Volunteer for the Anthony Brindisi Campaign Today!

Anthony Brindisi Campaign: Volunteer NOW!

The Brindisi for Congress Campaign has a HUGE Weekend of Action July 25-26 (tomorrow and Sunday) to mark 100 days until the Nov. 3rd election.  Whether you've been volunteering for months or are ready to start now, this is going to be an exciting time to connect with other volunteers and make a big push for Anthony.

Weekend of Action Sign Up

Here's the sign up for the Weekend of Action:  There are phonebanking shifts throughout the weekend as well as training workshops in case you have missed them previously.  Or just visit the main Brindisi for Congress Volunteer page for the listing of all the Weekend of Action events and SIGN UP: https://www.mobilize.us/brindisiforcongress/

If you've seen  Trump-Tenney signs around town and they make you crazy, get even by calling voters for Anthony.  Have you seen the Trump-Tenney rallies in our communities the past few weeks or heard Tenney spouting her crazy on the radio or in social media posts?  The most effective counterattack is to talk to more voters. 

We're hoping to make a lot of calls this weekend to keep NY-22 blue! Sign up for a range of activities and times at this link: https://www.mobilize.us/brindisiforcongress/

Want a Brindisi Lawn sign? 

Now that we have lawn signs assembled and ready to go, Team Brindisi is looking for volunteers willing to deliver them around the district! Drivers can sign up to distribute signs to Brindisi supporters around their area. The campaign is also seeking volunteers who are willing to store signs and act as a pick-up point for others in their area. If you're interested or have any further questions, reach out to Libby Militello at elizabeth@nydems.org.

Not happy with everything Anthony does?

We aren't either, not with everything.  But that's not surprising, because he doesn't represent only IMV or people with our values. He represents a reddish purple district and constituents with a wide range of values and interests. So he tries to listen to everyone, which Tenney never did, and he has always made a special point of meeting with the progressive and grassroots supporters who worked to elect him.

We actually have a lot to be happy about, as many of our members remind us in well-written Letters to the Editor.  For example, Anthony showed up for the Utica #BLM march and he voted for the Justice for George Floyd Act.  Just on Wednesday, Anthony voted with Democrats in the House for two bills standing up for refugees, the No Ban Act and the Access to Counsel Act.  Sadly, these bills will go nowhere in the Republican Senate, but they signal, along with other immigration bills that have passed in the House, that Democrats belong to the party of welcoming immigrants and defending their human rights, instead of keeping them out.

On the other hand, many of us were deeply disappointed that Anthony proposed a bill to punish cities that try to defund police departments, as the Movement for Black Lives and Indivisible have demanded.  Call his office right now and let his staff know that you want to see policing completely changed as the #BLM marchers have demanded.  Here's more information.

We also found his July 1 Armed Service Committee vote against curtailing the Insurrection Act disappointing.  Trump has threatened to invoke the act, although he has not done so.  Had the measure passed, it could have signaled to Trump that Congress was going to be willing to stand up to certain extremist authoritarian actions.

Of course, when it came to one of the most important votes he could take, and in the face of a highly polarized district, Rep. Brindisi voted to impeach Trump.   That was a great day for all of us and for America.  Anthony did the right thing, and he did it standing in unity with Democrats against trump's GOP enablers.

At the same time, Anthony makes great efforts to stress bi-partisan cooperation, as he did this week in holding a joint meeting with Rep. John Katko about their shared support of Covid relief bills to help central New Yorkers.  It can be awfully hard to watch Anthony lending credibility to a Republican MoC that our Indivisible partners in NY24 are trying so hard to unseat.

So what should we do?   Exactly what we have done for the past few years.  When Anthony takes an action we don't like, we call his office and let his staff know.  We also remind ourselves that he is the very best person who could possibly get elected in #NY22, and we continue to engage with him, and we work as hard as we can to make sure that he doesn't lose to Claudia Tenney.  

