Action this Week – April 17, 2020

50th Earth Day Celebration: 3 Days of Action

IMV is celebrating the 50th Earth Day in a big way. Here’s what you can do to join in the virtual activities planned by our Climate Crisis Work Group, and make a difference through action:

1) Apply a “Be a Climate Activist” frame to your profile picture:

2) Check out our Climate Crisis Working Group CLIMATE ACTIVISM VIDEO: Please see who your local climate activist are, what they are doing and why they do it. And then see what you can do to become a climate activist and why. The video will be on at:

3) Make an Earth Day/Climate Action Sign: Place a sign on your lawn to celebrate Earth Day (Happy 50th Birthday) and/or a Climate Action sign.(Bonus is you get some fresh air while you do it!)

4) Take the Earth Day Challenge: 30 at home actions to celebrate on the calendar.  

5) Complete the Three Day Celebration of Earth Day

April 22 (50th EARTH DAY): Sign up for Earth Day Live at and tune in to some of the 72 Hour Livestream

April 23 DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS: Join and Call State Comptroller to Urge him to Divest the NYS Pension Fund from Fossil FuelsCall Comptroller Tom DiNapoli at 518 474-4044. You can also tweet him at @TomDiNapoli or @NYSComptroller. Script: “Please divest the NYS pension from fossil fuels. It is wrong to invest the pension fund in companies that are destroying the planet through global warming. And is increasingly a risky financial investment.  The state lost $500 million alone in its investment n Exxon last year.”

April /24: VOTE CLIMATE:  The third day of Earth Day Action is all about Voter Registration.  Contact everyone you know virtually and make sure they are registered!  State Board of Elections link with information on who is eligible to vote and a voter registration form that can be downloaded.

 Don’t forget to step outside, look at the trees and the flowers, smell the air, feel the grass, and touch the earth.  Thank you for Celebrating Earth Day with IMV!

IMV Pop-In Sunday: SEIU1199: Health Workers on the Front Lines

Please join us on Sunday 3-4 pm for our weekly Zoom IMV Political Pop-in. Last week we had a dozen attendees, and we were able to learn from Freddie Hamilton more about the rent relief efforts in Utica, and discuss how we could support the advocacy efforts.

This week we will hear from Sara Cooper from SEIU1199 about the health workers on the front lines.  We’ve coordinated with SEIU1199 on actions to maintain Medicaid funding and the ACA and to fight the Trump-Tenney attacks on health care.  They were a major partner in the August 13, 2018 anti-Trump-Tenney rally in Utica.

Now, of course, those dedicated health care workers are heroes who need PPE that they can’t get.  What can we do to show up for them?  Start by making a small sign in support of health workers and bring it to the Pop-In on Zoom, Sunday, 3pm.  

Take Action for Rent Relief in Utica

Utica Common Council and  IMV members Delvin Moody and Celeste Friend succeeded in pushing their rent relief resolution through the Common Council with a unanimous vote, thanks from grassroots pressure from Citizen Action and many of you!

However, we’re not done yet.  The real decider on how to spend those COVID-19 federal dollars is the mayor.

Please call or email Mayor Palmieri and ask him to follow through on the recommendation of the Common Council.  Ask him to provide rent relief to those hit hard by the economic fallout from the pandemic, by distributing these federal funds through a local agency with experience distributing ESG monies. 

Do it right now, before you forget.  Without this funding for rent relief, we will see a wave of homelessness in Utica in 90 days, and that means stress for families, disruption of children’s schooling, and an explosion of residential instability that threatens the public health.

Today is Secure Our Elections Call-In Day!

We need to do everything we can starting right now to protect the integrity of our elections this November. That’s why Indivisible is hosting a Secure Our Elections national call-in day TODAY. April 17.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Get up to speed on the issue by reading the explainer about ensuring safe, secure elections during the COVID-19 outbreak. (This is a great one to bookmark and share!)
  2. Use the call script to call your Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer and demand they work to include Senator Warren’s election protection plan in the next coronavirus relief package.

There are a lot of other actions you can take if you feel passionately about all eligible Americans voting voting in November.  Make a video and share it . Amplify on Facebook and Twittter.

But first, CALL NOW.

We Need Your Letter to the Editor (LtE)

Let’s give a shout out to the wonderful LtE writers who’ve been filling the pages with good arguments, appeals to values, and actual facts.

Just in the past 10 days letters by the following IMV members and friends have been published in the Utica OD and/or Rome Sentinel: Nancy Ketz, Rob and Kathy Glickman, Kris Russell, Barbara Gold, Dick Meili, Diane Matza, Paul Lomeo and the IMV Steering Committee.

Subjects included health care workers’ need for PPE, environment, fair and secure elections/voting, corona virus response, support for Rep. Brindisi, and rent relief in Utica.

Please, please, submit your letters to the editor.  The Tenney LtE army is marching, and we need to go on the offensive.  Just yesterday, one of them wrote a LtE published in the Sentinel saying that Tenney got the SPOONS Act passed; that’s an outright lie!  She failed in that task for two years, and only Rep. Brindisi got it done.

Make sure to send to both the Utica OD and the Rome Sentinel, and also include your nearby local papers when you send: (Waterville Times, Herkimer Daily-Times, Oneida Dispatch, etc.):

Utica Observer Dispatch:
Rome Sentinel:

Brindisi Campaign: Train Now to Volunteer

Not confident about how to write an effective Letter to the Editor?  Attend the training provided by the Brindisi for Congress Campaign.

Many IMVers attended earlier this week, but there is one more training, tomorrow morning (Saturday, 4/18) at 10am. Sign up HERE.

Then, make sure you sign up for one of next week’s virtual training sessions on how to phone bank from home. With COVID-19 limiting door knocking this spring and summer, and perhaps into the fall, phone calling is going to be even more important.

Sign up here, right now, before you forget.  We can’t go back to #OneTermTenney.

Let’s Measure the Impact of Our Movement

Please, please, fill out the Indivisible Census!  This research project will help us determine the impact of three years of local Indivisible activism.  We think we have changed America, but you know what they say…if there’s no data, it didn’t happen!

Every Data Point Matters:Support COVID-19 Tracking Research

If you would like to help researchers better understand the short and long term impact of COVID-19, here’s an opportunity to participate in a new study, which came our way through one of our steering committee members.

The COVID symptom tracker was created by doctors and scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, King’s College London, and Stanford University School of Medicine, working with co-developer ZOE, a health science company. The symptom tracker will collect information on your general health and whether you are well or have symptoms. The information will help medical science and healthcare providers across the country to better understand this disease.

If you would like to participate in this effort, please follow these simple steps:

  1. You may use the following links to download the app:Covid Symptom Tracker for Apple

    Covid Symptom Tracker for Android/Google

For questions about the app or download issues, please email or

2. After downloading the app, select “Create Account”. You will use your email address to create your account and select your own password.
3. Review and electronically sign the consent form.
4. Complete the brief set of questions (takes less than 5 minutes) “about you”.
5. As often as every day, complete the “self report” to update your daily status on how you are feeling.

Political activism friends, we are all in this together.  Please, make your calls and emails to elected officials. Join in Zoom calls and training sessions.  Make masks if you can.  Take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

Find some piece of mind every day, but stay angry enough that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get a new President in the White House, a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and a more progressive state, county, and local government.

Remember that even in a virtual, remote, and quarantined world, democracy is NOT a spectator sport.  Stay connected. Stay involved.

***Social Solidarity through Physical Distancing***

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