Now We Do It For Her

Register for Saturday's NY22 Summit TODAY


You’re invited to the third NY22 Virtual Summit on Saturday, 9/26 via Zoom.  This event kicks off the home stretch to election day and victory.  We flipped NY22 in 2018, but we MUST KEEP IT BLUE in 2020.

You must register by Friday, Sept. 25th. This event is a closed event for registered participants only.  With early voting, COVID-19, Absentee voting, and other changes, Get Out the Vote will look VERY different than it did in 2018.  It is critical that everyone attend so that you know how you can be involved in GOTV this year.

We’ll be opening up the call early at 9:45 am so people can test out their technology. We’ll be getting started promptly at 10 am.  The event will end by noon.

Our Keynote Speakers Sen. Chuck Schumer and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will be joined for this event by our own Congressman Anthony Brindisi We also have breakout rooms to meet with candidates and their campaign teams directly.

We have only 300 spots for the group members of the many grassroots groups across NY22 that worked to elect Anthony Brindisi in 2018.  To reserve yours, register here

See you at the Summit!

Phone Bank and Textbank for Anthony Brindisi with IMV

TODAY: Please join IMV's Team Brindisi Phonebank this morning at 10 am.  Gather with fellow IMVers over Zoom and call voters over the age of 65 (more likely to be home during the day).  Here's the link:

TOMORROW: Join IMV's CAFE Friday 10 am -11:30 am for a special  textbank training event with Team Brindisi.  It's not hard!  Join the Zoom call on your laptop or computer and you'll have what you need to learn Spoke, the user friendly platform the campaign is using for textbanking.  Those who have been trained already can just hang out on Zoom and start texting!

To join the CAFE this morning, just click on the event, and then the zoom link.  Or ciick on the list here:
Zoom link:
PW: 607973.   If you need help with Zoom, email Jennifer at

Climate Justice is Racial Justice: Stand in Clinton Sept. 25

Please join a Stand for #BlackLivesMatter on Friday, Sept. 25 at 4-5 pm focused on the intersection of climate and racial justice.  The stand is co-sponsored by IMV's Climate Crisis Work Group and the Kirkland Town Democrats.

What bothers you most about how vulnerable communities of color and indigenous communities are to climate change and environmental degradation?  Make your sign now.  

"Unite against Racism and Climate Injustice"
"The climate crisis crushes BIPOC Lives"
"Clean energy for ALL"
"Destroy Racism Not the Planet"
"One earth. One humanity. One chance."

Postcards and Vote Forward Letters

We are in the final push!  Postcards must be returned by the end of this month so that we can have a huge stamping party and get them in the mail.  If you have any done already, please drop them back in a Resistance Box.  We have also appreciated the tremendous response to our ask for stamps for the Utica mailing project and for postcards stamps as well as the many monetary donations that have allowed us to buy stamps.

Questions about where the boxes are or what is currently in them?  Email Betsy at for FB Message her before your make a special trip to pick up at a box. 

Please be sure to also pick up postcards for Jim Barber or Chad McEvoy as well.  These progressive Dem candidates are working hard to flip more rural areas and add our voices to the majorities in Albany.   We have seen a surge of volunteers picking up postcards--thank you.  Please return what you have completed and check to make sure that there are no more left to complete in your local box.

Special Team Brindisi Events Coming Up

Are you an educator or retired educator?  Join fellow teachers and other educators to for an Educators for Brindisi Phone Bank on Friday, Sept. 25th 6-8 pm.  It's two hours of investment of your time and energy to make sure that we continue to have a representative in Congress who believes just as much in education as you do, and fights for the resources that schools, teachers, students, and families need.

Are you a union member or labor leader? Team Brindisi has a phone bank for you!  Join the Labor for Brindisi Phone Bank.  The phone bank is every Tuesday from 6-8 pm.

Finally, one more special Brindisi event coming up, and this one is pure fun, no phones, we promise!  Karen Savoca and her musical friends are having another enjoyable musical fundraiser for Anthony.  Get your tickets now:
Fundraiser for Anthony Brindisi,  Wednesday, Sept. 30, 6-7 pm, Please join our Congressman Anthony Brindisi for a virtual concert in support of his re-election campaign!  With Special Guests Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman, Chad Plantz & John Kelsey, and The Blarney Rebel Band.

Help Puerto Rican Climate Refugees Resettle in Utica

Mohawk Valley Latino Association Executive Director, Sonia Martinez, reports that she continues to see people arriving in the Mohawk Valley from Puerto Rico.  Many lost their homes and belongings in the hurricanes and are starting over.  If you have household items or winter coats and clothing, please contact her.  What is most needed, however, is monetary donations as that allows MVLA to purchase the items most needed and to do so in bulk if possible.

Please consider making a donation at this time, to help.  IMVers have been generous in the past, and even though Hurricane Maria struck in 2017, recovery on the island is still ongoing, and many families have not been able to get back on their feet.  They have joined millions around the world who are essentially climate crisis refugees, fleeing the devastating impacts of storms, as well as droughts, fires, and extreme temperatures.  Please contribute what you can:

Now We Are Doing It For Her

We know that the past week has been devastating. The loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is immeasurable, and the approach that the GOP Senate and White House are taking adds fear and a sense of impending doom to our tremendous loss and grief.  In case you missed Indivisible's Ezra Levin on Rachel Maddow the other day, take a quick minute to watch.  Our methods (see The Indivisible Guide) have worked before and they will work again.   

When we think about how RBG dismantled the previously unquestioned infrastructure of patriarchy brick by brick, case by case, and decade by decade, and then, at an age when most of dream of retiring, she took her place on the Supreme Court, and fought like hell for more decades, against even more entrenched inequality AND two kinds of cancer, while she never stopped lifting weights with her personal's humbling and inspiring.  No matter how bad things are, if she could do all of that, we can do our part too.

Let's power through the next 40 days.  Let's phonebank and text bank, and get our voter letters and postcards sent.  Let's set up our rides to the polls, and our GOTV plan. We were doing it before for a million reasons --for our grandchildren, for our health care, for our planet and for racial justice.  Now we are doing it for her.  

Rest in power, RBG.
The rest of us?
Breathe, then PUSH.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.  

Visit our updated website and let us know how you like it!
Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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