Saturday – Brindisi Campaign Day of Action

Brindisi Day of Action Sat., Oct. 3

As of tomorrow, we are one month away from Election Day!  Absentee Ballots are being mailed out now in Oneida County, and Early Voting starts in just a few weeks.  There is no more time to lose.

Rep. Anthony Brindisi is in an even tougher race in 2020 than he was in 2018.  Why?  Because the people who woke up and decided to vote for Trump in 2016 (in spite of not usually paying attention to anything that matters politically) also slept through the midterms.  It's only Trump that motivates them to vote, and he wasn't on the ballot in 2018.   But he is on the ballot this year, and those people, once voting, will vote heavily for Trumpy-Tenney.

Another reason Anthony won in 2018? The thousands of doors we all knocked for him.  Well, this year, we can't knock doors and have those face to face conversations.  So we need to call and text every voter in NY22, find out how they are voting, and maximize our calls during the days people are actually voting.  In short, we need all hands on deck to get out the vote for Anthony.

Here are your two steps to #KeepNY22Blue:

1) Fill out the GOTV form so that you'll be signed up for the Day of Action tomorrow and Team Brindisi can start mapping out the schedule for our extra long GOTV period this year.  Here is the form:  Please share the link with everyone you know who wants to help Anthony win next month.  There are four two hour shifts from 10 am -6 pm.  Do at least one, and as many as you can.  The more hours of volunteering, the more calls we make and texts we send!

2 Sign up for another shift of phonebanking or texting so that we can keep the momentum going.  Then share your commitment with friends on social media.  Here's the link:

Again, our top ask today is that every IMVer fills out the form today. See you on the Zooms!

TONIGHT: Sticker Party for new voters postcards

Dozens of volunteers have been writing postcards for months and months.  You've shown up at CAFE Fridays.  You've stopped at Resistance Boxes to pick up and drop off.  Your fingers are a little stiff, and you turned in your last stack of postcards on Wednesday

Now it's time for all of us to show up and stick address labels and stamps on those voter postcards!   We're meeting up 5-6:30 pm at Cherrywood today.  Dress warmly, and bring a mask, and a lawn chair so we can spread out.  If you're a chilly weather wimp like @JenDeWeerth you can sit in your car.  However you want to "postcard party" safely is up to you, but we need to get these 4000 postcards ready to mail to local Democrats on Oct. 3.  That means they need to get labeled and stamped TODAY!  

Resistance Box Update

We are getting close to the end of mailings!  (There is still LOTS of help needed with phone banking and texting!!)
Postcarding is DONE except for the sticker party listed above.  If you have any IMV "Hi neighbor" cards, DONE OR NOT DONE, please turn them into a Resistance Box ASAP or bring them to the sticker party tonight at Cherrywood. 

If you have Vote Forward Letters from IMV, please return them to the nearest Resistance Box by Oct.10.  IMV has to verify that the names that they printed for Vote Forward are DONE.  Questions? Contact or call Betsy at 315-717-1363.

We are profoundly thankful to everyone who helped out with this monumental effort, and most
especially, those who volunteered their front porches /yards/ garages/ breezeways for Resistance Boxes!!

Herkimer County Biden-Harris signs purchased by the Herkimer County Dem Committee will be out on distribution porches VERY SOON. Please contact Betsy for pick up locations. We STILL have SIGNS for Anthony, Jim Barber, and Chad  McEvoy at locations in Ilion, Herkimer and Little Falls. Tedra Cobb signs are ALL GONE at the moment but if you live in that district, Betsy can connect you to the campaign for more.

IMV also wants to thank Betsy Briggs for all the coordination she has been doing with Resistance Box hosts in both counties.  Our Resistance Boxes, the brainchild of our own Sarah Reeske, are a pandemic success story for how to get out postcards, letters, and signs safely when people could not meet up in person.

