“Good Trouble” is Not a Felony

Protect the People Rally Today 4-6 pm

Please join IMV and CNY Citizen Action for a rally to Protect the People today, Friday August 7th 4-6 pm.  Wear a mask, respect social distancing, and bring a sign (ideas below).

This rally is held in support of the Movement for Black Lives and the constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Sheriffs across NY State, including Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, recently endorsed a 10 point policing proposal in direct opposition to the national and local movement to respect Black lives and end police brutality.

The proposal would make resisting arrest a felony that can’t be dismissed in a plea bargain and would make it a felony charge for any person to approach or stay within 25 feet of a police officer doing their job. This means that a person standing 20 feet away and witnessing or filming police misconduct or assaults could themselves be charged with a felony.  These new penalties constitute a police backlash against the Movement for Black Lives and demands for policing reforms. They are designed to attack Black people, people of color, witnesses to police misconduct, and protesters exercising their first amendment rights.

In honor of Rep. John Lewis, who was arrested more than 40 times for "making good trouble" we will stand up and say "Good trouble is not a felony."  Where would our nation be if John Lewis had not been able to lead in Congress for the past thirty years because his interactions with police in Mississippi, Nashville, and Greensboro made him a felon?

Oneida County has a long history of peaceful community rallies and protests. The legislative proposals from the sheriffs are a solution in search of a problem. They will not create safer conditions for police or the community but will create fear for those who want to exercise their constitutional right to peaceful assembly, create felony records for more people, and disproportionately affect People of Color.

The slate of proposals was rejected by NY State Senate Democrats on July 23rd, but we demand that Sheriff Maciol repudiate his previous endorsement of the plan at a press conference, and legislators who represent our community in Albany publicly announce that they oppose the legislation. 

Wear masks and observe social distancing norms. Signs suggestions:  "Black Lives Matter,"
"Whose Streets? Our streets!," "Peaceable Assembly is not a felony," "Protect the People," "Good Trouble is Not a Felony,"  "Racist legislation = dead on arrival." More ideas at our event link.

IMV August Meeting Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 6:30 pm on Zoom

We have a terrific agenda for our August meeting on Tuesday. Please join us and invite a friend!  Here's the direct zoom link, with more detail in the event:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84061368324.

We'll have a  special slide deck about our plan for Indivisible in year 5 (can you believe that?) and how we will get there by winning elections in the the next few months.  We will definitely continue to discuss what we are learning about race, equity and inclusion (REI) as activist and allies.  And of course, we will talk Resistance Boxes, postcards, voter registration and more.  The meeting will end by 8 pm, because we know that everyone is busy and trying to enjoy these summer evenings.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

CAFE Fridays: Join at 10 am today!

 Thank you to everyone who has been picking up Vote Forward letters and voter postcards from Resistance Boxes (addresses here) and returning them so quickly.  We still welcome contributions of stamps as well.

If you can, please join the weekly CAFE Friday today at 10-11:30 am. Don't have postcards for VF letters to write? Join anyway, and make a sign for the rally this afternoon, or just talk about next steps for voter registration and activation.

Please email IndivisibleMohawkValley@gmail.com with your request for login information or check the emailed newsletter.

Keep Calling Schumer and Gillibrand on HEROES

The HEROES Act , passed by the House in May, will save countless lives and ensure working families are able to weather this recession, but Senate Republicans are refusing to meet the moment. Instead they proposed the HEALS Act, a bill that includes no funding for election security or the post office and  slashes unemployment insurance income. The HEALS Act also protects corporations from accountability lawsuits, contains $30 billion for defense, and even includes $1.7 billion for a new FBI Headquarters that would conveniently benefit the Trump Hotel in D.C.

Senate Republicans are blatantly ignoring the urgent needs of vulnerable families across America. That’s why we need you to call your Senators and demand that they pass the HEROES Act immediately without watering it down. Working families are struggling to make ends meet. We need every protection in the HEROES Act to pass or lives will be at stake.

Keep calling our Senators and strengthen their resolve to fight for us.  Here's a calling tool from Indivisible if you need a script or the office numbers of the senators.

Letters to the Editor: Kudos to These Regular Writers

Three regular Utica OD letter writers worked their magic again!  If you missed letters from IMV members and supporters Barbara Gold, William Hall, and Dick Meili in Sunday's paper, you will want to read them here.  Kudos to everyone who takes the time to write a letter in support of Rep. Brindisi, HEROES, or whatever matters most to you. Be sure to send your letter not only to the Utica OD but also the Rome Sentinel and your local weekly newspaper.

In the Rome Sentinel there was a really well done pro-Brindisi letter from Stephen Davis, Clinton.  Let these example inspire you to write your own letter. Writing a letter is a little more work than getting mad at Tenney signs or complaining on Facebook, but much more effective for convincing your neighbors to vote for Anthony this fall.   

Join Us: We're Defeating Trumpism, Holding NY22, and Strengthening Democracy!

Join us at CAFE Friday this morning to build community and work on direct voter contact efforts by mail.  Join us at the rally at 4 pm today to stand up for our constitutional rights and oppose the attacks on the movement for Black lives.  Jon us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, and work our strategies for winning at the polls in 2020 and fighting for our values in 2021.

Remember to sign up to volunteer with the Brindisi campaign. If you are able to volunteer, we also recommend the Jim Barber campaign.  Jim is running for an open seat that includes Herkimer County. If he wins, he could help us get the super majority in the NY State Senate that would allow us to win the legislative ad budget victories we need on elections, climate, health care, education, and more.

Breathe, then PUSH.  Democracy is NOT a spectator sport.

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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