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July 2020 IMV Meeting: Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Get yourself to a computer, a tablet or a phone on Tuesday night, because we have one of our most full agendas yet, and we want to see you!

Here are just a few of our topics for update and conversation at our July IMV meeting:

  • Overview of voting in the primary and what it means for the next election
  • IMV Ally Series: Interfaith Matters and the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica
  • Report on the Indivisible Rural Summit
  • Race, Equity, and Inclusion Discussion: what have you been learning?  Ways to make a difference.
  • Opportunities for direct voter contact
  • Anthony Brindisi Campaign Update

Here's the event link. See you on Tuesday evening!

CAFE Fridays: High impact, lots of fun

The first IMV CAFE Friday last week was a great success!   Get your coffee and biscotti ready and join us this morning 10 - 11:30 am for CAFEFriday (Community Action For Everyone Fridays).  This is a time to talk to each other in small groups while also doing a variety of actions that make an impact.

Do you have piles of petitions to sign, emails, calls, and tweets to legislators that you just haven't gotten to?  Ready to write postcards to newly registered Democrats in NY22?  We'll be doing all that and more each Friday morning while meeting virtually. For security reasons we are not posting links on the webpage, but you can find it in your emailed newsletter, or email us to ask for it. If you need help with Zoom, email Jennifer at

Rebuilding the Village Summer Youth Program Request

Freddie Hamilton has shared with IMV a request for funds and needed items to support a youth summer program at Kemble Park that just started.  Rebuilding the Village, a 501C3 led by Black people in the Cornhill community, is running the program.  Extra supplies are needed to support safe, socially distanced activities.

You can give online via PayPal, contribute items (see the list linked here) needed, or send a check.  All the information you need is here.  IMV members have already contributed more than $700.  Please contribute what you can so the program has the funds it needs to run.

State Legislative Update

The State Senate will be going into session (remotely) from July 20-23.  We're not sure about the Assembly.  Please be on the lookout for calls to action coming up quickly related to votes on police accountability, revenue bills that will tax billionaires and millionaires (not one person who lives in central New York will pay a cent of any of these)!, climate bills, and democracy reforms.

If Marianne Buttenschon is your representative in the Assembly, be sure that you ask her to get to work this July and pass legislation that raises taxes on the ultra millionaires, allows no excuse absentee ballots for the upcoming election, protects Black lives, and advances the climate change agenda.  More details to come next week.

Letters to the Editor

Keep writing letters!  The most important Letters to the Editor right now through the Nov. 3 election are letters in support of Rep. Anthony Brindisi.  Here's an excellent example, published yesterday in the Rome Sentinel.  We're giving her 10 extra points for mentioning how her friend with conservative values supports Anthony and then sending the letter to the conservative Rome Sentinel.  But she's getting 100 extra points and air kisses and hugs for naming Indivisible Mohawk Valley and our slogan in her letter.   Great job, Gloria Koslofsky.  Who will be next?

We're "Holding Out for the Heroes" Act, Planning Week of Action

Keep calling Senators Giilibrand and Schumer.  Tell them we need the HEROES Act passed in the Senate now.  These funds are intended to protect voting, the postal service, renters, immigrants, working families, and provide the Coronavirus testing we need now.  Here's information to help you place your call.

Right now the state of NY has a budget shortfall of $15B, and the Governor is withholding funds in every way he can from colleges, schools, cities, counties, and towns as well as all state departments, generally at the 20% level.  Funds are needed desperately, and in many cases, they are going to have to come from Congress.  Mitch McConnell is not lifting a finger to help.  That's why Indivisibles across the country are determined to flip the Senate.

Flipping the Senate is a critical piece of the upcoming Week of Action, which Indivisible is organizing to celebrate the third anniversary of our success in defeating Trumpcare (remember when Tenney tried to pass Trumpcare?).  If you want to be part of organizing IMV's Week of Action, then attend a training coming up It's going to be a huge kickoff for the 2020 election, when we defeat Trump, Flip the Senate, and KEEP NY22 BLUE!

See you this morning at 10 am if you can make it to CAFE Friday.  Please take note that there are still Black Lives Matter events in Clinton this afternoon, and in Camden tomorrow.  Finally, check out the calendar below for lots of training and phone banking opportunities.  We will see you all on Tuesday evening for our July 20202 IMV Meeting.  As Gloria reminded Rome Sentinel readers yesterday, "democracy is not a spectator sport!"

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