Call for the #PeoplesAgenda

Call Rep. Anthony Brindisi:
Demand the #PeoplesAgenda

Despite the fact that Congress has passed a total of four coronavirus relief bills in less than two months, totaling $2.7 trillion in federal funds, these bills are far from the kind of people-first response we wanted to see from Congress. 

That’s why Indivisible Mohawk Valley supports a People’s Agenda — a pledge to vote NO on the next coronavirus legislation unless it focuses on keeping people on payrolls, providing direct financial relief, protecting the public health, and defending elections.  

A crucial part of that agenda will be to include an Essential Worker Bill of Rights. Essential workers are on the frontlines of this pandemic, and many are working in high-risk conditions without appropriate equipment, safety standards, or job protections. They should not have to be exposed to even more risk on the job when a better future is possible.

Please join us TODAY in demanding Congress support a People’s Agenda, including supporting an Essential Worker Bill of Rights. There are just a few steps to join in solidarity:

  1. Call Rep. Brindisi to demand a people-first relief bill. We can’t afford to wait any longer for Congress to take these necessary steps; it’s time for your Representative to use their vote to demand real relief through a People’s Agenda. Remember to call Rep. Brindisi every day 315-732-0713 and ask him to focus on COVID-19 funding for people who are suffering.  No more billionaire tax credits when essential workers are unprotected, people are losing jobs, and states are going bankrupt trying to save public education, Medicaid, and prevent mass homelessness.  Tell him to be bold, and not give in to the Mitch McConnell agenda. Tell him to include everyone.  This is no time to discriminate against immigrants when it comes to testing, health care, and services.
  2. Bookmark the People’s Agenda Pledge pageThe Call to Action with a call script is updated daily.
  3. Record a video in support of an Essential Worker Bill of Rights. Share it!  

Congress continues to debate more relief efforts as the coronavirus pandemic deepens the health and economic crisis hitting our nation. The next bill must meet the needs of people and our communities, with an essential worker bill of rights, and not provide more corporate bailout funds. Congress should ensure that any taxpayer dollars handed to corporations go to help workers, not wealthy CEOs, rich shareholders, or the President’s cronies.

Essential workers cannot wait. There is no time to spare. Thank you for taking action online today to support essential workers and fight for the People’s Agenda. 

Did You Miss IMV’s May 2020 Meeting?

IMV’s May meeting on Sunday tuned out more than 35 members, even on a very sunny warm day. Many of you zoomed from your patio, porch, or deck. Thanks to all who showed up even though it meant taking a break from a wonderful afternoon of gardening!

David Holmes from Caz Call to Action and Knit the District did a tremendous job of showing us data on Rep. Brindisi’s votes since he went to Congress. He walked us through this slideshow which explored Anthony’s voting record compared to other upstate MoC, and then gave us access to this spreadsheet that allows you to search and sort to better understand Rep. Brindisi’s record in Congress on a wide range of issues.  We think these tools can be helpful when it comes to writing Letters to the Editor and talking with persuadable voters.  Please check them out.

Sonia Martinez of Mohawk Valley Latino Association was our ally speaker.  She talked about the challenges of supporting Spanish speaking immigrants in the area during the pandemic, including newcomers who are without resources including food. There was conversation about how to help communicate with Latinex people about political issues and the importance of voting.  Many people are just struggling to find housing, jobs, translation, and other basics.  We are glad to be an ally with MVLA, on issues related to immigrant and refugee rights.  

The Big Send: Start Writing Letters Now

Indivisible has launched a huge new project in which every one of us can participate virtually. The Big Send is about writing letters to voters, and hanging on to them until close to the November election, when those letters will be sent to voters.  You can sign up now and get started right away with your letter writing. Here it is. Click and GO!

Thank You for Your Support

We had a great start to our IMV fundraising campaign; in the first four weeks, we’ve already received of $360!  That means that we have until May 31st to raise the final $140 so we can receive the full $500 match from Indivisible National’s distributed fundraising program. If you are in position to help Indivisible Mohawk Valley, please contribute.  Our members are generous to local political campaigns, ally non-profits, and COVID 19 community relief efforts.  Thank you for all you are doing to make a difference whenever and wherever you can.

