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IMV's Sept. 2020 Meeting: All are Welcome!

Please join IMV for our September 2020 meetingWe are less than two months away from the most consequential election of our lives. This is our chance to set the stage for forward movement on racial justice, climate crisis prevention, health care, democratic participation and norms, and a just and equitable economic system. Or we may never make it back from the brink of authoritarian-billionaire, Trump-Tenney control.

It all depends on people coming together, Black, white, and brown, around our values of care, community, equity and inclusion, to challenge the status quo and win.  We have a terrific lineup of speakers and conversations as usual, and we will keep it moving and be done by 8 pm.  For our Race, Equity & Inclusion section, Rev. Sharon Baugh of Hope Chapel AME Zion Chuch in Utica will be sharing her perspective as a long time organizer and her insights about police reform. Her recent Guest View in the Utica OD caught our attention, and we encourage you to read it before the meeting.

We'll also have a Brindisi campaign update, hear about the Climate Crisis Work group's upcoming events related to the intersection with racial justice, and we'll hear all about the BIG Knit the District Summit coming up on Sept. 26th and how to get registered.

Here's the Zoom information for IMV's September meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 pm.  Join us by computer, tablet, or phone:  

One More Big Push: Stuff Letters for Utica Voters

We made great progress with labels and stamps on thousands of letters for Utica voters last week.  Join us this week as we help Freddie Hamilton of Cornhill finish up 2000 letters to voters. We'll be folding letters and stuffing envelopes 5:30-7:30 pm so they can be mailed out the following week. We're meeting at the pavilion behind the Cherrywood Clubhouse.

Team Brindisi will also join us with supplies to make more lawn signs. Please bring a lawn chair if possible so we can all social distance. Thank you for also wearing a mask.Thank you, all those who have been turning out to work under the pavilion at Cherrywood. Tonight at 5:30-7:30,  Many hands make light work!

Thursday IMV 10 am Phonebank for Brindisi

 Anthony won by only 4000 votes in 2018. We know that the hours we spent having one on one conversations made the difference. Since we can't knock doors this year, we simply must phonebank to reach voters with those persuasion conversations.

Says, Jennifer Geiger, who attended IMV's Thursday morning phonebank yesterday: "I talked to three undecided voters who  wanted to be reminded that Anthony is not the person the ads are portraying him as. We know this race is close. About 1000 people receive this email.  If everyone did a two hour shift, that's the potential to talk to 3000 undecided voters in a race where every vote will count.   Both virtual phone banks and paper lists are available now.  Yes, that's right.  If you don't like working on your computer or tablet inside the phonebank software, you can simply get paper lists!

All the info you need to join the Thursday morning phonebank is right here.  However, we encourage you to join any phone bank you can fit into your schedule. Since we are within six weeks of the start of early voting,  IMV activists should now be phonebanking two shifts per week--that is just 4 hours of volunteering.  We need everyone to make a difference to get those critical votes and keep NY22 blue!  Sign up here

Resistance Box Updates

Thanks for all the letter and post card work!  Please keep picking up supplies, dropping off completed postcards, and if you, donating much needed stamps.  Here's the latest:
  • There are more IMV neighbor postcards on the way.
  • The Jim Barber (NY 51st Senate Seat) postcards are needed back by 9/25. (It is a very important race for EDUCATION/SCHOOL FUNDING!)
  • Can’t do postcards? Drop off some stamps or money for stamps AND support USPS!
  • If you need an address for your nearest Resistance Box, please message IMV at our public FB page or at our email, or call Betsy at 315-717-1363. Spread the word to friends!
Barneveld  We now have a Barneveld box that is not yet stocked but soon will be!! Contact Betsy if you want an update before next Friday.

Clinton box has nothing for pick up – everything is out! YAY

East Utica  No change reported. Box has 5 (five) packs of IMV neighbor postcards not done, and 3 (three) packs of postcards for Jim Barber that need to be done.  2 IMV ‘neighbor’ packs are finished. (Yay!)

New Hartford box has one packet of Jim Barber cards that STILL need to be picked up and completed, and has one completed!! YAY. Also, one more packet of IMV neighbors cards done and one finished and stamped set of Vote Forward letters done.  YAY!

New York Mills No change reported box has two  packages of IMV neighbors postcards and two packages of Jim Barber postcards that still need completion, There are also 18 Brindisi signs that can be picked up OR delivered

Rome No change reported.   Has two IMV neighbors packages of postcards (50 each) to go out and 4 Vote Forward (20 letters each) to go out.   Completed:  100 (5 packs) returned Vote Forward letters and 6 returned postcards (50 each). One pack of the Jim Barber postcards  is out. and expected to be returned in a couple of days.

Whitesboro box has been restocked with 10 packets of IMV neighbors postcards.  There are also more Brindisi signs. Need to call in advance as box and signs are kept in the garage.  Call Betsy, above, for the number.

Herkimer County   We have LOTS of SIGNS for Anthony, Jim and Chad at locations in Ilion, Herkimer and Little Falls.  Brindisi signs were restocked this week.  We have someone who has volunteered to deliver those if needed, but they are easy to pick up – no contact porch locations.  Jim Barber postcards are all out. (That race is VERY IMPORTANT for Herkimer County!)   We also will soon have signs for Tedra Cobb and Thearse McCalmon (NY Senate 49) at a porch in Dolgeville, and maybe also postcards for Thearse. Tedra is having more signs made .so there is a slight delay on that.  She will also be doing a meet and greet WITH MASKS on the 13th in Johnstown, and signs will be available there as well.

Climate Crisis Events for your Calendar

If you care about the climate and want to keep the issue front and center, IMV's Climate Crisis workgroup is for you.  The groups's next meet is September 21st at 6:30 pm.  

There is also a Climate Justice/Racial Justice Rally to mark Climate Change Week at the Black Lives Matter Friday Rally in Clinton on September 25th at 4-5pm.  Why at the weekly BLM event?  Because it is critical that everyone remembers that communities of color in America are the most significantly impacted by the climate crisis.

It's Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

Every day we hear from people that they are too stressed about this election to even pay attention to politics.  That' the wrong way around. If your stomach is knotted, or your blood pressure is up. If you are barely able to sleep from the worry about what could happen in November or if you find yourself in tears thinking about what could happen with climate, with public health, with racist violence, with the norms of our democracy. If you fear for journalists, for the courts and voting rights, civil rights, and women's rights. If you are at your wit's end doomscrolling all the worst possible scenarios, then don't keep worrying; DO SOMETHING to impact the results of this election.  

Start with this morning's CAFE Friday.  Or join us to stuff envelops at 5:30 pm today at Cherrywood. Join a phonebank this weekend or next week. And be sure to join IMV for our meeting on Tuesday.  We can't wait to see you!

Visit our updated website and let us know how you like it!
Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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