Phonebank for Progressive State Senator Rachel May

Sen. Rachel May (53rd--Town of Kirkland, Madison County and Syracuse), has been a leader in the State Senate since she won election in 2018 on climate and environmental issues, health care, economic and racial justice, budget equity, democracy and voting, housing and criminal justice, women's issues, public education, and care for the aging and poor.

Please join her supporters in regular phonebanking and practice using Hubdialer (the tool the Brindisi campaign will use during GOTV). The system dials all the numbers, and you just get the call if there is an answer on the other end.  Here is the schedule and the zoom links:

Wednesday Phonebank 5:30-7:30 -
Thursday Phonebank 5:30-7:30 -
Saturday Textbank 3-5 -
Sunday Phonebank 3-5 -

If you are interested, let Kyle Stevens, Field Director, Rachel May 2020, know by emailing:

Can You Please Write a Letter for Anthony Today?

Letters to the Editor in support of Anthony Brindisi are urgently needed.  We encourage you to write a letter about why you personally are voting for Anthony, whether the reason is how he listens at town halls, works across the aisle, or it is because of one the bills he has written and gotten passed into law (more than any other freshman in this Congress!)

Need inspiration?  Check out this letter written by Kathy Wojciechowski of Oneida.  The letter was also sent to other local papers and will be printed in those soon.  You can write one letter and send to several papers including the Utica OD, the Rome Sentinel, and smaller local papers.  However, time is running out. As we near the election, papers will receive so many letters in support of candidates that they will not print them all.  So send yours in NOW.

Donations Welcome tomorrow at MVLA in Utica

During a time of political persecution of many Latino people, IMV has encouraged our members to support the Mohawk Valley Latino Association in their support of recent immigrants, whether they are fleeing hurricane damage, are migrant workers, or face detention or other immigration legalization challenges.

This Saturday, October 3, MVLA will be hosting a household item and clothing swap. Many families in our community have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in numerous ways. Any donations of clean household and clothing items and PPE (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer) will be greatly appreciated. Drop off is 9 am-noon at 300 Genesee Street in the parking lot of DeSales Center on Genesee St., Utica. (The entrance to the lot is on Park Avenue.)

If you're planning to attend the event, remember that everyone is required to wear a mask and socially distance to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

IMV wants to thank our members who have continually worked for political changes toward the end of immigrant detention and separation policies and practices while at the same time welcoming Latino and other immigrants and refugees into our community through support of MVLA and The Center.

Hellish Debate Caps Off Hellish 4 Years: Let's End It Now

Friends, if you watched the debate or heard about it, you felt like someone kicked you in the stomach.  But it was the same feeling you had on Nov. 8th, 2016, and on the day that you found out he was intentionally separating young children from their parents and putting them in cages.  It was the same way you felt when he equated "both sides" in the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville and at BLM rallies. The nausea that echoed and reverberated through your body, in your gut--it was the same as the you felt a couple weeks ago when RBG died during his term.

We are, however, not powerless, in the face of his bullying, his anti-democratic demagoguery, his misogynistic and racist words and actions.  We have the power of political activists everywhere.  We can make sure that he is soundly and overwhelmingly defeated in this election.  We can and we must.  

When we, along with millions of other Indivisibles, Women's Marchers, and other activists, achieve our 2020 electoral goals, imagine the America that we can build.  With a Democratic Senate, a Democratic White House, and Democratic House, admittedly, our problems will not all be solved.  We will still have to figure out how to ensure public health in a pandemic, fix our democracy, and make our economy more fair and equitable and our systems more racially justice.  We will still need to fight for women's legal rights to choose, enact immigration reform, and address the existential threat of a global economic crisis.  But we will have people in office who are accountable to facts and to working people, who listen to progressive voices, and who respect the rule of law and democratic principles. We can work with that.

First we need to win.  Please, please commit as many hours per week as you can to phonebanking or texting--for Anthony, for  Joe and Kamala in battleground states, and for Senate candidates in swing states

We literally have only this one chance. And we have only 33 days left.  

Breathe, then push.
Democracy is not a spectator sport. 

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