Keep Those Letters to the Editor Coming!

Indivisible Mohawk Valley has had another banner week in the Utica Observer-Dispatch Letters to the Editor section.

Hopefully you had a chance to see Saturday’s letters from members  Deborah Wilson-Allam and Gloria Koslofsky about public education funding and the November Presidential election respectively.

Tuesday, Sam DeRisowrote about worker safety, a perfect theme since we are calling this week about an essential worker bill of rights.  And Wednesday, Diane Berry wrote that the Utica Common Council should subvert the voter referendum on residency for Utica police.  

Finally, yesterday, both Sarah Reeske and Mona Perrotti had letters published.  Sarah’s letter was in support of the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism and explained why we all need to join in the fight against structural racism.

Mona’s letter argued that with our nation facing three of its greatest crises ever, climate crisis, pandemic, and Trump’s dangerous presidency, leadership matters, and that Rep. Brindisi has been providing that leadership.  It’s a wonderful letter, and a good example of how to provide a letter supporting Anthony based on values and issues that matter to the letter writer personally. Does it inspire you to try your hand?

Kudos to our letter writers!  Who will write next?  Send your letters here, and don’t forget to smaller papers that may reach a different audience, such as The Waterville Times, Oneida Dispatch or Clinton Record. Utica Observer Dispatch:  (200 words max)
Rome Sentinel:

Utica Rent Relief

Yesterday, under pressure from grassroots groups, calls and petitions, Gov. Cuomo extended the moratorium on eviction by two months and pledged relief for landlords. In Utica, we’re still trying to find out what the Mayor will do after the moratorium ends, and most renters owe months and months of rent they won’t be able to pay.

Congressman Brindisi helped secure $1.5 million for Utica in funding for emergency housing solutions, including rental assistance. The Common Council passed a unanimous resolution earlier this month requesting that Mayor Palmieri establish a rent relief program with the federal funds.

So where is Palmieri? Where is the program? Why isn’t this moving? Many people are running out of time and options. Please join us in encouraging Mayor Palmieri to stop the delays and enact Rent Relief in Utica.  If you haven’t taken action yet, do it here.  It takes just a minute to sign and send the letter, and share with friends. 

Save the Postal Service

The US Postal Service is core to the fabric of our civil society and to our democracy in America, all the more so as we need to rely increasingly on voting through the mail. Trump and his allies have been trying to kill the USPS for decades, first by saddling it with retirement saving requirements no other departments have, and now, by threatening to veto any COVID bill that steps in to save the Postal Service.

IMV members have been encouraging us all to sign petitions for the USPS.  Here’s one.  And here’s another one.

Keep Up Your Political Work!

There are opportunities every week and a need for volunteers to phonebank for the Brindisi campaign.  Please sign up to train and to volunteer  In 2018 we flipped our district because we did the work. Just because there are no doors to knock right now doesn’t mean there’s no work.  We are in a battle with the GOP-FOX money machine and unless we’re all hands on deck, we will be stuck with Tenney again.  Please sign up for shifts, and then sign up again!

Please keep calling your state representatives and Rep. Brindisi and urging fund for a people’s recovery, support for public health and frontline workers, and support for democracy. If you participated in any of the five NY #PeoplesRecovery Town Halls in the past 10 days then you know how important it is to make the calls every day.  Here’s a terrific tool with scripts for you to use today when you call.  Our representatives need to ensure funding for democracy and they need to stop the corporate bailouts.

We’ve been doing this work together for more than three years, and we can’t stop now.  Indivisible National conducted a poll recently, and as a show of unity, 95% of Indivisibles voted to endorse Joe Biden for President.  We must unite to defeat Trump, take the Senate, and hold the House in November.  It’s not going to be easy. But we can do it if we do the work!

If you haven’t gotten on Zoom yet so that you can do training and connect with other political activists during the pandemic, it’s not too late to learn, and we will help you. Email and Jennifer will set up a 1:1 training with you.  We have two more political Sunday Pop-Ins in May.  So join us Mother’s Day, May 10th at 3 pm or the following Sunday. Let’s stay connected and let’s do the work!

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