Good News from Albany on Climate, Voting

Some great news to report from IMV's Climate Crisis Work Group: Rachel May's bill that closes a longstanding and loophole that exempts dangerous oil and gas industry waste from New York’s existing hazardous waste regulations passed in the Senate and Assembly today! Hooray for our Senator!  She has promised to be a champion for things like health care, climate and the environment, and she has been.  Now we need to call Gov. Cuomo and ask him to sign the bill as soon as it lands on his desk.

More good news came yesterday when Automatic Voter Registration was passed in the Assembly, following passage in the Senate on Wednesday.   Under the bill, New Yorkers would be automatically registered whenever they interact with a “qualified” government agency like the DMV or Department of Health.

Automatic voter registration, or AVR, is part of a legislative package building on previous voting rights legislation. Counting Washington D.C., 20 states already have some form of AVR. Other states—and the Trump administration—routinely introduce voter fraud security measures that block eligible voters from exercising their rights.  The bill still must be signed by the Governor and will not take effect until 2023.

***As of the writing of this email, we are still waiting for news about whether the leadership will bring the Budget Equity Act of the Fund Our Future revenue package up for a vote. These are the most important pieces of legislation in Albany this year since they affect every single item in the state budget. One determines whether our representatives have a real say in the budget process.  The other determines how much money is available for the budget.

CAFE Fridays

July 31st CAFE Friday will be a Vote Forward Day of Action . Get ready this week by picking up your 20 Vote Forward letters from a resistance box in Clinton, NH,Rome, or Whitesboro! Vote Forward is easy to do-just add a couple of handwritten sentences to the template. The letters will go to selected voters in swing states just before the election.  In the meantime, join today at 10 am to get the latest on all things political, catch up with IMV friends, and make your calls and other actions.  

One More Excellent Letter to the Editor!

We saw another terrific IMV letter in the Rome Sentinel this week!  Dick Meili, a regular LtE writer, praised Rep. Anthony Brindisi for preserving the ACA, and dinged Tenney for voting against and for a faulty, failed health care bill without coverage for pre-existing conditions.  What will your next Letter to the Editor say, and can you use your opportunity to speak to your neighbors to keep NY22 blue?

If you need help getting started, some tips, or just want to make yourself sit down and get it done, then join the Brindisi Campaign Week of Action Letter Writing Training this Sunday at noon. Sign up here.  

"Forward Together, Not One Step Back"

IMVs Steering Committee continues to organize the challenge to the terrible, white supremacist, probably unconstitutional legislative proposals that Sheriff Maciol brought to public attention locally.   It was a strange thing for him to do, given that usually legislators are the ones who hold press conferences to introduce new proposed laws.  The mystery became clearer this past week when we learned that the GOP Senators in Albany proposed the ten bills as a hostile amendment to an unrelated bill.  So the whole things was simply a GOP plot, or the GOP used law enforcement for political purposes.  In either case, "forward together, not one step back."

It is our hope that not only will people continue to call his office, but that groups and committees will ask for meetings with him to share our views.  This is a time to stand with Black people, and a time to fight every effort to criminalize protesting, whether in Portland or in Maciol's Oneida county. just because it makes police or the people in power uncomfortable.  As our hero John Lewis said, "Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble."

Rebuilding the Village Summer Program

Please continue to lend your support to the youth summer program in Cornhill led by Rebuilding the Village.  IMV members have already made a big difference, and we want to keep going with that effort.  Here's the info you need to help.

Still Standing for Black Lives

We continue to join the Kirkland Town Democrats in Clinton on Friday afternoons for 4-5 pm for a Black Lives Matter rally. Bring signs, wear a mask, and socially distance along the edge of the Village Green. This week we will have small Black Lives Matter lawn signs (9 x 11 inch, on stakes) available for a donation of $5.  Perfect to put in your yard along with your Brindisi for Congress lawn sign.  Please join us.

Remember the Big Picture

Today, please make one more call to Sens. Gilibrand and Schumer and tell them to get the HEROES Act passed ASAP.  It's what this country needs right now.  However, we know the real solution to the disaster we're in right now is to do three things: Flip the Senate, Hold the House, and Win the White House.  We CAN do it (YES WE CAN) and together with Indivisibles across the country, we will do it. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Follow us on Twitter using @indivisiblemv and of course our Facebook page and IMV Activism Group.

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