Kamala is It!

Yes We KAMala!

 We have a Presidential ticket to defeat Trump!   Biden's made his choice in Kamala Harris and we are thrilled!  Now we really get to work.  Think how historic it will be when WE, through hard work for the next eighty days, help elect the first ever woman Vice President, the first ever Black Vice President, the first ever South Asian Vice President, all in one.  It will be epic!

Just hours after we heard this exciting news about the Biden-Harris ticket, IMV gathered for our August 2020 meeting over Zoom. We're getting pretty good at Zoom, friends!  Here's a rundown of what we covered:

  • Our BLM Protect the People (Good Trouble is Not a Felony) Rally on August 7th was a huge success!  There were folks there of all ages and races, and some music and dancing. We had press coverage on WKTV,  Spectrum, and the Utica OD.  We had large BLM flags on both sides of the circle so no one was unsure what we were doing there. We discussed an incident with a man who insulted one of our protesters with racial stereotypes.  Here is a good resource shared by Betsy Briggs for how we might peacefully address such a person in the future.  Folks discussed follow up actions that include meetings with Sheriff Maciol to discuss why we oppose the dog-whistle anti-BLM timing and message of the proposals he endorsed on July 15.
  • We had a rich conversation, as usual, in our Racial Equity & Inclusion (REI) section, with many books and resources suggested by members.  Thanks to all who shared what they have been learning.  We even watched a portion of President Obama's eulogy at the Celebration of Life service for John Lewis.  Note how he pretty much gave Biden and the Senate marching orders: "Make DC and Puerto Rico states and end the filibuster! "
  • We went through a special slideshow about our plan to win (Indivisible and IMV), our plan to protect the results in November, and then what comes afterwards --in a post-Trump America, where there will still be a lot of work to do at the national, state, and local level. We will continue to press on immigration, health care, democracy reforms, economic justice, climate, and more.  
  • We had an update from the Brindisi Campaign.  Keep up the  volunteering and phonebanking!
  • Everyone make sure that Saturday, Sept 26 is on your calendar.  We have our NY22 Knit the District Summit that day--on Zoom of course, and with excellent special guests as we have had in the past.

CAFE Fridays and IMV Resistance Boxes

 Please remember that all are welcome at our weekly CAFE Fridays, 10-11:30 am.  This is a perfect time to see fellow IMVers, talk politics and action, and write postcards together.  And it's all over Zoom!  Here's the link for tomorrow, just scroll down to see the Zoom link.

Whether you can participate Friday mornings or not, you are still welcome to pick up postcards and/or Vote Forward letters at one of our Resistance Boxes, or just drop off stamps if you prefer.  Here's the list:

19 Proctor Ave, Clinton - Sarah Reeske
207 W Sycamore Ave, Rome - Jennifer Geiger
1647 St. Agnes Ave, Utica - Filomena Salsbury
6 Chestnut Street, New York Mills - Jerry Plows
2 Laurelwood Rd, New Hartford - Deborah Wilson-Allam
8 Lyndon, Whitesboro - Carole Gehrig

One exciting project added to the boxes is postcards for Jim Barber. He is running for an open seat in the State Senate.  As the only update Dem between Albany and Buffalo, Sen. Rachel May would love a partner in the work.  Our postcards can help.

Call Governor Cuomo Today for Absentee Voting Bills

The legislature has passed a package of voting reforms to ensure voters are able to vote safely in November. These bills have been delivered to the Governor but must be signed in order to take effect for the 2020 election.  Contact Governor Cuomo and urge him to sign ASAP:

S.8015D (Biaggi)/A.10833 (Dinowitz) Would allow any voter to use "temporary illness" to request their absentee ballot
S.8370B (Myrie)/A.10830 (Lavine) Will allow voters to address issues with their absentee ballots so that their vote can be counted
S.8783A (Myrie)/A.10807 (Taylor) To allow Boards of Elections to accept absentee ballot requests more than 30 days before an election
S.8799A (Gianaris)/A.10808A (Bichotte) To allow Boards of Elections to accept ballots received within the deadline even if they do not have a legible postmark

These bills will ensure that voters have the opportunity to vote via absentee in November without worrying whether or not their absentee vote will count.  Call Governor Cuomo at: 518-474-8390. Here is your script:

“Hello, I’m calling to urge Governor Cuomo to sign four absentee voting bills into law to ensure all voters are able to cast their ballots safely this year.

Voters deserve to vote safely and know their vote is counted which is why I am calling to urge the Governor to sign into law legislation that would give voters notice if their absentee ballot has issues that may invalidate their vote and ensure ballots that arrive within the deadline but without a postmark date are still counted.

Please pass long my comments to the Governor and urge him to sign S.8015D, S.8370B, S.8783A, and S.8799A, so that all voters can cast an absentee ballot November and know that their ballot will be counted."

...But What About all those Trump-Tenney Signs and Rallies?

Shouldn't I share them on Facebook and everywhere so people see how upsetting it is?  No, please don't give them more publicity and social media shares.   Let's share the awesome work that Rep. Brinidisi does, the excitement of the Biden-Harris campaign, and the work we're all doing to reach voters and strengthen voting this election season.  

IMV decided a couple months ago not to spend time and energy on the weekly “hump day” Wednesday afternoon Tenney Trump rallies held in local communities (so far Rome, Camden, Clinton, etc). However, as Indivisible Binghamton did Wednesday, we will try to organize rapid response counter demonstrations when Tenney is doing a campaign/ media event. (Let us know if you get a head's up on one of those).

...But doesn't it make you mad to see a Trump/Tenney sign or rally?  YES IT DOES, and we encourage every person who is unhappy at seeing a TrumpTenney rally or sign explosion n their village, city or town to take actions to defeat them in the election. Here is a list of suggestions in order of need and impact:

1) Phonebank for Anthony Brindisi
2) Write Letters to the Editor of local papers about why you support Anthony (or Biden, or Jim Barber, or Rachel May, etc.)
3) Text bank for Brindisi when those efforts launch
4) Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote and either gets an absentee ballot or votes EARLY in October.  the best option is to vote in person to be counted, and before election day to keep safe.
5) Pick up postcards or Vote Forward letters at IMV Resistance Boxes, so you can engage in handwritten direct voter contact
6) Become a monthly small dollar donor to the Brindisi campaign or attend a virtual fundraiser.

That's it.  Those are the actions that matter most.  If you don't have a sign yet, email elizabeth@nydems.org and she'll help you connect to a sign location in your area.

Are your revved up for this election?  Then RAMP UP your actions, and don't do it alone.  We're in this together. This is a tough year but it can turn out to be a better you if we defeat Trump, flip the Senate, hold the House, and win a super majority in the NYS senate in Albany.
Fired Up, Ready to GO!

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