocols for drivers, and a solid communication plan.  However, we still need more drivers, because we aren't just giving rides on Election Day, but hope to help voters get to the polls during Early Voting as well.  Please, if you can give rides, even during limited periods during Early Voting or on Election day, we need your help.   Call Addy (315) 542-9680 to volunteer to drive. 

Postcards & Letters: Job Well Done

Our IMV team is amazing!   In addition to the more than 5000 postcards you hand wrote and mailed to new and less frequent Democratic voters locally about the importance of voting in this election, you also wrote 1400 Vote Forward letters to personally persuade voters in Texas to vote. (Swing Blue, Texas!)  This was by far the largest postcard and letter effort IMV has ever done, from the Resistance Box distribution method (thanks, Covid) to the fundraising that allowed us to buy thousands of stamps (and all the stamps you donated as well) to the many postcard and letter assembly events we had to do under a tent outside, socially distanced.

IMVers--you ROCK!

The Next Twelve Days

Today, since there is no phone banking and no text banking, please sign up for shifts for the coming days.  But also look at your own network of family and friends, in NY 22 and around the country. Who do you know who might forget to vote?  Call or text them right now.  Who do you know who is wavering and might need a personal nudge from you in order to take the time to go to the polls or complete the Absentee Ballot?

If you need to guide a voter outside of NY, tell them to start here.

New York Voters should start here.

And for anyone in Oneida County, please check out IMV's All Things Voting page.  Feel free to share our updated webpage widely with your friends.  

We are going to GET OUT THE VOTE and we are going to WIN.  And then we are not going to stop, because there is more work to do.  We need climate protection bills and health care for all.   We need immigration reform, a more equitable economic system, and protection of the rights of women.  We will not stop because democracy is worth fighting for, and because all lives will matter when Black Lives Matter.  We want a return to democratic norms, international cooperation, and the rule of law.  WE WANT ALL THE THINGS.  

For now, though we want, all the votes we can possibly get to take back the White House, flip the Senate, keep NY 22 blue, and win more upstate Democratic seats in Albany.  What are you willing to do today and in the following eleven days to make that happen?

Breathe, then push.  Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.
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