Register Today for our Virtual Summit

Register Now for Our Virtual NY22 Summit

You’re invited to the third NY22 Summit on Saturday, 9/26 via Zoom.  If you are fired up and energized to put in the work to help Democratic candidates win in November, this Summit is for you! This is how we outsmart, out-work, and out-organize the opposition to keep NY22 blue. You must register for the Summit in advance here.

We’ll be opening up the call early at 9:45 am so people can test out their technology. We’ll be getting started promptly at 10 am.  The agenda is packed with conversations with amazing Democratic candidates and elected representatives as well as the comprehensive GOTV training from Team Brindisi. Get ready to learn about the roles and plans on how we are going to win big!

Our Keynote Speakers Sen. Chuck Schumer and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will be joined for this event by our own Congressman Anthony Brindisi Choose one breakout room from these candidates when you register:
Dan Butterman (AD121):
Rick Shaw (AD122):
Jim Barber (SD51):
Rachel May (SD53):

We have only 300 spots, and to reserve yours, register here

Don’t miss this virtual event that is going to kick off the home stretch to election day and victory. And be sure that you register by Friday, Sept. 25th. This event is a closed event for registered participants only.  See you there!

CAFE Friday Today: Textbank with Team Brindisi

IMV's CAFE Friday group is excited to welcome regulars and newcomers to our meeting 10-11:30 am today for a special training event with Team Brindisi.  Let's start textbanking!  It's not hard!  Join the Zoom call on your laptop or computer and you'll have what you need to learn Spoke, the user friendly platform the campaign is using for textbanking.

To join the CAFE this morning, just click on the event, and then the zoom link.  Or ciick on the list here:
Zoom link:
PW: 607973.   
If you need help with Zoom, email Jennifer at

Postcards and Vote Forward Letters

Thank you, thank you, to everyone who has been picking up, writing cards and letters, and dropping them back off.  We are in the final push!  Postcards must be returned by the end of this month so that we can have a huge stamping party and get them in the mail.  If you have any done already, please drop them back in a Resistance Box.  We have also appreciated the tremendous response to our ask for stamps for the Utica mailing project and for postcards stamps as well as the many monetary donations that have allowed us to buy stamps.

Questions about where the boxes are or what is currently in them?  Email Betsy at for FB Message her before your make a special trip to pick up at a box.  As of yesterday, both the Rome and the Whitesboro had been restocked substantially with postcard packs, so those would be good spots to check (New York Mills also has several bundles for pick up,)

Please be sure to also pick up postcards for Jim Barber or Chad McEvoy as well.  These progressive Dem candidates are working hard to flip more rural areas and add our voices to the majorities in Albany.  Many boxes still have a Jim Barber pack or two to complete, and the New Hartford box has some newly added McEvoy bundles--and more coming in the next day or two around town.

Did You Miss the September IMV Meeting Tuesday?


We had an excellent turnout at our September meeting, and as usual it was packed with information. Our guest speaker, Rev. Sharon Baugh of Hope Chapel AME Zion Church in Utica, spoke in an engaging way about policing reform and answered a number of questions on the topic.  She truly understands the value of mobilizing people in the community and has a strong background in public policy issues.  We learned a lot from her!

We also heard updates from the Climate Crisis Workgroup (meeting coming up Monday, 9/21 with a special BLM Stand for racial justice on Friday 9/25) and from Team Brindisi which continues to need a lot of phonebankers.  The Brindisi campaign is starting a  round of Textbank training using a new platform--Spoke--and continues to need people to send in Letters to the Editor supporting Anthony to all local newspapers. 

Finally, IMV's exciting new landing page on ALL THINGS VOTING is up!  Deborah Wilson-Allam and Sarah Reeske worked a lot of magic to make this page the go-to site for information on voting in the Mohawk Valley in this election.  We encourage you to send all your friends with questions about how, where, and when (Early Voting? Absentee? Election Day?) to this page.  Please share it everywhere you can to help others have their vote counted:

Special Team Brindisi Events Coming Up

Are you an educator or retired educator?  Join fellow teachers and other educators to for an Educators for Brindisi Phone Bank on Friday, Sept. 25th 6-8 pm.  It's two hours of investment of your time and energy to make sure that we continue to have a representative in Congress who believes just as much in education as you do, and fights for the resources that schools, teachers, students, and families need.

Are you a union member or labor leader? Team Brindisi has a phone bank for you!  Join the Labor for Brindisi Phone Bank.  The phone bank is every Tuesday from 6-8 pm.

Finally, one more special Brindisi event coming up, and this one is pure fun, no phones, we promise!  Karen Savoca and her musical friends are having another enjoyable musical fundraiser for Anthony.  Get your tickets now:
Fundraiser for Anthony Brindisi,  Wednesday, Sept. 30, 6-7 pm, Please join our Congressman Anthony Brindisi for a virtual concert in support of his re-election campaign!  With Special Guests Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman, Chad Plantz & John Kelsey, and The Blarney Rebel Band

Make Phone Calls to Gov. Cuomo and AG Tish James

We have a special request from our friends in Indivisible Rochester. They have been working to advocate for the #BLM protesters who continue to stand up for action on the killing of Daniel Prude.  Here's the ask:

Call and tweet at Gov. Cuomo and the AG of NY, Tish James, to demand they ensure the safety and protection of the Justice for Daniel Prude protesters in Rochester immediately and for as long as the protests continue. They'e had abysmal attention on their Twitter accounts about what is happening in Rochester. Don’t let up! Do this every day.

  • Governor Cuomo: Phone number: (518) 474-8390 Twitter: @NYGovCuomo

  • NYS Attorney General Leticia James: 1-800-771-7755, Email Her Office, Twitter: @TishJames

While you are calling Gov. Cuomo, be sure to ask demand that he issue a mandatory mask order for schools.  This demand comes from teacher unions and from medical experts.  Gov. Cuomo has it within his power to issue this safety order but has not yet done so.

Climate Crisis: Two Important Events Next Week!

Did you know that the Climate Crisis is also a racial justice issue?  That's why IMV's Working Group on Climate Crisis has been discussing the impact of the crisis on Black and brown communities for the past few months.  Learn more at the September meeting on Monday (on Zoom).  

In additional, everyone is invited to join a special Stand for #BlackLivesMatter in Climate on Friday, Sept. 25 at 4-5 pm focused on the intersection of climate and racial justice.  What bothers you most about how vulnerable communities of color and indigenous communities are to climate change and environmental degradation?  Make your sign now.  


Okay, that was a lot for your weekly IMV email.  It's clear that we are not doing as much breathing right now as we are PUSHING.  That's because this is the most consequential election of our lifetime, and we can always breathe easier once we get through this election.

We won't let up on Nov 4th on our pushing for our progressive goals, but we will have turned things in the right direction, saved democracy from a corrupt and inept President, ousted a malevolent and racist GOP Senate majority, and kept NY22 blue. We'll have the conditions we need to start working on real policy solutions for climate crisis, health care, immigration, racial equity, economic justice for poor and low income people, and much more. Picture what it will feel like on that day, and then pick up a pen to write a letter or postcard or a phone to start making calls. 

Finally, Tuesday, Sept 22 is National Voter Registration Day.  Make sure everyone you know is registered.  The last day to register to vote in NY is Oct. 9th, so time is running out.   Don't forget to share our All Things Voting page with your friends.

47 Days until Election Day.  Together, WE GOT THIS.

Visit our updated website and let us know how you like it!
Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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